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  1. I was told that the leaves on plants growing on the side of the interstate are covered with all sorts of toxins & bacteria from pollution and spillage and you can get gnarly ass infections from wiping with them too...
  2. really the only non paper based thing I had to wipe my ass with was some dirty ass leaves on the interstate when me and my boy were painting one night. The interstates are surrounded by chiggers, so even though I was loaded up on cutter deep woods (a must in TN) I was still scared I would catch chiggers in my ass hole. I didnt tho
  3. What are you talking about i didnt see any shit
  4. wait I didnt see the shit one someone link me
  5. i got 5 minutes to decide if imma take the last bus downtown, but i dont think its gonna happen
  6. like a mint on the hotel pillow?
  7. yo word up son im playing flash ghouls and goblins and listening to cuban linx smoking midgrade on a saturday night
  8. yo actually my lesbian homegirl in WV put me on to this last week... put me on as in suggested it as a new career move for me. First times free then you gotta pay
  9. Re: a tranny is giving me a handjob right fucking now!!! no, it makes you gay, do you but dont get all YOUMAD about it
  10. I really like the direction 12oz took the weekend I decided to not do shit but smoke weed and bootleg movies
  11. Re: a tranny is giving me a handjob right fucking now!!! no dude, he knew it was a tranny from the jump theyre "in love"
  12. The original is pretty fucking wack, but the cover art is on point it was romeros second movie, after night of the living dead aparantly the studio just threw a load of money at him, and he didn't really know what to do with it. I'm normally pissed about all the remakes, but the original was such a good concept executed horribly so it's good it gets a second chance
  13. Re: Chile 8.3 Earthquake................... really? you really believe we cant hurt the planet? how can you believe that and be logical? you can see the effects of how we have effected our environment... not even talking about global warming but much more simple things like how the hole in the ozone was damaged at first by CFC's, then began to heal and shrink after their removal... you really dont believe that happened? you dont believe in pollution? You dont believe pumping chemicals into the atmosphere then having them rain down on us has negative effects on the environment? Are you fucking serious? Its not about damaging the earth, the earth will survive in one way or another... theres plenty of "living" planets that are completely inhospitable. What makes our situation relatively unique is the system of biomes.. its about ensuring the survival of our species, not just the planet...
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