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  1. Ahahaha destruction league. Far out. Yeah I've found some pretty funny photos from time to time while digging through old hard drives. Even TURBOCAPSLOCK with his giant subway cookie. And a couple of funny ones of that YG bloods guy that used to post a LOT. All sorts. Did gliko bash neckface or am I remembering that wrong? There was some serious beef between very active users at times too. Seeking regularly threatening to shoot people X) Raven I saw you guys made a channel zero t! Very rad. Seemed like a while ago now? Maybe it's romanticized in my memory but I feel like the tight click in CH zero was on a whole other level to the rest of the forums. Cool that the shirt happened but I'd guess a lot of people like myself had already drifted away by the time it was made. I'll try find this ten years later topic but I'm mostly spending my spare time in here reading through Ravens topic about dropping out of the rat race.
  2. Currently working through reading this entire topic and looking forward to contributing.
  3. I'm so glad this eventually got some replies. And good ones ahaha. D Hab I can't believe you actually met teazola that is incredible! I've also had some amusing extreme hammock flash backs, quite a few times. Forum doesn't seem super active but it's rad to see there are still a few people around.
  4. Ever drive by a building site and think of that .gif of user Teaser? Yeah that one, on the roof in a yellow helmet swinging a hammer? And then I'm forced to remember him panicking about getting a girl pregnant by blowing in her mouth. That kid used to post his entire life on here. I also think of user Kries whenever I hear the Coldplay song from his funeral but that's not so funny. Quick glance at the topic list and there's a few old timers still here. Hi! And, there's a... t shirt?!?!? I've only logged in a hand full of times in the last decade but it's funny how many old users I've met IRL unintentionally. Hope everybody is well. We can't all be doing as well as Merojuana but hey, that's life.
  5. The plane that got shot down... What the russian presidential plane looks like... Pretty interesting
  6. The amount of old ChZero heads disappearing from here and popping up on luelinks. I'm sure it's been happening for a long time but I've only just started to notice all the old usernames.
  7. Some more bits and pieces copied from some sites and forums discussing the matter: What is also confusing the police is how the group had access to military grade explosives. Back in 1997 the neo-nazi group were being harassed by left-wing radicals who were putting up flyers with their faces and in general being a pain in the ass to them, to put an end to the harassment the two men are now implicated as having been the figures which placed a military grade explosive in the theatre house in a flagrant red suitcase with a swastika on it which served as a meeting point for the left-wing youth group. To avoid prosecution they obviously did not rig it to explode, but the intimidation factor worked well enough and they were largely left alone as of that point. Since they showed they were willing and able to take down the entire group and their headquarters if they did not stop interfering in their affairs. The investigation into that incident was mysteriously stonewalled and blocked after no evidence was found linking the act to any individual. This soft approach to the incident, not resulting in any prosecutions is now bringing criticism towards the police. Sometime after this they fall off the radar, the three of them, since the police were still investigating into the the military grade explosive suitcase affair. They are apparently sent underground by a local neo-nazi leader, who was supposedly an informant (government connection), thus bringing any investigation to a halt. Why someone who works with the BfV or German intelligence would sabotage the police by sending the trio underground is mysterious. Also how the trio were found with counterfeit intelligence agency grade passports with different identities. Also why the hell they would go on a murder spree directly after going under the radar. Or why a member of the German intelligence was present at one of the murder scenes. How a policewoman investigating the case ended up executed by the trio which had information regarding her whereabouts that should have been impossible for them to get their hands on. Why any mention of them is not found in police records despite their larger group being infiltrated with informants, leading to more conspiracy minded individuals to state their names were edited out of official police investigation documentation at some point. Which appears to be the only possibility at the moment. Where all the money they stole from the 14 bank robberies went, where they got the sensitive security information on the banks which allowed them the successful heists (the last one that lead to their capture was the result of a witness being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and having an odd super suspicious personality that he reported the serials of the car to the police), but otherwise they were always mysteriously informed of the exact loopholes in individual banks of when to best strike (when police cars were the furthest, when there were the least on duty, etc..). Nobody can make sense of it all. Uwe Mundlos as a figure is also now a matter of speculation how someone could end up as he did. He was a quiet highly intelligent student with an A average who never really attracted any attention. Only towards the end one fellow student remembers him sitting in class drawing a picture of prominent Nazi Rudolf Hess. Then from one day to the next he just stops going to school. He doesn't really fit into the stereotypical image of a dumb dullard neo-nazi skinhead. Since he could have just as easily become a doctor or highly paid lawyer if he opted to go down a different path.
  8. More photos of the men involved are turning up as more discoveries have been made about their various links and involvements.
  9. Had a quick look and couldn't find anything on this. If there's already a thread... waaah. http://www.thelocal.de/national/20111115-38873.html http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/germans-formally-arrest-woman-suspected-of-belonging-to-far-right-terror-group/2011/11/14/gIQAFec3JN_story.html http://www.euractiv.com/justice/germany-turkey-shocked-xenophobic-murders-news-508942 In short 2 men who committed a bank robbery that messed up fled with the police hot on their trail. They then committed suicide when they saw no reasonable chance for escape. The police then made a very shocking discovery. When they made a cursory investigation of their home they discovered a day before someone had used explosives to detonate the house and set fire to it to destroy as much evidence as possible. However in the ruins they now discovered something more disturbing. Evidence that linked the two men to a spree of at least 10 murders of immigrants that the police could prove from the fragmented evidence found (and one policewoman who was targeted during the middle of their spree for reasons unknown at the moment; possibly she was making a link between the killings) and membership in a radical extremist organization they called National Socialist Underground: Responsibility for the killings was claimed by the NSU in a video found in the flat, which had been occupied by neo-Nazis Uwe Mundlos, 38, and Uwe Böhnhardt, 34, who killed themselves after being caught by police following a bank robbery Up to this point the murders were mysterious and thought to be gang related. Store owners killed for not paying protection money, however the damaged DVD found in the burned house shows pictures of the victims. Leading to a horrified public wondering how it was possible that they could kill so many people without ever falling on the radar. Even more disturbing the more the police are digging into the case, the more questions arise. For example there is evidence linking them to the murder of a policewoman as well as the foreigners. Also the police are unwilling to comment but say they suspect the death toll may be even higher; that the men may have committed even more more murders as they're trying to piece together the damaged evidence and make sense of it all. The police are now re-opening dozens of unsolved cases involving foreign immigrant deaths. Not disturbing enough it was just released that on during one of the murders a member of the German intelligence agency was seen leaving the scene of one of the murders about one minute after it's occurrence. They were also previously members of the neo-Nazi group Thüringer Heimatschutz; which was lead by a German intelligence informant. Therefore they should have definitely been on the police radar and had files on them, but instead it seems someone went great lengths to make sure no documentation existed about them. Which is making investigators believe the informant leader might have been playing a double game. Even more disturbing the false passports found on the two dead men after their suicide are the high grade professional government counterfeits produced by the German intelligence agency. They had to have been issued by someone in the intelligence agency. There is also now a strong suspicion that the BfV or German intelligence knew of the identity of the men and that they were part of a radical neo-nazi group involved in murders; since hell one of their agents was at one actual crime scene while it happened. Which is making some people wonder if that agent himself was a closet far-right radical who worked in collusion with that group and helped cover up their tracks so they could avoid detection for this long. The combination of all these events is leading to some massive outrage and claims that several members of the German intelligence have gone rogue, working in collusion with far-right extremist elements and enabling them in their activities. That informants in German neo-nazi groups may be playing a double game or may have been converted by the extremist ideology during their undercover operation. Or that far-right radical minded individuals may have infiltrated the German intelligence to help cover up, support and enable neo-nazi groups. The police are now speculating that the policewoman in Heilbronn was asking the wrong questions and investigating a link between two of the immigrant murders. This caught the ears of someone in the intelligence agency who was himself a far-right radical working in secret inside the agency or possessed strong ideological affiliations to the neo-nazi movement. Either way it seems her exact identity was provided to the group with someone who had high government access to personal information. In the house they found evidence of her home address/personal car license plate/etc.. all very highly confidential information about a policewoman in this country which lead them to connect her death to the group. More disturbing they knew the exact route of the policewoman's patrol to the street, so someone tipped them off to her exact location.She was then picked off by one of the men with a precise headshot. Her partner was strafed and barely survived. The two men and the woman. The woman was the third member of the group, the sole survivor and the one who blew up the house destroying most of the evidence. Her actual involvement in the killings is still unknown, so when speaking of the actual killings the press and police so far stick solely to identifying the two men as the perpetrators. Discuss!!! Note: Apologies for any bad spelling/grammer, don't lynch me. Most of this was written by Germans with English as a second language.
  10. Sunrise wins every time. All day every day. Don't know what else to say.
  11. Acid + Cocaine + Doing a massive shit Best combination of anything ever. The only people who will disagree are people who have never experienced it. /Nodrugtalk
  12. And I would never drink fanta in any other circumstance.
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