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52 minutes ago, ClownPrince said:

Never really played BF but the custom sandbox games that people made for the presentation made it look cool as fuark - a 4 v 32 mode would be wiiild


Im more of a COD guy myself but I did enjoy a couple BFs over the years. Mainly Bad Company 2, BF3-4.


Prefer the infantry combat so the vehicles do nothing for me and I also dont care for the giant maps but this new entry does look cool. Imagine having access to every BF map/gun in a single game, that’s very, very cool. 

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Activision Blizzard executives are hyping up the development and upcoming announcement of Call of Duty 2021, rumored to be Call of Duty: Vanguard.


The company’s executive team spoke during the Q2 Financial Earnings call on August 3 about what to expect from a high level with Call of Duty: Vanguard. They confirmed the title will still release this year.

Daniel Alegre, the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, confirmed during the call that Call of Duty 2021 will release on both last-generation consoles and current-generation consoles, providing what he calls a ‘seamless’ experience for all players. He also confirmed that CoD 2021 will be deeply integrated with Call of Duty: Warzone, in terms of content and experience the game will provide.

In addition to launching a great seamless experience for both current and next-gen console players, we are focused on continuing to integrate Warzone and engaging our direct relationship with our player base through even deeper content integration between the premium and free experiences and substantial innovation coming within Warzone itself.”


Alegre also mentions that the game will feature an “extensive” live ops post launch release schedule that will “excite” the community when it’s announced.

From a setting that our fans know and love to an incredible amount of content in development including an extensive live ops schedule, we believe this release will be incredibly well received.

Activision’s President Rob Kostich further commented on Vanguard and its upcoming release, re-affirming investors that development on the title is going “really well.”

“And across all modes of play, across multiplayer, across campaign, and across co-op, development is coming along really well. We’re going to be sharing those details with the community very soon.

Kostich stated that the game’s content offering at launch will be ‘robust’ but more importantly, their post launch live ops planning has started earlier than ever before.


He believes that the post launch content season will deliver an incredible amount of content for players, as they’ve learned a lot about the community, engagement rates, and more over the last two years.

“Content wise, it’s a really robust game at launch across all the modes, and the good news for us right now is we’ve gotten farther ahead on our live ops planning for supporting the community post launch, and the community should also expect that support to be very, very significant. We’ve learned a lot over the last couple of years, and that is all in our plans as we go forward.”



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2 hours ago, where said:

@KultsHow’s this season looking? I’m gonna get the bp 


It starts tonight at 3am so I haven’t seen everything that’s in the pass yet but you can’t go wrong really. As long as there’s a few things in there you like it’s usually a good deal since it comes with a bunch of free cod points the more you play. I skipped seasons 3’s but got the others 


I haven’t bought a pack in awhile, looking forward to seeing what’s coming. Always a bit reluctant to spend at this point in the games lifespan when the new entry is a few short months away but with this years cod confirmed to be ww2 i could see myself playing cold war another year. i’ll get the new one, always do but the ww2 setting is so tired to me 


E: here’s a couple things on it, looks like a good one 




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@where Theyre doing the official Vanguard reveal in Warzone on Thursday. I dont play WZ either but if you jump in at 1:30PM and do the little mission tied to the reveal they're hooking you up with a free pack, a blueprint and some other goodies.


I know those who missed the CW reveal this way last year were pissed they missed it and couldn’t get the blueprint. If you're home at that time might be worth checking out








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1 hour ago, where said:

Its kinda fun but a little over complicated 


Yea I should do that



why not


we get to try the new cod before anyone else. the new BF beta is the following weekend, that should be fun too

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