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  1. nice to see the thread isn't all the way dead... Mr. Brock probably rolling in his 12 oz grave shaking his fucking head. I'd post a flick, but I floated this thread myself with years of nothing but flicks. I'm glad 12 oz still here, but not much changes. new generation of writers... GEIST BY ALL MEANS 2015 HELD THIS CITY DOWN, SEW, JASP, SWAY, HSCREW, DFW-GOK, the normal. but MVP of the year goes to GEIST HANDS DOWN, Salute, for keeping the next generation of kids eyes open. peace be with all, ALL, in graf, but NOT IN THESE STREETS, YOU KNOW HOW TO FIND ME. deadcity signing out, Salute, Bless.
  2. happy dead day nigga. rest in paradise tom1 atm hs bia. love you, miss you.
  3. hit a spot last night that JADE had hands on, well, there was a lot of hands, but I heard he is gone, so we left his hands riding intact, and I threw up a rip jade for respect. so no, I have no affiliation, with him or any crews affiliated, just sucked to hear while I was at a spot and I had no idea. thank you to the nigga that gave me the heads up at the spot. peace to AfriSTK and NEKST, JADE, all your people, peace.
  4. DAO, Myself, and MR. Cope2 are starting a restaurant chain. Detroit, Philly, and the Bronx will all have at least 60 chains. download me a hoagie off the fucking internet, bitch.
  5. also, does anyone have an old flick of LOAF when he was doing the toilet character feeding bitches sausage? I want to send it to Drakes twitter. picture me rollin. retard rap letters! seriously, jokes. peace.
  6. I actually use photobucket as you can see my bandwidth or whatever is full. when I pay the money online later, I will have over 700 new flicks to post on this site, and this thread. I am back to benching, trying to learn freight history as much as my overall graf history. in the end, I won't get out the whip. I smoke way to much weed, and I am way to lazy. the only way you get me out of my whip when taking flicks is to run up on who might be a writer if I see one, road rage fights, and when I need to get a rello and a coffee. also, if you know what I write, you can follow me on ig. it's open and blocked randomly, but until 12 oz does their ramp on the site, I have over 3100 pictures there, everything from slaps to streets to freights to prostitutes. but when this site is revamped, I will always post here. there is a reason I still come here daily, back in the day ethersock owned the Os Gemos twins 12oz magazine from 98 or so? between ARMY, FOHR, KOSEK, IGES, and DONT, and that magazine changed my life forever, so I will always post flicks here. peace.
  7. did not read. blatant ignorant asshole. hood star. half honky champion of the universe. scrub fills. pistols.
  8. seriously, do the mods just fucking smash their faces against walls when these threads are started in the "yard?" nigga, I am KING TOY RULER OF THE GALAXY. you should ask her permission to masturbate in the cooler.
  9. I had a minor fucking stroke reading these 2 pages. crown is a must. half stars all the rage these days. get wasted and practice on your local bank.
  10. BORIS, good looks, I cannot say it enough. from tom to nekst, jaunt to afri, oiler, anyone that lived, or came through and left their mark. we all do the same thing, yet most of us cannot be within 5 feet of each other. but in the end, we all die, so rest in paradise to all our brethren. peace. JUES1
  11. it was my best friend that ain't dead bday yesterday. came over for bong rips and black books. asked him what he wanted for his bday, he said he wanted me to piss myself. that's what friends are for.
  12. how long till the nonsense takes over???
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