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  1. That top left black/green piece is the goods. Nice work.
  2. delv

    Are writers dumb af?

    Maybe a mod can delete this topic as it's dumb of me to have posted.
  3. delv

    Are writers dumb af?

    I guess what I'm saying is, they've become outspoken idiots of late. I get what you're saying though and that has been my view. Easy to unfollow people.
  4. I follow a tonne of writers, graffiti artists, street artists, whatever the fuck you wanna call em on social media. I follow them because I appreciate something about their art. However throughout covid I've found that of all these artists I follow it's always the hardcore graf writers who start being more voc about right wing conspiracy theories, racism, facism insanity. It just seems so strange to me that those that embed themselves in a lifestyle/subculture like graf can be so small minded. I guess I'm curious, has the scene always been this way. If so, it's fucking lame af and I don't want a part of it. Or perhaps it's just a minority bad bunch? Keen to hear others takes.
  5. As the title states, I'm seeking empty mop markers for a project. Retail prices in where I am are anywhere from $6-10 each, and I'm curious if I can get them cheaper online. Shipping to Australia. Are they called something else? Searching for 'empty mops/markers/pens' isn't really giving me any results. Please move if this is the wrong forum for this type of question.
  6. delv


    My understanding is the maker is trying to sort that out now.
  7. Good luck @Schnitzelfrom Melbourne! You guys can do this easy!
  8. delv


    I've skirted around this thread for a long time, but never chimed in (that I recall). Mostly as I don't want to admit to having any issues. I don't want to appear weak. I've drunk fairly consistently since I was 16 and am now 39. Like many in here, I can take time off (weeks or months) when needed, but often get drawn back in. Stress is a trigger, as is exhaustion. I was meant to take the rest of the year off booze just to give myself some headspace and I've caved more weeks than I haven't. I've been in heavy lockdown the past 8 months and that has not helped things at all. I've gotten fat and lazy. It all has come to a head the last week or so as I find myself simply exhausted and depressed. I'm numb and not sure what to do or where to start....about anything. I'm struggling at work and feel like I'm being a shitty husband and dad. The days after drinking are horrible and lead me to want more booze to quieten the shittiness I am feeling. Having two young kids means I'm sleeping in 2-3 hour bursts, which is not helping when the sleep would be shitty anyhow. My wife is a saint. Yet I still go back and do it again and again. Until now! I recognise I need a better alternative to this but simply don't know where to start. It's been over half my life and I've got no experience or tools to help me make the change. So here I am being vulnerable.... I'm venting and writing this on mobile, so forgive any grammar/nonsensical issues. I'm around every few days or so and welcome any thoughts or inputs. Nice thread.
  9. I automated my garage door to work remotely via. phone. The old remote controls kept breaking and I got the shits. Good $50 and time spent in a while. Joined with my neighbour to install a largish raised garden bed. Currently growing a few variety of lettuce, spinach, celery and a whole bunch of herbs. Will consider expanding as it's a relaxing pursuit for an inner-city dweller.
  10. delv


    @glorydaysif you want info on all things shoes check out Shoe Surgeon or my boi @air32 on Instagram. Both super helpful resources. https://instagram.com/airthirtytwo?igshid=lk8h3g8c89f2
  11. delv


    Dash Snow / SACE documentary has just dropped. https://www.docnyc.net/film/moments-like-this-never-last/
  12. delv


    @Decyferoni went in on the ATMOS. If I don't get in I'll consider after market. Thoughts on what flip price will be?
  13. I reckon the forum could do with an audit to see what really needs to stay, what can go and what new sections could be added. Digital graffiti for one is getting big ATM and I don't see much off it on here.
  14. @glorydaysim just catching up to your current thinking. Exciting times. Curious how the art works. Do you just mockup something simple and get your artist to make it hi definition? Can we see anything yet? Do you have social media? Does the brand have a name? ( I might have missed all of this). Keep it up bud.
  15. I agree but this stuff is creepy old man stuff.
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