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  1. xen

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    @where Not far off. Killz sticks to nails well I guess. I got a hold of a copy of Hokes book on refining and copper is a lot of the byproduct.
  2. xen

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    I have to return some videotapes...
  3. 7th oldest video on youtube.
  4. For got that I had scheduled a FedEx pickup today so I wound up throwing the shit in a USPS box, the only thing near was a 47 pound box of blank UPS stickers so I taped it up with that nd gave it to the FedEx guy. I think he would have been justified in trying to punch me in the head. Anyway Summed up here... https://youtu.be/EQJSU3uPhsg
  5. Turns out living with a hoarder isn't nearly as glamorous as they make it seem on TV and I dig yard sales. Had to evacuate a couple weeks ago because a set wildfire was close. Went back to the place and took time to realize that pilgrim hookers were probably a thing..
  6. I had to evacuate because arson... Still doing that hand thing
  7. This popped in my head and won't go away so here ya go.
  8. xen

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    Getting fucked up with Long Legged Larry. He's pretty chill but prefers bong hits.
  9. These kids have the best videos. And they are the soundtrack to my inner monologue this week.
  10. They expect me to believe they called the number, split for Reno and played cribbage? I'm calling bullshit and nonsense.
  11. Several days ago but I think it's something like 2000 1985 but a few off the list are done. Been trying to meet one of my internet pirates for 3 years but something always goes wrong so after 4 failures just said fuck it and made no plan. You're on the bus or you're off the bus... I am now on a casual conversation level with 2 different drivers. Got full hipster cred or something Cutting time close is how this is the 5th time. Don't know how people see this every day and it's just tuesday But this maniac wasn't letting traffic laws get in his way. Lyft for the win. Landed in Denver. Fuck turbulance. They told the sky waitresses to sit down. Made my way downtown. Weird being in a downtown that shit was going on besides schizos. 2 caps, a joint and 3 beers later...I don't do selfies but bucket list...I put a lot of effort in just to take candy from a stranger. Dude got invited to join a regional dance troupe that evening. The bikers didn't find it nearly as funny as it was. Drank a Coors in CO. At The Club! Back to my side of the tracks about 2am VID_20210529_024158[2].mp4 Around this time I find out my last mailing address and where anything important was stored for 20 years has been sold. Being as unprepared as usual, the next 6 days are spent at the airport. VID_20210529_024158[2].mp4 so it went until The Government® gave me another grand and I went to Vegas.
  12. xen

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    I like White Castle cuz it's the best. But I am fly at Fatburger when I'm way out West.
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