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  1. That fuckin sucks that they didnt reschedule. you missed out on a great show. A. Monroy
  2. This shit right here hanging out with a bunch of farm boys and rednecks taught me I can use pantyhose or heavy duty zip ties as temporary belts on an engine in case of emergency. I also know a guy that cooks on his engine during long road trips
  3. someone needs to summon @chopsticks last time I heard from dude was in the mid 2000's on myspace. I think he was apprenticing to be a tattoo artist in the UK
  4. I have ringing in my ears all day long typically i forget about it unless i remember it.
  5. I already bought it visa wants their fuckin money
  6. Its taken a few weeks from the time I ordered shirts to the time I received them. did you receive a confirmation? Ill try and look up my past orders and see how long its taken. in the meantime ill tag @misteraven he may be able to get you a more accurate answer
  7. just restarted the gym life again I took january off there were too many people hoggin up machines and what not. I may have gained a couple pounds back but to be honest I am just trying to stay active. So it is all good
  8. @-Rage- congrats on getting hitched. Sorry to hear about your most recent misfortune. Let us know if you stop by that temple @lord_casekand @NightmareOnElmStreetEvery now and then I make random 12oz reference when he goes on IG live.
  9. what do yall like as far as frozen pizza. I fuck with Jacks because theyre cheap but what something a bit better.
  10. When the door lock actuator goes out on your girlfriends car and you have to take everything out of the door to get it out. Dealer cost of repair including part $650 Price of door actuator and doing it myself $280 it wasnt exactly easy and took about 3 hours but still came out way ahead.
  11. Before yall buy any car look up what the cost of general maintenance is on that car. some cars are worse than others. Ask yourself can you afford it? Find out what the cost of insurance is in your area once you find a car you like. If you are going to finance your car you will most likely need full coverage insurance. Are you looking to finance it's probably best that you dont do it through the dealer. If you have a credit union you're able to work with they might give you a better rate then the dealership finance department sometimes they also have a better warranty as well dont know shit about cars? well take someone with you that does does the dealer have a car on that lot thats $7000 ask what the possibility of buying the car outright for the $5000 cash including fees and taxes. Dont be afraid to buy used and always get a carfax doesnt it always guarantee your car isnt a turd no but its a decent start. I bought my car with 76,000 miles and the aside from random bullshit happening its been a great car for me. Dont be afraid to walk away even if you want the car find something similar in price at another dealer and let know theyre willing to work with you a bit more on price. your negotiation skills suck? well take someone who's negotiation skills are way better then yours @Dirty_habiTcare to chime in?
  12. I have a few friends that are running LS in their cars and some of those guys are driving 10,000 miles year with little to no issues and theyre getting upwards of 20mpg on the highway. you just have to have good source for them.
  13. a friendly nod, a visible wave on a rare occasion people flash their lights. This can also apply to pedestrians no matter where you are it's common courtesy people who dont do this are entitled assholes.
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