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    Yeah, you can make your own like they did for approx. $25. - $30.USD https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-3888-20-container--179153
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    Double shot of Espresso after weed gets me into the highest productivity levels for a solid hour, problem is to keep it up I have to repeat for the rest of the day or crash.
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    I was actually about to order it but it’s $75, haha.
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    Also, nobody has brought this up but most hard core Starbucks fans have an iphone app that they can use to place an order, then pay without ever going to the register. You send in the order on the walk there and boom, it's ready for you with the name spelled right.
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    Received. Shirt is dope. Adhesive stack feelin a little light though 🤔🤣.......J/p thanks for making us low key ig famous and what not. Bless up mon and may the oontz keep rockin with this momentum🙏🏽✌🏽
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    Sliced Kimchi from the local market. Second best source for probiotics.
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    Hmm Id say the poor mans Matrix is Dark City but that’s my boy Johnny Mnemonic
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    I should have known that and said what I like is an Americano.
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    True, I get what you mean, but that also has to do with the person. If I were doing that I would get all high on my espresso and then be engaged in the conversation. I'd very likely order a water so that I can still casually drink with whoever. When I get espresso at work, I make it a double shot and then top it off with water. This way the coffee product I put in my cup is high quality and it just tastes like a strong cup of coffee after you water it down a little. Absolutely hate percolator machines though. The illest thing I have seen that I didn't know how it worked recently was at a friend's house. They had a siphon/vacuum brewing setup. That shit was ultra hipster on another level. So who's going to buy those Asian bubble gums and try it out?
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    I cant drink coffee and only drink espresso. To me espresso tastes the way coffee smells. The caffein hit is nice, but usually if I'm chasing that, I'll go with caffein gum instead since the caffein hits smoother and more even and doesn't give you that rot gut you get from steady drinking coffee / espresso. That said, I most often drink it as an iced latte instead of straight shots, but I'm good with either. I do generally sweeten slightly with stevia, but dont necessarily have to. I drink for the taste and will go through the trouble of finding quality beans. I wont very often compromise and drink starbucks espresso, unless I'm in a road trip situation and don't have access to quality. I have traveled with my own beans / grinder / stove top espresso maker as well. Maybe just me, but I'm also the same with beer and wine. I'll fuck off with friends, but if I'm buying it to enjoy, I want to actually enjoy it.
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    You’re wrong. I love the taste of coffee and would drink decaf if that’s all there was. Espresso is biter af and it’s basically a shot. You don’t get the mood of sitting there sipping and enjoying the moment with people. You ever go for coffee with someone, they order espresso, drink it within 5 mins then just sit there? Its a whole different vibe.
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    It only takes one state, people (militia) will definitely flock there for Boogaloo like they did Texas after the Alamo.
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    Went to pick up these babies.... Going to put them in a bigger box. $300 for the box, 2 12s Alpine Dual Coil Type S, and a JL Audio 1000/1 Amp. You mad?
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    Are you cafe nubes actually hitting up espresso these days? The one thing I used to fucking hate about working in the States was the drip coffee SHITE and the keurig fuck in a cup crap. Stuff tasted like burnt go fuck yourself. Starbucks, that shit is more American than America. sugary plastic cup of fuck off.
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    A friend of mine shoots cars on film
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    I make my own cold brew using this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ATJ6AJG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I also have a french press that I only use when my mom visits because she likes her coffee hot. If you're not hand grinding your own beans that you organically grew in your back yard with soil you made out of your own compost using a mortar and pestle, well then you're just not really enjoying coffee. @misteraven- I've found that if I don't buy things on Amazon I save a lot more money in between my checks, it's actually quite ridiculous how much you can spend on impulse there. In response to considering purchases a lot more, lately I've been putting things in my cart on Amazon and not buying them for a few days. I'll go back in a few days and decide if it's really something I need/want right now, and if it is I will either buy it then or plan to buy it soon. There are many things that I end up "saving for later". Amazon has created this way of queue'ing up purchases that no other store has done before really. I've actually got a list of shit I want to get in the future. I think that's really an excellent business model if you can get people doing that..... and it's obvious in how much revenue that company makes.
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    Been seeing a lot more of this sort of thing. Wonder how many of these states will step up and push back when the time comes.
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    Between mindset and where I live (not to mention economic situation), I find myself buying much less, especially frivolous purchases like coffee or food on the go. Wife buys Starbucks every once in a while, but far from the 1 - 3 times a day like when we were in nyc. Personally I much rather drink the iced lattes I make at home. Also, I consider my purchases much more than I used to.
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    pics of daughters pls.... it's a very impressive camel gets half a groat to the fiddleback
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    Fuel North Hollywood. It's a rebuilt train depot. Decent coffee spot. The wood floor have the perfect amount of old timey creek in them. Up up and street level. Silver Streak in the bus lane. Some times buses gong this fast weird me out. Snacks yes, coffee no. Visiting.
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    FINALLY some good stuff. Post more
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    What about that one girl on here that was fucking her cousin? Forgot her name tho.
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    This is my personal favorite moment in the 12oz.... The "Team Sleep Problems" thread is what kept me hooked to the ounce, and where I created bonds with a lot of members, a fam. We would all report in and chat away. Im on page 40 out of 70 re-living the moment. Any time, whether it was struggles, successes, boredom, I would always report in and let everyone know how I was doing, and vise versa. Turns out, I only checked in when I was drunk or had a college party lmao Plus, I was more hilarious back then, compared to now lol. But above all insanity, we all checked up on each other, connected.
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    I was an absent dad when i was using, when im not using im always there. if going painting one night a week for a couple hrs helps me stay sober and be a dad i think ill take the latter.
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    You guys are slipping. 4 posts and half an afternoon before we derail this thread with Swedish swimsuit models and Ikea.
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    Nice... Not sure when I would need to do that but cool to know I can launder digital photos lol @misteraven
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    It was 115 degrees. It was Wednesday. It was the infamous Phoenix Open “Greatest Show on Grass” course. It was the first time I’ve golfed in 5 years. It was a cafe on the west side - MC LYTE It was with my childhood neighbor, aka my partner in crime, my graffiti counterpart who I see once ever 5 years. It was a good day.
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    One Man coming with the good stuff. Random flicks of random shit.
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    A couple new jammers by me. Spray paint, marker and acrylic on canvas.
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