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  1. luhem

    The Hip Hop Thread

  2. luhem

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    sitting on the couch waiting for the microwave to finish warming up my leftover pizza & wings - got engaged to my lady bout 20 mins ago !!!
  3. luhem

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    watching s1e2 of Frazier finished watching all 11 season of Cheers , what a show !
  4. 😞😞😞 god damnit . . lmk if there’s a size L laying around . .
  5. luhem


    *sry for double posting i am in LOVE with these shoes yo . . the fit is vcomfy , they’re really breathable & look great on foot . only downsides I can imagine are that they will probably be useless in the rain+get dusty real easy due to the materials used . (I don’t wear nice sneakers in the rain/dusty areas so this won’t be a problem) Copped a pair of light bone last week . I got em @ $390 and they’re already at ~$450 on most sites in my size a week later . gonna wear these black ones and bust the bones out on special occasions . two new colorways dropped about an hour ago . Both sold out already ~ (Dover street market eflash) also got two pairs of air max 1’s from the gum pack - black w/gum sole + white w/gum sole . the greys look dope too . . 🙈
  6. luhem

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    eating a handful of fresh cherries & a peanut butter granola bar
  7. luhem

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    mesmerized at the realization that I can change the brightness of the default flashlight app on my iPhone
  8. luhem

    Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

    found an old can of black krylon in my grandfolks’ garage . Wish I had a cap for it , couldn’t find it in there 😕
  9. luhem


    Seems like the best case scenario is to get your bike secure enough so that any potential thiefs will glance at it then move along to the next target . Gonna get one small/one medium lock from Ottolock for short commutes where I may stop at a bathroom/run into a liquor store and a kryptonite setup for when I’m locking it up for an hour or two . Thanks @Joker& @RumPuncher !
  10. luhem

    What you write...with? Pens.

    Got a bunch of the zebra f301’s and the pencil version of it as well
  11. luhem

    The Skateboard Thread

    got some new wheels/bearings , gonna start relearning ledge tricks on my funbox in the backyard . If I damage this ankle monitor I got on it’s a $1,000 replacement charge . Been cruising and forcing myself not to do tricks - just ollie’s up/down curbs for months . fuck it , can’t take it anymore . Gonna get all my shit back and then some . back nose / front nose / front tail / back tail etc . ultimate goal is a 270 front nose (last trick I was trying before my injury/arrest)
  12. luhem


    quick quip - had a shroom trip in the forest with some friends , one of our homegirls started tripping out hard when she got angry at graffiti on the rocks and sign posts along the trails throughout our hike . just realized that’s the last time I kicked it with her 🤔
  13. luhem

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    gym rat homie shot me a pair of the perfect pushups . did 10 reg , 10 wide & 10 close . Could do fifty normal pushups straight last I worked out , whole different feeling with the perfect pushups . Was dying during the last few . . upper body so sore it felt numb brushing my teeth ! everything feels all tight now . good burn
  14. luhem


    @misteraven I got these black ones in my size of 9.5 from GOAT for $295 . Nike.com/SNKRS retail was $160 when they dropped on 7/13 . They got two , possibly more colorways coming holiday ‘18/early ‘19 . Those upcoming ones though - if my sources are legit , are real wild and wayy outta my league . . I prefer monochrome / earth tones in everything I wear , aside from the occasional graphic tee . I figure after this first intro drop of a black + white shoe , the colorways are going to get real gnarly . If these kicks are as dope as they seem & I miss out now , I probably won’t get another chance at a black and/or white pair for a reasonable price in the future . In my 9.5 size the anthracite (black) are ~$300 and the sail/light bone (white) are ~$400 , the latter being the more sought after colorway pretty much everywhere . I will 100% cop the white ones pending the arrival of these black ones . As long as the fit/feel/look is what I’m expecting & they still got my size !
  15. luhem


    *Was never a fan of these futuristic type shoes , but recently I’ve been venturing outside of the skate shoe comfort zone (minus dunks) that I’ve been in the majority of my life . . Ordered an anthracite pair of the 87’s from GOAT this morning . If the fit is comfy and I really dig em , I’ll grab that bone colorway . If if I don’t like em after all , I’ll just return/resell em and get some dunks that I’ve been eyeing . These seem to be the second most hyped (wotherspoon’s being #1) shoe this year , so I’m sure I’ll find a buyer and make my money back (possibly a profit) if need be .