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  1. Total annihilation, she's like a pocket pussy.
  2. I like the stingray character. Your drop shadows are a bit off here and there and bar thickness and curves / angles are inconsistent with the style you're going for, also letter size gets distorted over time. Something that helped me; is drawing a few straight lines on top and bottom of the area that I'll be sketching inside of. Helps keeping letters more consistent when you're working with a lot of negative area on your blank page. Imagine you're just drawing the outlines of the wall you will be writing on. Helped me with spacial awareness.
  3. Alcohol. Have to work tomorrow. Completely checked out, fuck this job. Eat ass and kick children. Stay gangster, fellas. -CMF
  4. sign me up for whatever disease she has.
  5. I liked old multonas because they were perfect for blending. But new, specialized paints were always better, in my opinion.
  6. I only get to shoot my army buddies lent handguns at an indoor range. But the people are cool and there's a variety of targets to shoot at, so I'm not too mad. It's only a special thing for me though, maybe once a month maybe less often. If I'd invest in a firearm it'd be a longer barrel bolt action thing. Living in the city sucks ass.
  7. ass threads. tinychat. reading oontz @ work. Lurking brickslayers. DAO photoshop threads. SFW porn.
  8. Smash, short to tall. Gotta leave some gas in the tank for the giant bitch.
  9. total annihilation, except the bitch with the hairy pussy. Looks weird bent over, can't do it.
  10. Violence. I like violence. Thanks, now I can have a little bit more respect for the sport.
  11. I always wondered what railing Kurt Kobain in the ass would have been like.
  12. you're comparing a cyclist with a 250 pound man charging full speed at another person with his head first. And I never brought up gay sex, you're the one who took it there. I might sound like a douche bag, but I'm honestly JUST curious as to what the attraction to the sport is.
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