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  1. Slayer discography in order. Starting an undefined road trip driving the rockies tomorrow and what else would there be?
  2. Wishing I had brought my camera. Would have made a cool day in pies post but sitting in the woods drinking my 1st jar of real moonshine, straight from the still, 124 proof and smooth as hell.
  3. Just out country cruising ready to head back out to the desert when I get the funds together. Hoping for Wednesday.
  4. I'm just using a Canon Sureshot digital ATM. I didn't put in the dash mount but got a few stills.
  5. Just covered 2997 miles in 6 days, saw KIR is gone and reflecting on the 145 miles of frozen hell that is I70 into Denver. Had no idea that this existed and everything I know about driving was there and learned a lot on the fly. They don't put guard rails because if you fuck up, you are a problem that they can't solve. Not my vid but a fair rep of the reality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRJ2AlMe3JA
  6. xen

    RIP Keepitrail

    What the fuck man? I dug this cat more than most I actually knew. Missed the IRL hook ups on several occasions by moments. Best thing he ever told me was "The easiest thing in the world is to get back to now. You have nothing to lose so may as well do it." . RIP my man.
  7. xen


    Get down, 紅棍.
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