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  1. I bought a used copy of of subway art I probably overpaid but thats OK because Ive always wanted it.
  2. And it appeared in Romania now https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7mb84/mysterious-monolith-update-new-mysterious-monolith-appears-in-romania
  3. He posted on Insta on Nov 3rd. No I won't screenshot for proof but if he post again I'll let yall know.
  4. If you need anything shoot me a PM I can do my best to help you with a simple lighting set up.
  5. @glorydaysThe ring light will give you a Halo style shadow on your backdrop. If your in a space that gets a ton of window light set up near there and use your ring light to fill in the shadows.
  6. mn1_fuckos


    ended up buying a CRKT Overland 6280
  7. band: Next Album: Invasion Nuclear Song: Holocausto part 1 and 2 released 1988
  8. I have not made any at home but theres a restaurant that makes them near me and theyre good as fuck. Although you cant order a head of time and once theyre out theyre done for the day.
  9. if the bronco raptor happens it will be the most stolen and car jacked car of the year. Just like the jeep trackhawk and the hellcat
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