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Everything posted by Toiletseat

  1. whats up fist, such a lukewarm welcome that its as comfy as a golden shower.
  2. hmong faggots with boners are quite rare indeed, they squirt more than squirtle
  3. my next door homohomie wipes his cum on his cat gays dont know to creampie pussy
  4. they popped out of their parents prolapsed anus
  5. dildo dildo dildo dildo dildo dildo
  6. Been shitfaced for a more than a decade now. Most of my circles dabble in harddrugs, mainly cocaine, amphetamines and mdma. However, i noticed im starting to notice a shift in myself. Im taking less frequently and starting avoiding heavy users. Can i borrow 50 bucks by th way
  7. Sometimes , when its a slow day, i wipe like micheal j fox. The resulting shit chessboard is a fine breeding ground for dingleberrys. Makes a great time killer, its like jenga doo doo unraveling the hairs and shitscabs.
  8. The spice girls song is based upon our bromance, when 2 become one. Only we link up by anal sex
  9. Rest in power, never met internet friend. Truly feels like a loss. Fuck.
  10. My week has no beginning nor a end. Can't tell the difference between merely existing and living free. Anyways; read, paint, self destruction, procrastinate, plot, cycling, online dating, escape from institutions, visit second hand stores and putting work in friendships.
  11. i got something standing by me you can play with
  12. Piss bottles forever. Pro tip: use bottles of fruit juice for the bigger openings In once tried pooping in a bottle but that only works when you have semi diarrhea
  13. Yeah, sometimes it can be fun to fuck someone who starred as an extra in schindlers list.
  15. Use my shit stained underwear for a mask. Hell no that my taintodor lets through any kind of faggot virus
  16. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and im like pull down your fucking pants or ill have to charge
  17. Craigslist has some second hand wills to live if you want some again
  18. I would drink with elvis because he is dead and i have more
  19. Vintage gay romanian erotic storys about figure skating and chewing on a brown bears gallbladder is the most. Everything else is that fucking piece of inbreed who uses pinterest to hotwife his sister
  20. True, he is cardi b. Mr. Yuck once had a summer fling with the mountain goat of the petting zoo
  21. Hey johntemple , get those horrible pics of your filthy straight ass heterosexual average statistic female walking shit show out of here man. She has done nothing wrong and i would make sweet, tender, non consensuel love to her just for the story. Ive seen alot of shit in my life, but you my friend are the biggest piece of dissapointment to ever roam the internet. WHAT KIND OF FLYING PIECE OF ABORTION USES PINTEREST TO SHOW OFF HIS SHITNIGCIFANT OTHER. YOU MUST BE FILTHY RICH AND/OR A HUMAN TRAFFICKER , BECAUSE THERE CAN BE NO OTHER REASON SHE IS WITH YOU. No hard feelings man just a well meant piece of advice, wanna do a freight together?
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