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The Nonsense thread


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Can we please stop blaming my health issues on being fat.


I’m over fucking being told by family and doctors that the reason I’m experiencing certain things is because of my weight. Yes I’m fat, but not everything that is wrong with me is because I’m fat.

The other day I went to the doctor for a rash, caused from breaking out from a new soap. And this little fuck had the nerve to suggest that I had the rash because I was fat. No, being fat doesn't cause rashes. That’s not the way shit works. I’m also tired of people suggesting that my back pain is caused by my weight. It’s not.


But for real why the fuck do I get lectured about my diet and working out and health every time I go to the doctor. I’m not here for that.

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Dude's 18, doesn't know what a clitoris is and weighs less than Ally McBeal. But in the land of fuck-4-a-buck, all that really matters is the size of your Churro... and proportionately speaking, this dude's got a fat one. Emphasis on proportions. Looks like a banana glued to a fucking toothpick.

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