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  1. Pretty cool show about immigrants finding their way in America. Each episode is a different story. Wholesome shit.
  2. Agreed. Flats are a lot of work and guaranteed sauce face.
  3. A man of sophistication like myself.
  4. Same. I just stuff piles of them in my mouth (pause) and chomp down.
  5. False. TPBM can teach me how to Doogie.
  6. PIZZA HUT LUNCH BUFFET. $4.99 ALL YOU CAN EAT + A BOTTOMLESS FOUNTAIN SODA FROM 11-2 EVERY WEEKDAY. WOULD CUT CLASS AND RAGE IT. They still have cig machines in Philly in certain bars. Fuckers are like $14 a pack tho. Wendy's still have the salad bar with the fixins?
  7. False. I have written messages on various currencies and spent it tho. TPBM has experienced uncontrollable laughter after hearing someone fart in a silent classroom during a test before.
  8. G10 "carpenters pencil" Also one that looks like a Sharpie. Stabby stabby.
  9. Just took a month long trip back to the states after not having been there for 10 years. Went to Houston, Myrtle Beach, Philly, Delaware, and NYC. Saw almost everyone and everything I wanted to see. Went to The Barnes Foundation and got overwhelmed by the amount of art they have there. Forced my wife to run up the Rocky steps. Watched the Super Bowl at my buddy's house on acid. Disappointing that they lost because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to be at home while they are playing in it and was hoping to see the city explode, but damn that trip was bussin...on god....frfr...no cap detected.
  10. True. She's a moron who idolizes Elon Musk. SHe had two large portraits of him hanging over the couch. One of him and the other of the founder of Uber. Fucking middle class schmucks thinking that buying a high rise apartment is their stepping stone to billions lmfao. She also treats EVERYTHING as a negotiation no matter how minor. Like bitch, move this junk ass chair outta my place or it's going in the trash. Negotiation over. Can't wait til we build a house. TPBM gets random erections on public transportation.
  11. False. TPBM does shots of fish sauce.
  12. If you like low budget, 80's ridiculousness, this is the movie for you.
  13. I liked season 2 even though the story was confusing as fuck. It was made well and styled out to the gills. Season 3 was weird, but enjoyable. Season 1 was impossible to outdo.
  14. These pants looks kinda cool actually. WTF brand are they?
  15. Loading my slow cooker with the next two days of meals.
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