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  1. luhem


    Bop !! Back to the shed✌️
  2. i had a feeling my comp world lit degree would have real world application !! Last & Current reads
  3. Most people on the internet 🤡
  4. Word , you ok ? I don’t have it all figured out so ill be sure to be careful when i press the quote button
  5. Word . You’re right , it’s why I used the term “object” . If what we saw is in fact secret government technology/experimentation - our sciences are on some serious Star Wars level type ish . Ima stick to what I saw with my own eyes , it wasn’t a flash or a fleeting moment - the fucken thing hovered in place and zipped around like a sci-fi flick for a cool min . If it was manned by a human , the next world war is going to be seriously fucked . Government or alien , I’d be surprised (to say the least) if I saw it again in my lifetime . The way it moved simply does not make
  6. One day I was driving into my grandmas neighborhood and noticed a gathering of people in the street . Probably 5 houses full of families were outside on their driveways / the street pointing and staring at the horizon . The houses on the other side of the street had their views blocked by the trees . I saw two helicopters , so I pulled & over hopped then asked a neighbor wtf was going on . I’ll never forget how the guy just looked at me and pointed to the sky . It was something hovering up there (this is like 13 years ago so pre-drone) I immediately felt a rush of adrenaline so l
  7. luhem


    RIP McCoy Tyner , he passed away last month whole album goes , ballads are the best
  8. Birkenstock covid life + a yeezy 350 I’m bout to flip
  9. this morning I learned iPhones log your last 200 calls 😂 Major shoutout 2 california EDD customer service . that hold song will forever haunt me , guitar and flute duos will always be associated with unemployment here on out . Only took ~250 calls to get through to a human bean Dude was really helpful tho can’t lie , explained everything to me properly and even called back and left a voicemail when our call got disconnected . Said itll take 3/4 weeks for the audit process instead of the usual 2 , and to keep certifying for benefits even if it shows $0.00 .
  10. luhem

    Current View

    working on sight reading these drill sheets w/ some new voicings : Reason for doing this is to be able to read & play music on the fly . When you enter a session and the band leader/musical director hands you a chart you’ve never seen/played before - you’re able to sight read the music and play it with others on the spot . I filled each page with completely random chords , so technically an actual song would be easier since you can find the key the tune is in & then identify chord progressions (ii-V-I’s etc) It’s pretty grueling but I’m gonna get it in this week
  11. Just started Seinfeld for the first time last night Up til now I’ve only ever watched bits and pieces of episodes I think I’m gonna dig it
  12. luhem


    no problem ! @Fist 666i knew we had a jazz thread here , luckily our music subforum is only 3 pages deep . After scrolling up now I remember asking mr raven to help me with it never heard of mammal hands , definitely knew about Gogo penguin (blue note France) . diggin their avant-garde / experimental vibes . Video for the mammal hands track is sick ! check out stuff from Eric Dolphy & Ornette Coleman (specifically their work in the free jazz movement) imagine dropping a record on blue note . . I’ve listened to this plenty , but this morning was the
  13. trippin out on how big this rattlesnake is , fucker slithered too close to my wife’s childhood home . her sister spotted it and her pops clipped him edit : Was headed for the chicken coop 🐔
  14. this song cheers me up when I’m down , I have played it multiples times this year to start my day off right dope live version of a classic - with Ron carter on bass (legendary jazz bassist who played in miles Davis’ second great quintet) Fun? fact : i always thought this song was about a woman , but Bobby hebb wrote this tune in the 48 hours after his brother was stabbed to death (same day JFK was assassinated) . He was determined to write this because he felt it was better to have a positive outlook on his life rather than living life with his head down . The tune is ab
  15. luhem


    knew we had one here , totally forgot about this thread ! imma start posting stuff I’m listening to in between study breaks , been working at the piano like crazy man . Rough first quarter this year but I’m getting back into the swing of things . hopefully yall dig some of these and others share as well ! I love this shit so much . been rewatching mad mobster movies , love the music in em here’s frank and duke to start
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