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  1. Qawee


    I got my delica4 from Amazon
  2. I have seen photos of the larger one (pl2 I think is the model) which have exploded but if you search Google for "exploding olight" i found a guy on reddit who claims his mini blew up while he was shooting it, but there were no pics of that one
  3. You can get your regular slide milled to accept one or you can buy an aftermarket slide, brownells sells gen3 glock slides milled to take trijicon rmr. Many people carry them. Glock MOS is a good solution so you're not married to a specific optic footprint, but you should get an aftermarket mounting plate either by CHPWS or forward controls designs for best results. Generally holosun and trijicon are the most widely used, aimpoint has the acro optic which is nice but doesn't have great battery life. I've got a holosun 507, it has a shake awake feature which will turn it on when it moves otherwise you can keep it on all the time. Battery life on the holosuns and trijicons are in the 10s of thousands of hours Edit: full disclosure I have my holosun on a brownells slide but have not shot it yet. I have suppressor height sights on it so if the optic goes down you can still see the sights through the optic window
  4. Nice piece but be careful with those olights, I've heard of some exploding
  5. haha i was referring to a song actually from the Ghost Dog soundtrack Fat Ralphy posted
  6. My dad had symptoms on saturday but nothing since then, hes currently waiting on test results, I saw him 5 days prior to that so planning on going to a testing site tomorrow to get tested, but I just saw a video of a local testing site which looked fucking crazy, people standing mad close to each other and a dude with his mask pulled around his chin, if shit looks like that when i get there i'll just try and go with one of the mail order options.
  7. Hell yeah bröther fit goes hard
  8. Those are solid colors to go with imo
  9. They gonna be jogger style sweatpants? I scored a pair of wool zanella sweatpants with the ribbed cuffs and those are good money
  10. Seems though when you have enough juice you should be able to negotiate that down, even getting to where you can split costs. probably more difficult when you're just starting out though
  11. I dont have any first hand experience with born x raised but that navy is looking pretty good, especially for the fall/winter season
  12. Those a part of that artist series that are only releasing instore at arcteryx soho?
  13. this was good imo, russell crowe as a maniac and only like an hour and a half long.
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