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  1. save yourself the trouble and just take it straight to the returns desk.
  2. better cover that shit in plastic before its gets ruined
  3. 8 a month is steep but people been bitching about how to get those checkmarks for a while now. If instagram were to start a policy where you could pay recover your hacked/suspended accounts zucks earnings would go through the roof.
  4. Not the last one but I really liked this one. Cormac McCarthy + Ridley Scott was an odd pairing. I watched it on streaming so I didnt realize the cast that was in it either.
  5. their whole google home ecosystem just keeps getting worse and worse. I pretty much only use a couple of functions. Playing music setting timers/alarms when cooking Broadcasting to other speakers in the house to call kids for dinner, bedtime, etc. when we first got them, they worked great. 3 or so years in, its a 50/50 chance they wont understand the request. if you are using maps to find food, watch out because they will show you modified menus where the prices at 2-3 bucks higher per item vs what the store really charges and this is without a delivery fee or whatever.
  6. Re:Google Browser : most of the shit that annoys me about chrome, really annoys me when others dont have it. Brave is the closest I've come to leaving google. Every once and an while I try to move over to DuckDuckgo as a search engine and the results feel like I shot back in time 15 years.
  7. Late to the game but holy shit that +40 yards with a hand gun. alex is having a bad day.
  8. Cormac McCarthy/Ridely Scott. watched it twice so far. streaming on HBOMax, its from like 2013-2014ish i think.
  9. I did not expect that link to be displayed like that..
  10. Heres a tiwtter account that photoshop Pattington Bear into other movies.
  11. Last time I was at the dentist, they told me to put my pinky up while brushing - kinda like english folks drinking tea. it will prevent you from brushing too hard.
  12. trick question. Wallace is also the farter but no one ever acknowldeges it.
  13. Future elections will be chosen by the potential future memes. perhaps when it gets time to re-elect someone will even compile a greatest hits from said canidate in order to determine if they did a good job or not.
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