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Everything posted by xen

  1. xen

    Jukebox Head 🎵

    For absolutely no reason, I woke up with Yelawolf in my head.
  2. xen

    Jukebox Head 🎵

    well it was now its hey jude so thanks?
  3. Need to get some security cameras going in here. Nothing worth stealing but I want to know where I put my lighter.
  4. xen

    Jukebox Head 🎵

    trade your Toto for
  5. xen

    Jukebox Head 🎵

    for the last 2 days randomly but for hours.
  6. xen

    Current View

    Turned $40 into $700 on ebay. Keep it classy, San Diego
  7. sometimes the video just amazes. For example is as cool as I don't know. Weed is still alright.
  8. seems youtube figures it's time to get in touch with some Australian shit and it's not bad.
  9. Well, I guess that's enough interwebz for today. I think I'll just take a walk now.
  10. xen

    Current View

    I just got told it's too early to be "knocking out letters back to Shawshank." Read that in The Ol dMan's voice from Adam Sandler's 'The Talkin Goat' Before Red sidebusted.
  11. +I guess the 25th anniversary for South Park is going to have Primus and Ween at The Red Rocks. Tickets, it seems are on a lottery system. I'd kill for it if it came to that.
  12. I don't know something about these guys get in my head and won't leave so here ya go.
  13. In '86 Motley Crue was touring with Ozzy who told them they had substance problems. I've called them Ozzy Interventions, if that level says your a fiend, maybe time for a lifestyle evaluation. This guy has the right 'vibin but ain't talkin ' down. You know he could party with Charlie sheen and if he were to say chill out, I'd think about it. And 4-MMA is illegal now.
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