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  1. holy fuck ann coulter that was a fine piece of literature
  2. fuck a you all, 2 time Honey Barbecue Chicken Strip Sandwich on Texas Toast. Whataburger been shittin on niggas since day one
  3. i demand that the thread lives again! We must all strive to remove their stain from the planet.
  4. Vashon Island, WA. It's a really badass place, 15 minute ferry from Seattle. I used to go every summer with my parents. I loved being there as a kid I'm sure yours will too, there's lots of interesting shit on the shore (i.e. geoducks that spray you with water and giant starfish). There are a lot of really nice camping areas as well. Check out the lighthouse and the beach at the Isthmus.
  5. white shorts what don't fit(lost some weight apparently) and a dope adidas shirt
  6. !kcab ylimaf ym em evig give me my family back!
  7. damn g i knew this syringe of hep c would be useful someday
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