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1 hour ago, luhem said:

^been watching his show “comedians in cars getting coffee” on netflix


most of the episodes are kinda whatever but there’s a few gems sprinkled in 

Agreed. Hes good in any situation but the guests are hit or miss.

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10 hours ago, Fist 666 said:

I just get what netflix has.


Watched some Ari Shaffir the other night. It was good, not great, but edgy/offensive which tends to be my forte. 

I remember watching Ari Shaffir's amazing racist skits on youtube back in the day...and I remember him being involved in the whole joe rogan vs carlos mencia drama.


so about 5 or 6 years ago, when he came to my city to do standup, i went with my exgf.


it was funny, but not very funny...i remember him telling us some story about someone eating a pastrami sandwich and shitting on someone else's windshield at the comedy store on sunset blvd....that reminded me of like 4th grade humor...i guess the highlight of the show was when he went off on an african american female heckler during the show and mentioned something about her bringing down property value...like you said, it was more offensive than anything.


but we got to meet him after the show and he was nice enough...even got a flick with him.


i wouldnt see him live though again.

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Norm MacDonald's talk show that used to be on youtube was pretty hilarious sometimes.  I can't find any of them anymore though...  


Looks like Prime had season 3 and now Netflix is doing it and nobody has anything from the 1st two seasons that were originally free.  ?


I should probably check out Stanhope's podcast, since half of what I liked about the stand-up were his long rants.  Could never get into the podcast format much though...  listening to pure audio has to be radio-style for me, while I'm doing something that doesn't involve text so I don't miss half of what they were saying.


I'll check out Ari Shaffir. 


Comedy central is the south park rerun station now, and watching TV has just become more obnoxious over the years.   From the 8 minutes of advertising  content per break (DVR only skips single commercials and fucks up on pre-recorded show timers so it's kinda useless) on any given channel, I have to assume every viewer has to choose between two different $50,000 pickup trucks each year, and has plaque psoriasis bad enough they won't go in public, about a 50% breast cancer rate, and akasthisia from the antipsychotics they're taking.  They're also 70 or over and eating a shitload of taco bell while slamming coronas.  I probably should have stopped telling the Nielson people there were 5 family members and me to collect the cash they mail and filling out pseudo-random bullshit on the household questionnaire and encouraging everyone else to do the same...    That or their only viewers are nursing homes.  I swear I saw a commercial for some product that had no use outside of a hospital room before... 


Radio plays "the worst of the 70s, 80s, and 90s with five good songs we still have rights to" on half the channels and christian end-times trump is awesome stations (which are sorta like comedy) on the other half. 



Even outside of standup some kind of ridiculous sketch / weird shit would be good (TV / internet series / stage / whatever). 






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56 minutes ago, Moe Szyslak said:

Simon rex is cool on ig but i dont know if he does stand up. He has a thing on his page were he uses a filter and makes himself into a methhead. Shits classic

Don’t let that guy fool ya. He plays the clown but he’s loaded. Not sure what exactly the guy does for a living but he apparently throws these legendary parties in the hills.


I’ve never seen him do stand up  either you’re right. I know him from that goofy rap group with Riff Raff and Milonakis. He was a VJ in the early days of MTV

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Ive seen 7 of the people on my list in person. 

Including Tom Segura.... he gave me a fist bump after he was done performing... this was before he made any Netflix specials. 

Really funny guy, he ranted for about 10 minutes about a local sushi spot he went to here in town... basically he uses his meals while on the road as a work related tax write off and when he went there he asked if they accepted amex.. they said yes at first, but when it was time to pay, they said no... he posted something about it on Twitter and i remember 100s of his fans on social media leaving 1 star reviews on that sushi spots Yelp page

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