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  1. 12oz alumni Qsysue smxxl still bench HEAVILY I am unsure if she has an insta but I know @tookthetime still benched a few years back and I doubt she stopped. Lunapark for NYC shit. She was one of the first accounts I started following on flickr back in 2006-07
  2. This is how I oontz. Hand for scale
  3. it was @misteravenwasnt it
  4. @MercerFlexin on the poors.
  5. My ex thought buying a big ass slice of chicken and waffle pizza was gonna be amazing after hitting some late night bars in Louisville. I told her it wasn't the time to get experimental Guess who ate my slice of pepperoni pizza
  6. You need a pizza puff in your life
  7. There is a taqueria west of chicago called Taco Bout it
  8. is there still a tech thread like the one caseks and seffiks use to run back in the day?? I had no idea where else to post this and I didnt want to make new a thread.
  9. eating a half dozen tacos supreme in the parking lot of a taco bell at 2 a.m. hits the spot though
  10. went to vegas for a day and southern california for roughly a week and I ate tacos almost everyday during my trip.
  11. Lengua is one of those things that is fuckin gross but extremely delicious if you are adventurous. I would say do it! Every time I buy lengua tacos I ask them to chop the meat up because sometimes they give you a slice of that shit like it is a piece of meatloaf.
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