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    Early morning bike ride through the woods was a nice way to start the day. Swung by the yard to take some flicks but it was pretty dead, but i did find some live ammo for a .38. Saw some huge white geese and watched them float around for a bit while a took a rest.
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    Penis bike ride Brunch with fam Oakland Pedalfest 2018 Saw 2 owls E01EFA03-7150-4236-A511-9B146F21F184.mp4 1995F7CB-E8E4-427A-940F-D9582A2CD42A.MOV 2DB4EF4C-521E-4C61-8919-F12C57E89454.MOV
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    Sitting atop the playground slide, Yajaira, envisions certain victory in this approach.
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    Wake up give daughter a bottle. Finally get a chance to wear these dance and graff socks. Jump on freeway. Heading into Los Angeles. Homeboy Parking? Homeboy Shopping Network from In Living Color? Get to Beyond the Streets for OG Slick x Estevan Oriol print release. OG Slicks used car emporium today. Dondi drawball inspiration. Leaving. House is so hip-hop. Mcdonalds. Watching tv with daughter. Babyshower for friend.
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    I had a really hot coworker that had thought Quincy was really sexy so she asked me if all three of us could hang out sometime. We all went to the beach together, and a good time was had. Someone brought up hard alcohol so we bought some and my boy put it DOWN. He had a Christopher Hitchensesque way about him, in the sense that he could get smashed yet remain incredibly articulate and a blast to have a conversation with. I didnt realized how drunk dude was until it was too late. The chick and Q were really hitting it off, so I was thinking maybe it was my time to bounce, so they could be alone. Next thing I know, Q begins puking all over the inside of girl's car. Im not talking a lil on the floorboards, homie soaked this fucking whip all over the goddamn place. Oh man, girl was freaking out, hahah. I ended up having to take off my shirt and give it to him cause the poor prick was covered in his last couple meals and in my drunken state of mind, i thought if i got a clean shirt on him it would somehow fix the situation. It didn't. At all. Girl by now is super pissed at the both of us and quincy had blacked out in her car. What happened after that was a blur, but Q and her definately never hung out in the future. I gave him hell about that day for a long time, and he was a good sport about it. He moved back to mainland not long after pukefest and got sober, I was super fucking proud of him, and still am. Love ya, buddy. You cant read this, but, fuck it. RIP Quincy
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    A TV series about how graffiti spread from New York to the rest of the world. 1st season is 10 episodes covering New York, Amsterdam, London and several German cities, and features prolific graffiti artists like LEE, FUTURA2000, CHARLIE AHEARN, FAB5FREDDY, the TATS CRU, SKEME, SHOE, MODE2, BANDO, CANTWO, JBK, PRIDE, 3D, NEON as well as the role and influence of gallerist Yaki Kornblit. Free streaming worldwide on the ARTE TV website: https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/RC-015348/the-rise-of-graffiti-writing/ There is also a blogpost here with all 10 episodes embedded straight for your viewing pleasure: http://www.mtn-world.com/en/blog/2018/01/16/the-rise-of-graffiti-writing-documentary/
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    So I was planning to do this a bit later when I had my shit together a little better, but thought it might be fun to kick off now and actually doing it will help me refine the contest a bit so it can be bigger and better when I do have all my shit together. So here's the deal to win free stuff... In an effort to add to the activity on the forum and make things that much more fun, I'm going to send a free package to one a 12ozProphet forum member each week. (Yeah, shipping is going to kill me, but fuck it.) The forum already keeps track of stats on the forum, by way of a real time tally of a persons *reputation* and *contribution*. It does this in the forum of reactions, which as you know, are the little feedback tool at the bottom of each post here on the forum. Each Monday, I'm going to check the Hall of Fame section to see who has the top score for that week (gold badge). I'll post the winner in a follow up comment in this thread and then its on you to private message me your name, email and mailing address. Few things to keep in mind... You must have a custom profile photo and cover photo setup before the winner is announced. (Yeah, underhanded but trying to get you guys to customize your accounts) Note that there is a limit to how many *reactions* a member can give another member per day / week. I'm not going to say what that number is since not knowing makes you value them a bit more and keeps shit a little more honest. That it! Reactions are generally given out based upon the quality of your post. Whether informative, funny, interesting or well conceived, its the comments that stand out, that generally compel someone to *react* to it. Also note that reactions can go both ways... A negative reaction takes points away from your reputation so besides dropping off the MVP leaderboard, the system will auto ban you if you drop to low into negative territory. (there's also some that are simply neutral, meaning a person see you respond, but no points are added or taken from your reputation). Have at it...
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    So dope to see this thread getting love. I’m hella lazy today, washed car, consumed pizza, did laundry and napped. Currently reading.
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    He and I are still good friends, he recently had a kid and moved out to the country. Saw him just the other week actually. I'll try and ring him back in. @SukiSukiNowwe were actually joking about getting in touch and coming to visit you one day haha
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    Eating disorders bum me out. No thanks.
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    @misteravenThe ^ .mov fails in-browser with a large "No video with supported MIME type and format found." ? Not sure if you have control over this... I have no idea what this does on mac but html5 doesn't support .mov as a container for the video element, so the file plays if saved but not inline... whatever is determining video display should show these as link rather than inline? I dunno. Just spotted it and was confuse. @SukiSukiNow The owls are conspiring. Also I want to eat all of the displayed foods.
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    Listening to the police scanner People are fuckin nuts
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    Natto is fucking rough. I've only tried a couple times, and I basically felt like I was the girl in cum omelette trying to choke it down. And no homo, obviously. Never had the opportunity to try durian, would if given the chance. Jackfruit is whatever, don't see the hype
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    What about sweet potatoes in a thai curry? fuck they are good that way. I've got a couple thai cookbooks that have some fermented recipes that I absolutely will not fuck with, I would eat them if offered in Thailand, but I'm not gonna touch pork sausage fermented in banana leaves in the Appalachian foothills... Nope.
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    First time I was in SF, I went out with my camera at night to get some pics of things. Shit was a lot different from other cities I've been to. Most midwest cities, most people avoid a white dude with a camera at night because they either don't want to lie to the cops about the upcoming multiple stabbing or whatever reason. SF I had random people from cops to off-duty bus drivers warning me that the neighborhood was "bad" in the direction I was walking. Umm... no shit that's why I'm heading that way? Anyway, I walked out of the hotel and saw a folded up dollar on the ground about 20 feet up and grabbed it as usual, threw it in my pocket. About three blocks away I reach in my pocket and accidentally grab the thing... something is inside. It turns out to be a decently large amount of meth. Oh well. I throw it in my hotel room after figuring out what it is and didn't not do a bump when I was tired one day. Rest got tossed. Told one of the work guys later and he's all "fuck, you should have given that to me". LOL. Exactly one night after finding that, I'm walking down the same street but almost a block up and notice a baggie on the ground. This time it's ~1g of coke. That was carefully disposed of via ancient methods involving the now-rolled dollar I found the meth in. At this point I'm thinking... dafuq is SF trying to get me hooked on stimulants for? Along with: That wasn't bad coke. Never had any of that happen again while I was there. Next time I was there I had a dude come up and ask me for $20 to buy crack. I decided to give it to him because most of the dudes asking me for money there just made up random bullshit to ask for money, but he was honest, so I gave him $20 and he asked if I wanted to come smoke some crack with him. I considered it for a minute because of the lulz but I was at one of work's "fun" trips to the bars / etc and thought it might not be entirely appropriate and neither would having a heart attack at work the next day.
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    Hello! @SukiSukiNowI'm here, and I'm in a gang now.... well actually 2 gangs.
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    My niece got her Masters from UCSF today. I’m very proud of the little butthole. 83535C6C-C513-494A-BFDE-65B4CE6D3CAB.mov
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    Just sat there the other day and look to my right and see a spider eating a grasshopper. Sat on the back step and he was just chilling after dinner. Spiders are dope
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    Not exactly stacking dimes with my welds but its been a long time since i used an arc welder on sheet metal. Definitely have to get some argon gas for the for the mig today
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    Dump truckin’ Run ups at the station old 200ad comic and burrito for lunch strange livery on the train where the old one not completely removed vegetarian tagine - tastier than expected. Was expecting mush but nicely spiced and not over cooked dessert
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    Next morning. Freights these guys get around. Not as far as they go in America but these can travel across the country Co-worker’s puppy where this dog goes panties hit the deck
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    More like two days in pies Foggy morning lunch - Viet roll - the patty was a little dry think it had been in the warmer too long. got home to a present from a mate overseas. Another one for the collection.
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    Block is hot and going to hell fast! local police activity...
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    its funny coming on here after 7 years and re-reading all my beefs with strangers on here. so pointless and immature. I wanna apologize to everyone i ever had beef with. shit was fuckin retarded and i was just a youngster.
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    Some weird bug bit me and fucked my left foot up. Ended up in ER and been in pain for 3 days now. 2 little fang punctures and excruciating pain in my foot, ankle, shin. BC0FFB08-CBDC-43C2-B2FD-53A5A3F83C40.mov
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    Would you smash the wife?
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    I like the ones where they go to abandoned malls. It really shows off the shift in our culture towards digital everything. I spent most of my childhood in malls its weird that kids today dont use it as a hub the way we used to.
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    I’ll see u in sf in a couple of weeks. Anyone wanna kick it with us even though we’re old and boring now? I know Sayer is down ?
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