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  1. Just do your thing homie yall might experience a couple bumps in the road from cultural differences but that shouldn't be a huge deal if your willing to put in the work like in any other relationship.
  2. I hadnt really worked on my ride for a bit but I finally got some time to do a thing or two. As with any old car they have a distinctive smell. Well this one is no different aside from the fact that A mouse or two called this fucker home at some point in its life. Which I knew because there was a hole in the headliner from god knows when On those hot humid days you definitely know there was a fuckin mouse nest in the headliner. That my friends is a 63 year old headliner stain with mouse piss not pictured was 3 big ass mouse nest. These fuckers were living
  3. Laughable at best. Fell off pretty hard but we're changing that now.
  4. I recently bought the bourbon. Its expensive for the size. If you're ever in louisville its a nice tour.
  5. Im back into fat mode. Havent been to the gym closing in on a year next month. Made great progress but we will be starting a square one. when I get back to it. Im planning on hitting it a bit harder and a little more discipline when I get back to it.
  6. may I offer you a pizza lunchable in this trying time
  7. I bought a used copy of of subway art I probably overpaid but thats OK because Ive always wanted it.
  8. And it appeared in Romania now https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7mb84/mysterious-monolith-update-new-mysterious-monolith-appears-in-romania
  9. He posted on Insta on Nov 3rd. No I won't screenshot for proof but if he post again I'll let yall know.
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