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  1. This shit! I work at a bike shop and people really don't get a liability stand point or the fact that the tool they asked to borrow cost a few bills. Best is the idiots who think "just a little lube, and air and it will be fine" or the "just give it a once over" assholes. No dumb ass, I can't just give it a once over, you get a damn tune up because it takes me time to do the "once over" and call you to tell you your bike needs this, and this. I hate customer service.
  2. fuckin rrod...... just lost the job too. looks like im selling my copy of mw3 i pre-ordered....fuuuuuuu
  3. Thanks for the tips everyone, found an awesome store that has a great variety and a build your own six pack. My adventure has begun! I will post up my pick for the night when I get off work.
  4. Played blops shit housed last night, way less frustrating than sober. Failed spawn traps on nuketown and RPGs all night spamming fools haha Get at me, gt - realizepwall I pretty much suck but have my moments.....
  5. Damn y'all posted some tasty looking brews. I turned 21 recently and have been overwhelmed when I go into liquor stores. I hope you guys can steer me in the right direction. I enjoy so far almost everything. New belgium trippel and new castle being my favorites. What can you coniseurs suggest I drink tonight?
  6. Got a 97 civic, great daily driver and easy as fuck to repair.
  7. Totally happened to me when I first started playin, bf3 is the first I've played and it reminds me of hardcore on cod but with a HUD. I'll be getting it along w mw3 its refreshing from blops. Add me if you want realizepwall- on xbox
  8. If she didn't record plates or info I would have given her a fake number....
  9. Couldn't have said it better mauler, crysis is a hella fun and a good break from cod.
  10. Crysis 2 is fun as hell. The graphics are really good and campaign is pretty fun so far. I like weapon customization on the fly, and it plays well for multiple types of fps players. Many options when you get to a tactical viewpoint and decide whether to snipe or just run n gun your way around. Jus sayin'
  11. Left bumper is armor which is beast, hit it before you jump off of a ridiculous height and your invincible or when you mob up on two or three people you can blast them all. Speed is just pushing left joystick in and sprinting around. And stealth is right bumper where your all invisible, I find using all off them as I run n gun is fun as fuck. Idk I'm having fun with it and can't wait to get it, got that reserve with extra guns ha ha. Took me awhile but you have to double tap y to get nades out. Which I still have yet to get a kill with. And I like how you have to collect the dog tags for kill streaks it makes for more action and less camping which IMO is always a plus.
  12. Double xp on blops this weekend, woo. Been getting down on the crysis demo, shit is hard. Getting owned all the time.....
  13. Hell ya man that looks really cool, I just looked at all the pictures and that looks like a fun job. How long does a set take to make? Looks like it could take a long ass time. Keep it up man.
  14. This. I play it still for the zombies that shit is fun.
  15. Eatin a bomb ass turkey sandwich and sea salt and cracked pepper chips. Unfortunately oontz and lunch break will be ending soon, back to work....
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