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  1. ih8juggalos

    The Nonsense thread

    holy fuck ann coulter that was a fine piece of literature
  2. ih8juggalos

    The Nonsense thread

  3. ih8juggalos

    The Nonsense thread

  4. ih8juggalos

    The fast food award thread..

    fuck a you all, 2 time Honey Barbecue Chicken Strip Sandwich on Texas Toast. Whataburger been shittin on niggas since day one
  5. ih8juggalos

    True Life: Im a Juggalo

    i demand that the thread lives again! We must all strive to remove their stain from the planet.
  6. ih8juggalos

    I bought a RV!!

    Vashon Island, WA. It's a really badass place, 15 minute ferry from Seattle. I used to go every summer with my parents. I loved being there as a kid I'm sure yours will too, there's lots of interesting shit on the shore (i.e. geoducks that spray you with water and giant starfish). There are a lot of really nice camping areas as well. Check out the lighthouse and the beach at the Isthmus.
  7. ih8juggalos

    Respect your elders.

    wowoweewa it's dao
  8. ih8juggalos

    The Nonsense thread

    come shoot with me, ladies
  9. ih8juggalos

    The "Answer A Question With Another Question" Superthread

    <<<have you looked at my location?
  10. ih8juggalos

    The Nonsense thread

  11. ih8juggalos

    what are you wearing RIGHT NOW?

    white shorts what don't fit(lost some weight apparently) and a dope adidas shirt
  12. ih8juggalos

    The Nonsense thread

    !kcab ylimaf ym em evig give me my family back!
  13. ih8juggalos

    The "Answer A Question With Another Question" Superthread

    do you realize yer askin a texan that question?
  14. ih8juggalos

    another fucking europe thread...

    damn g i knew this syringe of hep c would be useful someday