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  1. I just received an XA-2 With Flash as a gift and I dumped 5 rolls through it that I havent developed them so I have no idea if I have nothing but black frames or images
  2. I love both of them I just dont like them together usually the pineapple leaves a small wet spot that makes that spot a bit soggy. Not saying I wouldn't eat it I just wouldnt go out of my way to order it.
  3. there is also a system in place called "shot spotter" that helps triangulate gun shots to a specific location I dont live in the worst part of the city but on ocassion we get to hear gunshots. Sometimes at night I'll listen to the police scanner and they receive the info before the someone calls it in and it is usually accurate within a stones throw. it is quite amazing but at the same time the amount of surveillance that doesnt do shit to curb any violence is annoying. There are cameras littered across the city, shot spotters, and Im sure a host of other shit we dont know about
  4. That pizza reminds me of what they use to serve us in public school. It looks delicious
  5. Alright so I had never had pizza from a gas station before but Caseys pizza was the shit for the price. took a short road trip to oklahoma and I was getting hungry I have a lot of friends who live in small towns and always say how good this pizza is. So I called my pizza in ahead of time I arrived and it was hot and ready I can assure yall I will be stopping by caseys during road trips through the midwest
  6. finally back at the gym It fucking sucks but we are on our way to losing some weight again.
  7. Just do your thing homie yall might experience a couple bumps in the road from cultural differences but that shouldn't be a huge deal if your willing to put in the work like in any other relationship.
  8. I hadnt really worked on my ride for a bit but I finally got some time to do a thing or two. As with any old car they have a distinctive smell. Well this one is no different aside from the fact that A mouse or two called this fucker home at some point in its life. Which I knew because there was a hole in the headliner from god knows when On those hot humid days you definitely know there was a fuckin mouse nest in the headliner. That my friends is a 63 year old headliner stain with mouse piss not pictured was 3 big ass mouse nest. These fuckers were living in luxury
  9. Laughable at best. Fell off pretty hard but we're changing that now.
  10. I recently bought the bourbon. Its expensive for the size. If you're ever in louisville its a nice tour.
  11. Im back into fat mode. Havent been to the gym closing in on a year next month. Made great progress but we will be starting a square one. when I get back to it. Im planning on hitting it a bit harder and a little more discipline when I get back to it.
  12. may I offer you a pizza lunchable in this trying time
  13. I bought a used copy of of subway art I probably overpaid but thats OK because Ive always wanted it.
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