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  1. He was a fellow oontzer way back in the day he use to post in paper chase.
  2. man I thought I was gonna be productive and reach enlightenment and edit though thousands of photos. then I realized fuck that I dont want to do shit. Typically I work 50 hours a week and this has been the closest thing to summer vacation since I was in high school. overall Ive lost weight without hitting the gym or even going for a run. Ive lost all my gains I made when I was hitting the gym and I havent gone running at all but I figure once life gets some what back on schedule Ill just go back to being productive
  3. I know you guys are probably gonna go nuts but these fuckers are comfortable as fuck. I bought a pair last year and I've worn them everyday. so I finally caved and bought a pair in black
  4. man this shit has been wild I've had a couple friends and family that have gotten it that have ended up on ventilators thankfully they've recovered but unfortunately there have also been a couple of close family friends that have passed from it
  5. I've probably posted this before but do any of y'all fuck with pizza puffs.
  6. I think I answered this on a previous thread. I was trying to figure out how to make my own markers back in 2006 and stumbled upon 12oz. I don't think I ever actually followed through on making them.
  7. waylon jennings merle haggard Charles Bradley Johnny cash Audioslave
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