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    TBH I prefer Dunkin, and even McDonals coffee over Starbucks and I'm a no sugar black coffee drinker. Starbucks dark/med roast tastes like they roasted the beans over a fucking tire fire unless you go for a light roast or one of those sugary dessert coffees.
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    Yeah, you can make your own like they did for approx. $25. - $30.USD https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-3888-20-container--179153
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    Thank you @misteravenI received both my shirts and the extra stickers
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    Double shot of Espresso after weed gets me into the highest productivity levels for a solid hour, problem is to keep it up I have to repeat for the rest of the day or crash.
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    I was actually about to order it but it’s $75, haha.
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    Also, nobody has brought this up but most hard core Starbucks fans have an iphone app that they can use to place an order, then pay without ever going to the register. You send in the order on the walk there and boom, it's ready for you with the name spelled right.
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    “I’ll give you two daughters for your wheeled camel”
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    Not in any order... My night. Got home at 330am 😲
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    Received. Shirt is dope. Adhesive stack feelin a little light though 🤔🤣.......J/p thanks for making us low key ig famous and what not. Bless up mon and may the oontz keep rockin with this momentum🙏🏽✌🏽
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    High octane gang gang. Get up + gtfo the house and onto the highway.
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    The bike thing falls closer to being a tariff (in the historical sense) than a tax. Basically only affects the users that partake in it, which is a huge step in the right direction over a tax, which is just taking from people and allocating as they see fit. And no, I don't think its petty for you to call out that you pay taxes that fund schools, yet have no children. I do believe that people would be far more generous if the revenues that come from their individual productivity stayed with the person that earned them, especially when most governance remains at the local level. I know that one example doesn't mean the concept is valid, but its amazing to see how effective my town operates with most things being voluntary and taxes either being non-existent or bare minimum, especially by national averages. More so when you consider how small the tax base is here. In your case, I'd imagine if suddenly you had 26 - 40% more income, and if the local community made a compelling case about investing into the future of the community and presented a plan for the transparent funding and management of the school system, as well as the short and long term benefits of it to the community... They'd have a good shot at getting you on board regardless of you not necessarily having skin in that game. Somehow we strayed off topic with most these posts since the main topic is social credit and red flags, but no biggie... An interesting topic none the less.
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    True, I get what you mean, but that also has to do with the person. If I were doing that I would get all high on my espresso and then be engaged in the conversation. I'd very likely order a water so that I can still casually drink with whoever. When I get espresso at work, I make it a double shot and then top it off with water. This way the coffee product I put in my cup is high quality and it just tastes like a strong cup of coffee after you water it down a little. Absolutely hate percolator machines though. The illest thing I have seen that I didn't know how it worked recently was at a friend's house. They had a siphon/vacuum brewing setup. That shit was ultra hipster on another level. So who's going to buy those Asian bubble gums and try it out?
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    hood mofo's postin photos holding money thinkin they're boys wont murk them for it
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    Went to pick up these babies.... Going to put them in a bigger box. $300 for the box, 2 12s Alpine Dual Coil Type S, and a JL Audio 1000/1 Amp. You mad?
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    A friend of mine shoots cars on film
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    Been seeing a lot more of this sort of thing. Wonder how many of these states will step up and push back when the time comes.
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    Between mindset and where I live (not to mention economic situation), I find myself buying much less, especially frivolous purchases like coffee or food on the go. Wife buys Starbucks every once in a while, but far from the 1 - 3 times a day like when we were in nyc. Personally I much rather drink the iced lattes I make at home. Also, I consider my purchases much more than I used to.
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    CaliG was obviously not the bouncer.
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    Fuel North Hollywood. It's a rebuilt train depot. Decent coffee spot. The wood floor have the perfect amount of old timey creek in them. Up up and street level. Silver Streak in the bus lane. Some times buses gong this fast weird me out. Snacks yes, coffee no. Visiting.
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    I was an absent dad when i was using, when im not using im always there. if going painting one night a week for a couple hrs helps me stay sober and be a dad i think ill take the latter.
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    You guys are slipping. 4 posts and half an afternoon before we derail this thread with Swedish swimsuit models and Ikea.
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    It was 115 degrees. It was Wednesday. It was the infamous Phoenix Open “Greatest Show on Grass” course. It was the first time I’ve golfed in 5 years. It was a cafe on the west side - MC LYTE It was with my childhood neighbor, aka my partner in crime, my graffiti counterpart who I see once ever 5 years. It was a good day.
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    Anything in Wicker Park or Lincoln Park
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    Picked up this and paired it with a navy strap:
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