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  1. 24 with a bullet. Life is a bitch.
  2. Nike shorts, Nike sandals. 94* Today
  3. Just woke up, still drunk bumping Waka Flocka. prolly go get a 40 soon.
  4. Employee Lunch @ 11am. hotdog and fries. Right now: 2 of 3 tecate tall cans.
  5. Watching Mexican soccer drinking a ?........ Tecate.
  6. I live in the Desert, im gonna go shooting right Now.
  7. ' lol nonsense. lying ass fool. But the 12oz is still cool.......
  8. waiting for 12oz to pop off again, so i can stunt with my veteran steez calling kids TPWF's.
  9. Those Doritos are the shit, try them. Look like Takis but way better.
  10. Recently bought a Remington 870 express pretty much brand new for 300$. Taught my girlfriend, mom and sister to shoot as soon as i got it, they love it. Gonna order a PSA lower on Tuesday if they are still in stock. Guns are the shit.
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