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Grand Parents FTW...!!!


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(serch - Grand Parents - couldn't find - fuck you)


Yeah so I'm currently layed up with a busted ankle (screws and plates and shit) :D 18 stairs to my front door and then 12 stairs to bedroom, tried it for a day, shit wasn't going to work. So off to Nans for some R+R... They love that shit, I love that shit, I love my grandmother... There's a reason they're call "Grand" parents ;)


I remember when Flash Dance came out on VHS and my sister was pumped, we watched the first ten minutes and Nan turned it off... Just the other day we watched Ruthless People as a daytime replay and Nan didn't even flinch when Danny Devito drops "motherfucker"... Oh how the times are changing... Might introduce her to the interwebs tomorrow and what more fitting way that the Oooontz.


Ps First fag to rag on this thread... is a fag... Enjoy your aids.

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My dad's parents were mad poor and lived in Ukraine, so they rarely got to visit us. Thinking back now, I should have visited THEM more often. Now they're gone. Mom's dad died before I was born, and her mom has had serious dementia for ages now.


So all of you with your grand parents alive, spend some time with them, they won't around for long and when they're gone you'll regret alot. You ARE missing out.


/deep shit oner

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Only grandparents I have left are my mom's mother and her step mom. My step grandmother is a nice lady, and I've known her my whole life, but I can't say I love her as much as I respect her.


My grandma is the only relative outside of my immediate family who I really love, and I don't know what I would do if something happened to her. She's lived in VA my whole life, so I've probably only seen her like 60 or 70 days total, but we've still always managed to be really close. My plans to visit her this summer got all fucked up, but I'm trying to get down there ASAP, cause I miss her

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DurkStevens: (runs, slips down hill, breaks foot in two places, tears muscle apart)

FaintFootsteps: "oh yo what the fuck do you want me to do?"

DurkStevens: (in excruciating pain) "ahhhh fuck dude i have no idea we need to finish smoking this bowl!"


.........like a champion. Get well soon homie.


Broken shit suckkkkkksssssss

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Know who I wish were my grandparents? My parents.


My nieces are so spoiled it's crazy, especially my sister's daughter. Not only did they buy the house she lives in, they've steady made crazy improvements to it, bought her a pool, custom built swing set, every toy she could ever want, all the while basically supporting her, my sister, and her deadbeat husband

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never knew my grandfather from my dad's side...he passed away when my dad was 18.

knew my grandmother from my dad's side for a couple of years before a huge family argument caused her to move to witchita where she later passed away.


my grandmother from my moms side passed away when i was 6 from ms.

my grandfather from my mom's side and i were really really close however....he passed away a couple of years ago..i think about him all the time.

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my grand parents are all dead.

never knew my dads parents.

my moms mom passed away about a year ago..

little did i know but they were rich as fuck and left behind 2.7 million dollars to be split evenly between my mom, aunt, uncle, and the six of us grandkids.

sooo, i'm looking at about 3 hundred grand once the estates settled..



use your spirit to make this god damned lawyer get me my doe...


haha, but for real fer reals.

i loved my gramma and miss her at times..

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my grandpa was catholic. divorced his first wife and married a divorced woman so didn't make it into heaven.

if grandpa didn't make it in, no one stands a chance. fuck religion.

he beat cancer at 79 and was still cutting down trees for a living at 86.

i miss him. grandparents. ftw.

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I've never met my dad's dad and he really hasn't either. Kinda don't want to. He's probably a dick anyway. My dad's mom is amazing and really supportive and I love her to death. She sometimes sits with me and we watch the trains go by down the street. She loves the Graffiti.


My grandparents on my moms side are amazing. My grandma is always there for me and she spoils me. and if I marry a white boy she'll probably become axe murderer. My grandpa is mentally ill but hes still really great when you get him to open up. I should talk to him more though. No reason for me not to talk to him as little as I do when he's in my house.


Grandparents are life saviors.

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