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  1. I had the same a couple weeks ago I was diggin the first half of the pizza but towards the end I wasnt diggin it as much. I still demolished it but I couldnt quite figure out what I really wasnt liking about it.
  2. I just happened to be following this dude on IG before he happened to find the van. It was pretty crazy watchin that unfold and how everything turned out. He ended up keepin the van in the end. Either way here's a photo of a sweet subaru van I saw while visiting montana. Almost 2 years ago.
  3. Did you guys ever hear about the wild Cherry Van? Check out the article linked below. It was "abandoned" by a couple and "found" by someone who became infatuated by the van and he ended up locating it and trailering it back home to restore it. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/09/28/wild-cherry-chevy-van-from-van-nuys-blvd
  4. Hijacking this thread with my own BS lol removing the power supply On my 2011 I was planning on doing simple upgrades to it as well any recommendations? I don't have the specific hardware information as the damn thing wont turn on right now but I'd like to speed it up a bit. ultimately I am going to buy a mac mini from a friend of mine who is a digital tech (he has upgraded his system) and I would just use my 27" as a monitor .
  5. @Joker if you do not feel comfortable using manual focus try switching the Auto focus to Continuous instead of single set your focus point where you want the subject to be and pan the camera with your subject. your a little restricted due to the technology in your camera but similarly I have an old nikon D80 (as a back up) that is pretty similar to your camera and I can still get some pretty decent images out of it.
  6. Took a trip to mexico late in the summer. I brought a dslr but I didnt bring it everywhere Mainly due to the insecurity of some areas. Tons of great opportunities for street photos but taking photos of random people isn't the best idea in some of the places we went to. It just drew a little to much attention that I didn't need over the course of my trip.
  7. I had only ever seen neckface graff here on 12oz Never saw any of his work here in the states but I finally got see some in mexico city at the end of this summer. Huge spot in a high traffic area
  8. I was pretty similar to @Mercerexcept I would carry around my DSLR all the time. It made for amazing photos but most of the time I could only remember what was within the frame. I knew I enjoyed myself but I only enjoyed it through the viewfinder.
  9. Im on the road a ton so one of my other hobbies is taking photos of cars. The photos aren't always good but they're always great to share with other car nerds.
  10. Worked started getting busy and I took a couple random trips so that turned into missing out on the gym for almost 2 months. we're pretty active at work but not active enough to lose weight. I had peaked a bit a 3.5 miles under an hour the last time I was at the gym two months ago and when I went back I was feeling good and somehow ended up running 4 miles in 55 minutes. So that was a nice boost in morale. Now to get back to going a couple times a week.
  11. It might not be too hard. I'm sure rock auto or 1a auto parts probably sells the replacement weather stripping. It might just be attached with industrial strength adhesive strip.
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