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  1. hell yeah goretex would be amazing. also that cardigan would be dope, just a little embroidered logo like the dude on the hammock between the palm trees
  2. rip, always had a great time reading on his adventures, rest easy 🙏
  3. Smoking a cigar and drinking bourbon in the car cuz it's too cold outside
  4. I thought it was good too. I havent seen all of Lars von Trier's stuff, just this, antichrist and melancholia, and this is the only one I've liked
  5. Damn thats wack, better to be above board though than probably get fined out the ass for the crime of selling t shirts
  6. No doubt, I started in an ipsc league like 2 weeks prior to covid hitting, i havent been shooting since February but i just joined a private outdoor club so I should be able to get some more practice time in. Wolf was supposed to come out with steel 300 rounds but i don't think those ever landed unfortunately
  7. Have you had a chance to run it at all yet? I still have not fired my 300 build but found myself with ~500 rounds of s&b subs so I hope to get out this week or next
  8. Makes sense. I was kinda apprehensive about holosun at first as well being made in China and all, but stuff I've read recently has me looking hard at them. I get the Gucci factor, always looks weird to see guys running $150 red dots on kac guns 😂
  9. That is sick man! I like the rmr a lot but the whole having to take it off to replace the battery thing kinda sucks, some of the higher end holosun optics with the rmr footprint are looking attractive due to being able to change the batteries without having to remove and rezero
  10. Word its all good, if I can't cop ill probably just grab a pair of 990v5s as I'm late to the game and still on the v4 tip
  11. I think you're right about them being actual running shoes, ive got some stupid looking new bals that I actually use for running which are also size 13 but fit fine, idk i think it usually just varies model to model
  12. You get an optic on that yet? I recently acquired a vortex amg uh-1 gen 2 holo sight for my 300bo that I'm really liking, i want to get a unity riser for it, after trying out the unity micro mount it feels so much more comfortable with less neck strain
  13. I never really feel comfortable sizing down on stuff that isn't Goodyear welted, I just got a pair of new balance xrcts in 13 and ill probably have to return them because they're a little too tight, I gotta go up to 14 in nike running shoes
  14. Tight, I got on the notification list on that 43 site, no size 13 on hanon 😭
  15. Never ordered from Europe, but they don't charge VAT if youre in the US, right?
  16. if i'm paying taxes, i would rather have my tax dollars go to pay for someones health care than a drone strike on a wedding in rural pakistan
  17. Excited to see what you come up with, I'm in for at least a t-shirt
  18. No doubt I learned in the future to just lie
  19. game is so good but the soundtrack is on another level, i went to a perturbator show who has a track on it and it was super dope
  20. Early 20th century Chinese warlord Zhang Zongchang
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