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Everything posted by gasfacevictm

  1. Aww, bitch! Was this the dude who hopped trains and would live in his car for long ass periods of time while just living all over North America? Regardless, RIP. Life is mean, man.
  2. I have managed to not murder any kids so far this year. <pats self on back>
  3. Making love to my palm. With pictures of your mom.
  4. I like it for those reasons as well. Add to that the fact that cops here have a harder time noticing that I'm foreign when I have a mask on while driving around and lots of hassles just pass me by.
  5. "We can't be racists, because some of our best friends are non-whites who hate themselves so much that they try to align themselves with nationalist bigots."
  6. Counting down the hours until Chuseok break.
  7. Chillin n shit. How you been? It's wild to be back in here.
  8. Watching "I'm Thinking of Ending Things" on Netflix. It's weird.
  9. Snowpiercer was good. It was almost like a Terry Gilliam movie, but not really I dunno.
  10. My fucking nigger buttcheek strained again. (FULL HOMO) Figured out I have a hip/glute imbalance. Moving to single leg work and bullshit glute fixing until I correct this blemish on my otherwise perfect being. My ass is burning. (Ibid)
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