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  1. So I'm confused was there a porno leak or nah
  2. Qawee

    Lol @ Minneapolis

    I was at a protest yesterday and saw one protestor with a bullet proof vest on
  3. Qawee

    Lol @ Minneapolis

    this turned out to be false, a local news station looked at the jail records and most had addresses in minnesota. this is typical "outside agitators" shit that they use time and time again
  4. Qawee


    yeah i think so, while a multitool has a knife on it, its not going to be as good as a standalone knife. for me personally i would prefer to carry a folding knife over a multitool if i could just have one as i think it is a more simple tool so less things to go wrong as well as being smaller and lighter overall. nothing wrong with carrying both either though.
  5. Qawee


    I carry a Spyderco delica which has worked pretty well for me and generally gets good reviews
  6. yeah really weird to see someone get rocked and not hear the crowd react. Dana seems determined to keep doing the UFC at all costs, athletic commissions be damned. Might have to sacrifice a goat to make sure 249 still takes place even if its in a strip mall in the boonies in Alabama.
  7. man poor damian maia 😞
  8. So I am 0/3 on predictions, stay tuned for my picks next week fellas!
  9. tonights the night fellas! for my predictions i got israel winning by knockout in the 3rd, joanna winning by decision and Neil Magny winning via DQ
  10. no kidding, i usually watch every weekend but skipping this one. knowing my luck though its going to be the best card of the year with someone getting KOd via tornado kick or something
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