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Benchmade knives are great.


I have a Griptilian and the mini as well.


You really can't go wrong with a Benchmade.


I wanted a Grip for a while, think I'm going to settle on a Spyderco, though.












can somebody id this knife for me?








Spyderco Techno


Havent seen it for under 180$ though.







Bout to buy myself a spyderco tenacious

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It is a China blade, that's why it was $30, but don't let it throw you. It's a great knife for the price.


Weighs 4.1 oz. It's the only knife I've carried consistently though, so I can't tell you if it's too heavy or anything. However, I never notice it's with me, unless I'm reaching for something in my pocket.

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I lurk this thread a lot, thought i'd finally put up a few of mine. these are most of my worthwhile knives and a couple junk ones that were gifts or too cheap to pass up.




the family of stuffs (can you tell who the figure in the top is?) israeli pvc knuckles, brass knuckles, the rest of them described below


gerber auto and crkt sf rapid assist




sog seal pup, benchmade nimravus, cold steel SRK, a shitty cutco knife w/ my old band name laser etched on the blade


gerber, crkt, gerber, gerber pos, buck


a boker i picked up in afghanistan, my favorite kershaw w/ a busted safety, and a gerber i found


buck (this is my center console knife) and my inox stiletto i just got for my birthday


i carried the gerber auto, the crkt and the seal pup for most of my time in afghanistan, thats why they look extra shitty.


i love those ken onions but i've had the blade lock piece break on two of them, hard to justify buying replacements... if you guys want any better photos or whatever let me know.



well i've got all these and about a dozen more since that post.

If life slows down a bit I'll get a round to updating.

A couple kershaws, spydercos, a buck or two, a couple new skinners, and I think some others too.


And thinking of it, those lower end gerbers might be chinese. I didn't pay for them...

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Honestly I've never even carried the nimravus. I'm doing a 7 day backpacking trip in a couple weeks that will be its first real use. I love its weight and feel, though its a thinner hilt than you'd expect, which I haven't yet decided whether I like or not.


Its actually a scallion, not the chive. I like it for an EDC a lot, but as I mentioned the blade lock is a real shitty design that I've broken on 2 knives. At around $30 standard internet price I don't know that I expect too much more, but I feel like kershaw could fix the problem with little effort.

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So I've carried the Tenacious for like 3-4 weeks now, and I've come to the conclusion that it's too big. It's not too big for EDC outside of work, but at work, I just have too much shit in my pockets, and would prefer to not have as bulky of a knife to get around. I'm looking for something smaller now, like a Kershaw Scallion/Chive/Cryo or something.


If one of you guys have a recommendation, let me hear it.

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