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  1. haha i was referring to a song actually from the Ghost Dog soundtrack Fat Ralphy posted
  2. My dad had symptoms on saturday but nothing since then, hes currently waiting on test results, I saw him 5 days prior to that so planning on going to a testing site tomorrow to get tested, but I just saw a video of a local testing site which looked fucking crazy, people standing mad close to each other and a dude with his mask pulled around his chin, if shit looks like that when i get there i'll just try and go with one of the mail order options.
  3. Hell yeah bröther fit goes hard
  4. Those are solid colors to go with imo
  5. They gonna be jogger style sweatpants? I scored a pair of wool zanella sweatpants with the ribbed cuffs and those are good money
  6. Seems though when you have enough juice you should be able to negotiate that down, even getting to where you can split costs. probably more difficult when you're just starting out though
  7. I dont have any first hand experience with born x raised but that navy is looking pretty good, especially for the fall/winter season
  8. Those a part of that artist series that are only releasing instore at arcteryx soho?
  9. this was good imo, russell crowe as a maniac and only like an hour and a half long.
  10. Qawee


    As far as comedy goes I am pretty much exclusively listening to Tim Dillon's podcast as well as Cum Town
  11. I definitely fuck with the vision! You might want to think about other colors for the t-shirts imo, i am always leary about wearing my white shirts because i know I'm eventually going to spill coffee/burbon/ketchup on them. Curious to hear what others think
  12. Looking for a midlayer to layer up with my hardshell, currently the atom LT 24k black is the front runner
  13. New acronym collection is looking lit 🔥
  14. How does the rayon mix affect the fabric? Just makes it a bit more stretchy?
  15. This is the current hardshell I'm rocking, 3L north face, i have an old 2L mountain jacket but its beat to shit
  16. On the subject of goretex I love arcteryx stuff, from the regular line to LEAF to Veilance. I would like to get a beta sv or AR jacket but none of their colorways have been super appealing as something different. I saw this on reddit today which I thought looked great which I believe is a beta SL, i dont think those are as durable as some of the higher end models unfortunately
  17. Something that heavy seems like it would be cool, id have to feel it it in person (II)
  18. Imo id like whatever is thicker between the jersey and Terry cloth, my only experience with rugbys is RL polo stuff and while they're thicker than a t shirt they don't seem like it would be that warm if youre going for that
  19. That sounds dope, agreed on the old man steez, I love a nice chunky cable knit cardigan and some new balances
  20. hell yeah goretex would be amazing. also that cardigan would be dope, just a little embroidered logo like the dude on the hammock between the palm trees
  21. rip, always had a great time reading on his adventures, rest easy 🙏
  22. Smoking a cigar and drinking bourbon in the car cuz it's too cold outside
  23. I thought it was good too. I havent seen all of Lars von Trier's stuff, just this, antichrist and melancholia, and this is the only one I've liked
  24. Damn thats wack, better to be above board though than probably get fined out the ass for the crime of selling t shirts
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