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Everything posted by Deloner

  1. 24 with a bullet. Life is a bitch.
  2. Nike shorts, Nike sandals. 94* Today
  3. Just woke up, still drunk bumping Waka Flocka. prolly go get a 40 soon.
  4. Employee Lunch @ 11am. hotdog and fries. Right now: 2 of 3 tecate tall cans.
  5. Watching Mexican soccer drinking a ?........ Tecate.
  6. I live in the Desert, im gonna go shooting right Now.
  7. ' lol nonsense. lying ass fool. But the 12oz is still cool.......
  8. waiting for 12oz to pop off again, so i can stunt with my veteran steez calling kids TPWF's.
  9. Those Doritos are the shit, try them. Look like Takis but way better.
  10. Recently bought a Remington 870 express pretty much brand new for 300$. Taught my girlfriend, mom and sister to shoot as soon as i got it, they love it. Gonna order a PSA lower on Tuesday if they are still in stock. Guns are the shit.
  11. Riff Raffs younger brother.
  12. Drinking some tecates and surfing the Oontz. Its slow as fuck, but still cool. Whats up faggots.
  13. Watching SWAT on cable sippin beers and hitting bumps out my bullet
  14. stoned about to grub, listening to my brothers music
  15. Finally got my medical card. First legal wake and bake?
  16. Artsy when im high, took a ton of drunk shitty flicks.
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