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  1. @One Man BannedSeems like a pass or at best on the back burner.
  2. Just out. about to dig in.
  3. whelp. Georgia was suppose to post by midnight...nothing yet there. I honestly expected it to go trump but from looking at the % of Atlanta area that has not posted yet, its got a chance to go Biden. Looks like Biden only needs Nevada to put him to the limit but theres no way trump doesnt sue and fight this until middle of next year. All I'm seeing is shit about Trump and Biden but no ones mentioning Kanye. Hows he doing?
  4. We did steaks in an iron skillet in the oven the other day. came out pretty good if you get tired of waiting.
  5. there wasn't really anything that was said that would change your mind over who you will vote for. The time limit they imposed this time did force them to stick to subjects a little better.
  6. I think best quote was trump saying he was "the least racist person in the room" then went on about how dark the room was and that he couldn't see who was in there. I feel like Biden is promising everyone that will listen whatever they want. He's green but going to keep on fracking. everyone should have a $15 min wage. he's going to fix healthcare. etc which is fairly normal for presidents I guess. I'm not sure how he expects to do that in only 4 years. especially since he will have to spend those 4 years propping up Harris to take the throne once it's done.
  7. The way this year is, I think they should lock all 4 of them in a room together with covid and last one standing gets the job.
  8. One more thing on the free College tip. I grew up in Georgia and we had the Hope grant - it was paid for by the lottery- which when I graduated high school, as long as you kept a B average and went to a public college, college was pretty much free you add pale grant and some people even made money off going to school. Tech school was covered too. That said, I know people who didn't go even though they qualified and several that went for bullshit degrees that never panned out after school. Which brings me to why should Americans pay for the younger generation to be debt free from bad decisions
  9. Theres a lot to catch up on here but heres my take from the piece I watched with Harris and Pence. Neither of them really answered any of the questions and didn't stick to the agreed upon time. Pence seemed to be worse about it and after this year I'd like to see them employee something that cut the mic after 2 min or they got a shot clock up or something along those lines.I'd also to hear the moderator call them out on not answering the question as they move on to the next question. Most of the time when Harris opened her mouth she would prop up Biden rather than putting her own v
  10. I think i'm old. I have no clue who this person is.
  11. I had written up a pretty lengthy response to this but I found myself getting lost on what points I was trying to make so I'm starting over. My opinions going into the debate were I was planning of voting Biden. Like pretty much everyone else I know, we're planning on voting Biden because the the general "Fuck Trump" opinion most folks I'm around have had. I will openly admit I do not know much on politics. This seems to be another one of those things no one wants to admit much like managing money/wealth. People tend to get overwhelming passionate about it and feel like they know
  12. A chance to duck being recorded on camera at every turn seems more about freedom to me than this idea of being forced to wear one. The amount of AI/facial recognition stuff going on with police right now is scary. Even more so if you are black with natural hair or if you have facial hair.
  13. 5 ton ac unit. hows that for old.
  14. I havent dug through this yet but figured i'd share with this thread. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OlXNyNUGwLCKUQ4alHf2ScKrZlNVoBi5uGPuM6wKmo8/mobilebasic?urp=gmail_link
  15. it's a slow one. I've started it a few times and honestly cant remember if i finished it or not. Theres a movie series that was done sometime in the last few years. its wasn't very well received but I enjoyed it - if you don't feel like reading it, maybe check that out. Theres a lot of hate around that book partially because to current political climate but I took no issue with it.
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