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  1. im not a toy, ive been painting for a few years and haha.. no she's not hot, but she makes the best breakfast sandwiches! i was gunna show her a few recent pieces that look like i want to do, im just not sure how to get the conversation started
  2. Does anyone have any good advice on how to ask for permission to paint on someone's building? I've never actually asked before painting, but this time is different. I have an idea for a cool site specific piece and thelady that runs the corner store is so sweet, I don't want to upset her. So, any tips on how to breach the topic of street art with people who usually view it as vandalism? Ways that I can approach her so that she she sees the artistry in my ideas? We barely speak the same language, so I'm already a little worried about communicating my request to her in the right way.
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