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gasfacevictm last won the day on May 30 2014

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  1. gasfacevictm

    Oldest registration date on 12oz?

    lol i dunno mayn
  2. Mero is corny and Swamp is a greaseball. Ayyyyyyyyyyy fuggeddabowtit. <3
  3. gasfacevictm

    last thing you ate?

    the booty
  4. gasfacevictm

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    Snowpiercer was good. It was almost like a Terry Gilliam movie, but not really I dunno.
  5. gasfacevictm

    the un official workout thread

    sweet buns
  6. gasfacevictm

    the un official workout thread

    My fucking nigger buttcheek strained again. (FULL HOMO) Figured out I have a hip/glute imbalance. Moving to single leg work and bullshit glute fixing until I correct this blemish on my otherwise perfect being. My ass is burning. (Ibid)
  7. gasfacevictm

    That one time.......

    Bitch, I might.
  8. gasfacevictm

    the un official workout thread

    Good work, Boats...u fuk.
  9. gasfacevictm

    That one time.......

    A girl talked to me once.
  10. gasfacevictm

    Eating gooms tmrw

    ^^^^^ lollll
  11. gasfacevictm

    What Kind Of Cell Phone Do You Have?

    Somebody give me an old smartphone. I have a 3G samsung slide phone right now lol.
  12. gasfacevictm

    Tinder app

    I gotta get a smartphone.
  13. gasfacevictm

    Eating gooms tmrw

    How could you? That job could go to a minority or a woman or a woman that is a minority. You could level the playing field if you'd just check some shit.
  14. gasfacevictm

    Eating gooms tmrw

    >be white cis male >wake up and check my privilege >go to make coffee >check my privilege >realize coffee beans are picked by slaves >throw away coffee, apologize to Colombian children >consider taking shower, but first check my privilege >running water, soap, shower curtain >LifeOnEasyMode.jpg >weep, apologize >get dressed for work, put on pants, avoiding hetero-normative necktie >check my privilege >pants were invented by Iranians in the 6th Century >cultural appropriation >apologize to Iranians >open car door, realize it reeks of privilege >consider taking bike instead >check privilege >bikes are ableism >apologize to handi-capable people >take public bus while checking my privilege >full of people of color >apologize for slavery and being racist >they say it’s okay >internalized racism >weep >get to work, boss asks why I’m late, crying and pants-less >apologize for contributing to the patriarchy >wat.jpg >apologize for wanting to rape her >wat.jpg >unable to control cis-male rape instinct >rape boss while checking my privilege >apologize >arrested, charged, get ten years in prison >check my privilege, ask to be castrated >judge denies request because I’m white >apologize >go to jail >cell mate is person of color >apologize >check my privilege and ask their pronouns >get raped by cell mate >check my privilege >I’ve been doing this to Africans for centuries >shame deep in my butthole >400 YEARS >apologize >mfw I’m still part of the patriarchy Privilege checking lol. Brb, gonna deny myself advantages that I might have because history was mean and life isn't fair. Fuck outta here.