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  1. This shit! I work at a bike shop and people really don't get a liability stand point or the fact that the tool they asked to borrow cost a few bills. Best is the idiots who think "just a little lube, and air and it will be fine" or the "just give it a once over" assholes. No dumb ass, I can't just give it a once over, you get a damn tune up because it takes me time to do the "once over" and call you to tell you your bike needs this, and this. I hate customer service.
  2. Thanks for the tips everyone, found an awesome store that has a great variety and a build your own six pack. My adventure has begun! I will post up my pick for the night when I get off work.
  3. Damn y'all posted some tasty looking brews. I turned 21 recently and have been overwhelmed when I go into liquor stores. I hope you guys can steer me in the right direction. I enjoy so far almost everything. New belgium trippel and new castle being my favorites. What can you coniseurs suggest I drink tonight?
  4. Got a 97 civic, great daily driver and easy as fuck to repair.
  5. If she didn't record plates or info I would have given her a fake number....
  6. Hell ya man that looks really cool, I just looked at all the pictures and that looks like a fun job. How long does a set take to make? Looks like it could take a long ass time. Keep it up man.
  7. Eatin a bomb ass turkey sandwich and sea salt and cracked pepper chips. Unfortunately oontz and lunch break will be ending soon, back to work....
  8. this. i learned this shit like a few months ago and it really helps you relax and feel better through the day.
  9. ya my dad had taken care of it immaculately when i was a kid and now that i finally am old enough he is slowly sending me the years of firearms i received as birthday presents. he got me loaded up every accesory except a decent cleaning kit. i honestly dont plan on shooting it much but its cool looking. ha ha. twenty first birthday is coming up soon, so stoked to be adding a handgun to the arsenal. what can i get for around 400 ? i want a forty five and decent home protection...
  10. just got a thomson center penn hunter carbine muzzle loader, ima go blow the fuck outa some shit this sunday, if i can even manage to hit anything with the amount of powder i wanna use. not to much where i will blow it up, but more than enough to get it there. i enjoy goin way old school from time to time.
  11. Goodshit , it's a Norwegian hip hop pod cast and they play a lot of solid stuff.
  12. realize


    Do you guys know of a decent headset for around fifty dollars for xbox? Thanks!
  13. Upon drinking my two lokos I have decided it sucks, drank two and a shot of tequila and a few beers and felt solid, next day it felt like I was shitting out acid though. Moral of the story? Don't drink loko and order mad hot wings......
  14. I saw a fight at my local bk the other day, dude was flinging trays like frisbees and got a chair thrown at him it was pretty epic ha ha
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