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  1. Remember when publicenemyno.3 said its so simple? And i said no, there's a lot more to it? This is what i'm talking about. I'll try and explain before i have to clock in. Basic BitTorrent: If your torrents have a high number of seeders (uploaders), with a low number of leechers (downloaders), then you wont be doing much uploading. So your ratio will stay low. For example, say you're downloading: Pee.In.publicenemyno.3s.Butt.XXX.DVDrip-12OZPROPHET Seeds: 181 Leechers: 4 So there are 181 people fighting to upload to the only 4 people downloading. Its not going to work. Ya dig?
  2. Fuck, meant to post some Nujabes freshness. Post edited. Also, fuck you.
  3. I don't even recognized any of you schmucks.
  4. Don't download the BitTorrent client, download uTorrent. And there's a lot more to know that what fuckface said above.
  5. Rising up from the grave to tell y'all to listen to this and shut the fuck up Brighten the fuck up! **EDIT: Also, i think i'm suppose to say Knightbats, nigga! Wonk saggin', etc. **DOBLE EDIT: Meant to post Nujabes.
  6. I find it interesting that i find EAZY's work on walls a lot more appealing that his paper stuff.
  7. mindvapors


    At the risk of spoiling: you find the hidden text/extra books in the epilogue? Just a little something extra.
  8. mindvapors


    Well i hope you enjoy it!
  9. mindvapors


    You're just now getting into Braid?? I figured you had played and loved that game already. We seem to have similar game tastes.
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