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  1. yeah really weird to see someone get rocked and not hear the crowd react. Dana seems determined to keep doing the UFC at all costs, athletic commissions be damned. Might have to sacrifice a goat to make sure 249 still takes place even if its in a strip mall in the boonies in Alabama.
  2. So I am 0/3 on predictions, stay tuned for my picks next week fellas!
  3. tonights the night fellas! for my predictions i got israel winning by knockout in the 3rd, joanna winning by decision and Neil Magny winning via DQ
  4. no kidding, i usually watch every weekend but skipping this one. knowing my luck though its going to be the best card of the year with someone getting KOd via tornado kick or something
  5. yeah i'm rolling with him too, it would be good to see him smash mcgregor
  6. sorry to hear about your situation. I'm sure having to stare down your mortality is a really fucked up feeling. That said, i hope you can spend as much time as possible doing the things you love and with people that love you.
  7. Who you like for cowboy / McGregor?
  8. that video doesnt work for me but i'm assuming it was the rampage / fedor fight lmao
  9. Usman V Convington was such a good fight, felt a little good to see Colby get lit up due to all the trash talking, but he fought well
  10. Qawee


    RIP i remember him being hella funny. sad day 😞
  11. Yeah there are some games out now that look pretty fun for the VR but the technology is still kind of in its infancy as far as the home setup goes, but as you mentioned some of the sports stuff might be pretty cool to check out. I know some big gaming titles support vr like fallout 4. Project Cars which is a pretty cool racing simulator somewhat similar to grab Turismo also supports vr and that could be dope if you had the VR setup and a steering wheel
  12. Qawee


    I've been checking out one called Popular Front recently which I think is by a former vice journalist. It covers lots of wars you might not hear about like shit going on now in Libya, Ukraine, Syria etc. Has interviews with people on the ground and in some cases (like Syria) will talk to fighters.
  13. Yeah man I had the Samsung one where it was putting your phone in the headset, think I'll try to get an oculus or vive for Black Friday. VR porn is great until you take off the headset and there is cum all over you and everything around you
  14. I'm also looking forward to this but kinda cautious since I've found the other Star trek CBS is doing pretty uninteresting
  15. Gotta pay the cost to be the boss my man
  16. Look at that craftsmanship as well as that juicy beef, gonna go to the King right now and pick up 3
  17. Let's not kid ourselves friends, pound for pound the new Burger King tacos are the best tacos you can get in the Americas
  18. thanks for sharing the story glad u made it out of there safe
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