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  1. Well, looks like you're still up to the same old stuff.
  2. Swamp out of nowhere with the comeup New York has completely skewed my perspective. On the flip, though, I'm exactly where I want to be and even though I'm not wealthy I can live comfortably with my current finances so I don't really give a fuck tho
  3. "he fell down the damn stairs one day and broke his watch lol" Hahahaha
  5. There's a whole album of him right above you
  6. Or when both parties in a couple consentingly see/fuck other people. The way I understand it is that it can basically just be a fancy way to say "open relationship." I know two girls that are polyamorous; finna know one of them better huhuhuh Maybe she'll take me to one of these parties
  7. 10-08 on the Australian calendar, mate.
  8. These hashtags... #raesremmurd#sremmlife#migos#ilovemakonnen#yg400#Bobbyshmurda#guccimane#runthejewels#rolex#rolexwatch#versacemansion#gianniversace#versaceshades#armanijeans#armani#versaceversaceversace#VERSACEversace#defjam#youngdolph#drake#slimshady#mmg#ovo#yrn#bwa#hbkgang#pimphandstrong#ssur#glogang
  9. Is there a way to make it so you see more posts per page? My search was admittedly pretty half-hearted, but it would be cool to see more than 10 posts per page when browsing the photo sections.
  10. Haha Symbols still mad about unexpected tits in 2015
  11. Ponchos and throw pillows. I'm just going to throw it out that it's delightful to have you back - no homo tho - tell me more about how this country is literally the Fourth Reich.
  12. Realism

    xen is ten

    Alan and Franco are neighbors, friends, and highly competitive preppers living in Missouri
  13. It's pumpkin/Oktoberfest beer time. I have been crushing a lot of different pumpkin beers and not liking very many.
  14. I'd agree--don't fret. Letting Facebook drama with strangers bug you isn't worth it. But I definitely wouldn't hit that.
  15. There is nothing faker than watching two girls act excited when they meet for the first time.
  16. Little Caeser's...Christ. So terrible. In terms of drunk pizza, there's a small collective of bars here that give you freebies when you buy drinks. Toppings are a buck apiece. Delicious for the first 90 seconds, then they get cold and flaccid /NotHot but drunk you will eat three anyway.
  17. Last ones aren't her. Any three year old Philadelphian could tell ya that.
  18. Favorite hiphop/rappist slang in recent memory
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