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  1. Thanks man will check em out ~
  2. Definitely can’t swing a rolly/ AP or anything like that yet , this would be my first proper watch so I’m down to spend ~G and use it for years til I can upgrade Will scour the site report back . Heritage series looking nice so far
  3. luhem

    Bossa Nova

    that is a legendary album . I dig Amy’s take on this standard here : another standard (might be my favorite version of blue bossa) : and this whole album goes - cannonball too ill :
  4. lookin for a standard analog watch with leather strap - if anyone has a rec pls drop a link/name ! want to step up my watch game been rocking the same Casio MQ24 forever
  5. luhem


    these GL3’s were live ten minutes ago but I guess they pulled product now ? Supposed to drop tomorrow https://sneakerpolitics.com/collections/new/products/mita-x-asics-gel-lyte-iii-30th-year-anniversary
  6. luhem


    Mannn been wanting em since jr high never got a chance to cop til now ! SNKRS plug came thruuuuu ill post here next time there’s a big cw/silhouette that might shock drop jic anyone wants to try for em . Think bred / chi 1’s n few others rumored to release
  7. luhem


    Hit on the SNKRS shock drop last week One more off my grail list
  8. luhem


    Hahahah yeee big Japanese animation fan , so these were a no brainer ! Got a a few others GR cw’s but on the lookout for a moss green 👀
  9. theres a couple of these 24/7 lofi/beat scene type channels that are gold been be listening to a lot of dabrye again over the past few months crazy how time flies
  10. luhem


    Had to flip these Cortez Kenny IV - need .5 up -___- been cursed by by the half size up sizing recently lol Also , 100% addicted to AM98’s - tried a pair on for the first time and they’ve quickly ascended to “dopest air max” for me . AM1’s #2 for me now . .
  11. luhem


    Yeah jeweled swoosh throws off the preme dunk for me - so much potential lol . *Daybreak SP Update* Got em in , went TTS since the Undercover DB’s fit perfect but . . Go up a 1/2 size in Daybreak SP’s !! Love the nappy suede / laces & silhouette in general - just can’t decide whether to exchange for a 1/2 size up or get my bread back n wait for triple blacks
  12. luhem


    big nike daybreak fan , copped the undercover collabo (mens w/ white swoosh) and was instantly hooked they're crazy comfortable + the heel clip isn't as wild as it seems on foot copped the new black/silver joints that dropped yesterday , should be here tomorrow . gonna rock em all throughout raiders season lol 1nce they make a triple black , ima need minimum 3 pear . . .
  13. luhem

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Too much heat , must catch up
  14. Just got back to LA from Hawaii micah is a G !!!! Shops dope
  15. homie just opened up a retro athletic gear shop in downtown LB , been stir crazy at home for weeks . DA rejected my case (told those dummies I haven’t thrown a kick on anyone let alone a cop since I was 10 !!) finished a year of sobriety on feb 13th now gonna finish this brew and Uber over hope all is well for yall ! found an old favorite marker in my grandmas house ;)
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