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  1. mn1_fuckos

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    a few friends of mine have homes along the fox river in northern illinois when the heavy rains start that river rises rather quickly. I don't hear flooding happening as much in the suburbs further south on the fox river.
  2. children throwin tantrums makes me want to put them and their parents on check.
  3. mn1_fuckos

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

  4. mn1_fuckos

    last thing you ate?

    goat cheese salad. I piece of goat cheese was hardly enough
  5. mn1_fuckos

    So I heard ya like film-making?

    Wes anderson is a beast. when it comes to use of color and framing.
  6. mn1_fuckos

    How to get rid of bums outside my window

    Start hanging out with them and assert dominance over the pack
  7. mn1_fuckos


    All of you would definitely get some dome off of teen wolf while twirling her leg hairs around your fingers
  8. mn1_fuckos

    The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)

    You should of checked that bear rolled up on him like what set you from
  9. @misteravenis there any more of the stack logo shirts in black available? Somewhere in a secret squirrel room in the mountains somewhere
  10. mn1_fuckos

    How to get rid of bums outside my window

    @Mercer We use to pop those inside of my high school. it was great coordinating with a bunch of friends to drop those all at the same time in different parts of the school. Good times
  11. mn1_fuckos

    GAME: True or False

    False tpbm sends unsolicited dick pics
  12. mn1_fuckos

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    Heard people talking about pizza yesterday during a music festival I asked permission to join in on said conversation
  13. mn1_fuckos

    New Release: 12ozProphet - Classic Logo Tee

    Thanks raven!