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  1. battlefield 4 is where its at anyway
  2. Word messaging is back in full effect. Ring di alarm
  3. Is the messaging working again? According to my chat log it looks like I hit this chick with the same message 10 times in a row looking v. thirsty.
  4. In the meantime, here is a screenshot of the app that I took because the picture made me lol.
  6. Looks like this might be a widespread problem and not just me.
  7. Welp had a match that I was talking to and now this apps messaging just stopped working for me.
  8. Working on it as we speak my friend. e: no successes yet but i havent been putting in too much effort with the swiping
  9. we all know dinosaurs arent real
  10. Qawee


    Opinions? Even though I hate that Nike is adding an air max 360 sole to every shoe possible these still look kinda cool imo
  11. Qawee


    Are those 4s still in stores or did you get them a while ago? I've bought the last few pairs of shoes off the internets, havent been in a foot locker in a minute.
  12. Qawee


    Not much else other than the cooling pads but making sure the vents where it shoots hot air out are unobstructed and hitting them with compressed air once and a while to keep dust from building up. Also when playing games you might want to have some utility open that will tell you the temp of your computer just to be on the safe side.
  13. Meek Mill rap like he doing a weather report during a hurricane
  14. Qawee


    Specs look decent, only thing i would worry about would be over heating
  15. Qawee


    anyone playing bf4 on PC? so far great game minus crashes here and there
  16. Qawee


    Join us massgraff, buy a pair of New Balances... Join us
  17. pimp slap a slim tramp order steak shrimp scamp
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