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  1. @Mercer Not sure if you are into podcasts but theres a Hardcore History called Prophets of Doom thats touches on the invention of the printing press and how it totally disrupted the catholic church. I dont think out there for free anymore but if you have an interest i can see if I can dig it up.
  2. dont stop there. use midjourney to making supporting photos. Chat GPT might flag it but i think you can push through the warning.
  3. i guess im past old now. never heard of a fetty wap. seems like some urban dictionary shit.
  4. so i've been midjourney and you use it through the discord app - not sure if you have ever used that but its like of like slack. So you just type in "/imagine" and then whatever prompt you want it to generate. If you have discord already you can just join their server and they let you generate a few for free to start off with and then you can subscribe monthly. it can be alot of fun but i also find myself getting bored with it really quick.
  5. they are not complex at all. hardly any input really. i'd say 5-10 words tops. for these, all i used was "mr. yuck" they took less than 2 minutes to make.
  6. 309012643_166101482675252_8904593153920419720_n.mp4
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1198970/I_Am_Jesus_Christ/ @One Man Banned
  8. I see this being used as a tool to help generate concepts to build from, that said I think that it will also destroy anyone creating in the midtier space. for instance, any artist that makes paintings/photos that go in hotels/private homes will probably be edged out of work if they havent already. You can see the effects of AI in news/journalism. I suspect they are responsible for most clickbait new stories that we are fed. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this but there have been countless times where I have clicked a news article from a big news corp only to find that the article has absolutely nothing to do with the headline. I'm fairly certain AI has been getting used in the youtube space alot too for reviewing products/pushing affiliate links. The scripts, Vo, etc are all generated with ai and fill with product shots. I'm considering using ai to rework my resume/website copy and coverletters for the next time I switch jobs. I would really like to think this is how people felt when the camera came along but its so much more than that. I know that there will be artist that try to build things that confuse AI but I'm wondering if the next step will be not allowing their work to be photographed at all in order to ensure their exculsitivity. I remember seeing a fashion documentary that talked about how with clothing, designers could copyright a design but after it gets made into a piece of clothing, it was fair game to rip it off. There was a shoe designer that started making shoes that were cost prohibitive to be duplicated cheaply. I think he made really thin heels for womens shoes out of a really expensive/strong metal. I remember asking myself if he was really designing for design or just designing to not be copied at that point. In someways I understand what hes working against but also I think about the limits hes now placed on himself. @MercerI 100% agree with you on the moms credit card. at a certain point, keeping it real just becomes stupid when theres a much better product to use that yields better results with less effort. heres more random, low effort MidJourney. I've got an unlimited account for a bit, if anyone wants to throw out some prompts, I'm happy to share the results but fair warning, it does not allow for certain terms (NSFW,gore,etc)
  9. Didnt see a thread about this but wanted to see if anyone else here has been tinkering. I'm totally blown away by it. it struggles with certain details but its only a matter of time. I just got a midjourney account and subscribed.
  10. save yourself the trouble and just take it straight to the returns desk.
  11. better cover that shit in plastic before its gets ruined
  12. 8 a month is steep but people been bitching about how to get those checkmarks for a while now. If instagram were to start a policy where you could pay recover your hacked/suspended accounts zucks earnings would go through the roof.
  13. Not the last one but I really liked this one. Cormac McCarthy + Ridley Scott was an odd pairing. I watched it on streaming so I didnt realize the cast that was in it either.
  14. their whole google home ecosystem just keeps getting worse and worse. I pretty much only use a couple of functions. Playing music setting timers/alarms when cooking Broadcasting to other speakers in the house to call kids for dinner, bedtime, etc. when we first got them, they worked great. 3 or so years in, its a 50/50 chance they wont understand the request. if you are using maps to find food, watch out because they will show you modified menus where the prices at 2-3 bucks higher per item vs what the store really charges and this is without a delivery fee or whatever.
  15. Re:Google Browser : most of the shit that annoys me about chrome, really annoys me when others dont have it. Brave is the closest I've come to leaving google. Every once and an while I try to move over to DuckDuckgo as a search engine and the results feel like I shot back in time 15 years.
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