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  1. Sounds like a robbery setup but who knows. I went over to some girls apartment 3 weeks ago because she said she wanted to bang that night on bumble but didn't smash because I said I wasn't going to vote for biden and she kicked me out
  2. that shit was so crazy. it seemed like a pretty competitive fight before that too
  3. No I usually go in from the bottom 😅 its from a metal belt clip on a holster
  4. According to the invoice they're 15oz
  5. here are my older greasers that I wear probably 5 days a week, got a hole by the waist and another one by the cuff that I need to get repaired
  6. Got my new greasers in today, haven't had a chance to try them on yet but I am liking how they look, excuse the dog shit photos, my best camera is a phone with a cracked screen
  7. Any of you guys fuck with Left Field? I have two pairs so far (one atlas one greaser), I have been liking them because they have a higher rise than most other jeans. Got another pair of greasers on the way if USPS gets their shit together...
  8. Qawee

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Been listening to that Conway album a lot, every workout session i have I play Juvenile Hell at least twice. Saw the whole Griselda live back in February right before corona popped off, they brought Flee Lord and Boldy James with them, it was a super dope show.
  9. one of the best fights i've seen all year, especially with the situation of Imadaev slapping Pereira at the weigh ins.
  10. Oh shit, should have read the box!
  11. I hope you're gonna suppress that! 300 blk?
  12. Derrick Lewis is the GOAT interviewee IMO
  13. So I'm confused was there a porno leak or nah
  14. I was at a protest yesterday and saw one protestor with a bullet proof vest on
  15. this turned out to be false, a local news station looked at the jail records and most had addresses in minnesota. this is typical "outside agitators" shit that they use time and time again
  16. Qawee


    yeah i think so, while a multitool has a knife on it, its not going to be as good as a standalone knife. for me personally i would prefer to carry a folding knife over a multitool if i could just have one as i think it is a more simple tool so less things to go wrong as well as being smaller and lighter overall. nothing wrong with carrying both either though.
  17. Qawee


    I carry a Spyderco delica which has worked pretty well for me and generally gets good reviews
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