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  1. if the bronco raptor happens it will be the most stolen and car jacked car of the year. Just like the jeep trackhawk and the hellcat
  2. If this is the same person Im thinking of I believe they passed away a few years back.
  3. I just remember checking shit I saw on the history channel. haha I did remember that they mention that money was more of a fabric then paper and if you looked closely on older currency you can see red and blue fibers embedded in the money. youll find them randomly embedded throughout the money check out this link though it list a few more that may help you confirm. https://www.uscurrency.gov/sites/default/files/downloadable-materials/files/en/20-1990-1998-features-en.pdf
  4. fuckin guy came into my job with about 10 crisp twenties similar to these. Fuckers looked brand new. It was the oddest thing he said this is what he got from ATM Had to check the security features with a damn loupe everything checked out and we all had a good laugh. I think they were real but if they werent they were damn good.
  5. this page is giving us that Ass so fat you could see it from the front
  6. it looks better then it tasted needed a little more salt and maybe a little marinade haha vegetables were on point though
  7. He was a fellow oontzer way back in the day he use to post in paper chase.
  8. man I thought I was gonna be productive and reach enlightenment and edit though thousands of photos. then I realized fuck that I dont want to do shit. Typically I work 50 hours a week and this has been the closest thing to summer vacation since I was in high school. overall Ive lost weight without hitting the gym or even going for a run. Ive lost all my gains I made when I was hitting the gym and I havent gone running at all but I figure once life gets some what back on schedule Ill just go back to being productive
  9. I know you guys are probably gonna go nuts but these fuckers are comfortable as fuck. I bought a pair last year and I've worn them everyday. so I finally caved and bought a pair in black
  10. man this shit has been wild I've had a couple friends and family that have gotten it that have ended up on ventilators thankfully they've recovered but unfortunately there have also been a couple of close family friends that have passed from it
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