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  1. mn1_fuckos

    The Taco Thread

    Best tacos I ate were in a hole in the wall in Mexico City. I still dream about those damn things the tortilla was cooked perfectly the Al Pastor cooked and browned around the edges and the hint of sweetness from the pineapple god damn I miss those This photo was taken in north Hollywood great fuckin tacos they were worth the 20 minute wait
  2. mn1_fuckos

    The Taco Thread

    I’m sure y’all fuck with taco’s How do you eat them. where are the best one’s you have eaten. Tacos that you’ve ate that were disappointed and were overrated. I have a couple favorite places in Chicago but I keep it to myself so the hipsters won’t show up 😂
  3. mn1_fuckos

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    @Mercertext me your address I’m gonna ship you something before the start of the fall. its not a casserole so don’t worry 😂 @~KRYLON2~ I’m gonna have to check it out
  4. mn1_fuckos

    Favorite songs the old you listened to.

    I am unashamed of still having this on my playlist. It reminds me of summer days watching the box at 9 years old because we didnt have cable. @Dirty_habiTI have been on a country kick for a couple years now. Ive been listening to tons of outlaw country people tend to find it a bit strange because well Im a city dweller who grew in the hood 😂
  5. mn1_fuckos

    Bluetooth Speaker Thread

    I had a bluetooth speaker that I had acquired and after a couple years it has finally decided to take a dump. Typically the only time I used it was when I drove my car around. Its a Pre-1964 hot rod and I'm not trying to hook up a stereo to it. We go a on road trips with the car and sometimes it nice to bring it with and listen to music when we stop by a rest area to have lunch. The speaker I had was loud enough to be heard over the dual exhaust on the car. Decent battery life would be awesome. Looking to spend about $150 bucks. Anyway do yall have any suggestions? pro's/ con's
  6. mn1_fuckos


    @LUGR this showed up under recent unread content 😂 those fuckers should read “when you want a baby momma” because you know they’ll probably break
  7. mn1_fuckos

    The 12oz Middle Life Thread - Let's do this.

    I’m almost 30 now I first logged on here in 2006 A hard headed high school kid.who somehow got by. It wasn’t until I discovered photography that my love for education flourished. I graduated with a degree in commercial photography became a nerd when it came to lighting and the technical aspects of photo. I really loved that place there were times we would spend 12 hour days just testing and experimenting with lights and cameras. We were geeks and I did this for 4 years straight damn near 7 days a week Now I have an awesome job with great owners who treat us with respect and I get to play with high end photo equipment all the time. In 2012 took my first trip to LA and caught the travel bug. I’ve taken tons of road trips and have bounced around the country sporadically. In 2013 I met some people that fueled my addiction for vintage American cars and I really got into the hot rod scene. A couple years ago I saved enough to buy myself a car and up until a year ago we got it running and I try to drive it as much as I can. Unforntunately because of this graffiti kind of took a back seat although its something that I still want to be around and be a part of here. I’ve gone to a couple walls and galleries over the last couple years but not the way I use to when I was younger
  8. mn1_fuckos

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    @Mercer pub style is basically just cut into squares. The crust is bit crispier then the pizza in NYC If you want a cracker with pizza topping go to St.Louis and get yourself some Imo’s Pizza. It’s decent but it’s so thin I can probably put down a Large in one sitting. Also You’d be surprised how many south side and north side people argue about which side of town has the better pizza. So most us don’t take offense to pizza debates. @~KRYLON2~ I’ve never been to their Skokie location is parking any better the the one in Lincoln park
  9. mn1_fuckos

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    @Mercer😂 About the only people who eat deep dish pizza are tourist. Common folks eats Pubstyle Although if you want some good none chain deep dish. We'll check out Pequods whenever you end up here.
  10. mn1_fuckos

    The Great Photography Superthread

  11. mn1_fuckos

    The Great Photography Superthread

    @misteravenman those photos are fuckin spot! beautiful lighting on all those images do you also light or did you hire freelance?
  12. mn1_fuckos

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    Chicago pub style pizza
  13. I don't have any kids but I wouldn't care if he ended up on this forum because I'd find out his username then I'd have Mero roast his ass with information provided by me. I'd be like welcome to the internet kid. I grew up on the internet going on AOL chatrooms and other types of social networking. Looking back on it I had no business being on some of those sites 😂 for any of you brown folks that remember MiGente in the early 2000's I discovered this place in 2006 because I was trying to make a marker so I could go tag on shit and I didnt discover channel zero until way later one. There are crazier things in life there are kids out there who get smoked for posting some dumbshit on facebook or instagram. I get more pictures of peoples buttholes and pixelated vaginas trying to add me as a friend on instagram then I ever did here.
  14. Social media has given hermits a way to be social without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home. I’ve met people that will talk with you through messenger but won’t say a word when they see you in person. They need that buffer zone. it’s also wild as fuck how it connects you to completely random strangers I was walking down the street in downtown Chicago a few years ago and someone walked up to me and said hey man I follow your instagram and they correctly stated my username. It it turns out we had mutual friends but it opens a wide array of doors to some people you would never have access too as well as people you don’t want to be around
  15. Where’s the Tic Tac’s though