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  1. is there still a tech thread like the one caseks and seffiks use to run back in the day?? I had no idea where else to post this and I didnt want to make new a thread.
  2. eating a half dozen tacos supreme in the parking lot of a taco bell at 2 a.m. hits the spot though
  3. went to vegas for a day and southern california for roughly a week and I ate tacos almost everyday during my trip.
  4. Lengua is one of those things that is fuckin gross but extremely delicious if you are adventurous. I would say do it! Every time I buy lengua tacos I ask them to chop the meat up because sometimes they give you a slice of that shit like it is a piece of meatloaf.
  5. years ago a co-worker stopped by whole foods in the morning and bought a breakfast pizza that had eggs and bacon on it. At the time I was hungry so I ate it. Although I cant remember if I liked it or not
  6. I just came to say I want some pizza hut from the 90's made in a cast iron.
  7. Fuck yea man Glad to see you're still posting here.
  8. @metronomeI am currently using the free app but I only use treadmill or the elliptical so I just manually log all my activity. Id like a better way to track myself i might have to try the route your taking with the heart rate monitor as well.
  9. @metronomeis that the strava app and how are you keeping track of the indoor exercise on the elliptical? my ass finally got back to the gym this week its been a shit year but we are back in business
  10. Deep Dish is good I fuck with it on occasion It is definitely not the type of pizza you want to eat regularly. Some of the chain deep dish are good but theyre just overpriced as fuck because of the tourist hype. There's another pizza place called chicago pizza and oven grinder that I have never been too for some strange reason but from what I hear it is delicious.
  11. we just eat it with our hands. haha Mercer's out here like If your ever in town let me know if you want to grab some or need a suggestion. There is also a really delicious Deep dish placed called Pequods.
  12. @Mercer ill treat you to some tourist pizza when you roll through lol We’ll invite@~KRYLON2~ as well since you have summoned me I’ll post this chicago style pizza we demolished yesterday.
  13. I just received an XA-2 With Flash as a gift and I dumped 5 rolls through it that I havent developed them so I have no idea if I have nothing but black frames or images
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