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  1. luhem


    got a bicycle to get to and from my local skatepark and for lil rides up and down the riverbed , the fairdale skate carrier is legit just tried it out with a new setup I recently put together : Also joined @SukiSukiNow‘s bicycle group on here hopefully I can link up (and keep up lol) with some folks soon !
  2. yo thanks for this ! Gonna try some of it out this weekend
  3. luhem

    the paint roller thread

    muaka & smells goesss
  4. luhem

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    daydreaming about jazz performance programs while fixing the payroll mistakes our new manager made . hope all this fucking time spent back on my piano will pay off during auditions @ the end of next year .
  5. luhem


    Been 100% clean no weed no alcy since Valentine’s Day . definitely noticed issues with my sleeping patterns the first month , I had insomnia most nights but when I was finally able to get some shut eye I would have ridiculously vivid dreams . .
  6. luhem

    First Thing You Ever Stole

    2nd grade - some kid’s wristwatch . He took it off and left it under the basketball hoop during recess . I swiped it , then the alarm went off the next morning during breakfast . tried to play it off but my mom shut that shit down . She slapped me and made me return it to the office . I think that was the seed that sprouted into my penchant for Casio watches
  7. luhem

    The Skateboard Thread

    copped two - 1 to shred 1 for the wall . perfect dimensions for me 8.5/32/14.5 wb
  8. luhem


    just got back from Home Depot , got a few items ~ 1) 1/2 inch bibb handle for the hose in my folks’ backyard . the wings broke off a month ago , we have two hoses but I can’t wash the whole yard with just the one . the old tee handle was so rusted that it fucken disintegrated as I was trying to screw it off . new one fits but the screw head got stripped (ofc - made in china) so I can’t lock it in all the way . . . works properly though , so fuck it . 2) lil tub of DryDex and a putty knife to patch a hole in the drywall I made from swinging my keyboard while bringing it up the stairs . . 3) took a stroll down the paint aisle and couldn’t resist . . 6 flat white 6 flat black 6 chrome Rusto - I actually paid for this shit . . currently out on bail . edit : key lime pie sounds so good right now . .
  9. Never too old to learn a instrument . The first year is always rough . Harmonica is dope , Stevie wonders first album was all harmonica stuff with crazy ass solos throughout . Started playing keys when I was 8 , was planning on auditioning for a few jazz programs in some uni/conservatories at end of this year/beginning of next , but I caught some charges in feb so all this court bullshit put a damper in my plans . . going to have to wait til 2020 now . would be my second degree and I’m going to be 30 in a couple years . I had a mental battle for a long time but realized most serious programs have people of all ages , not every program is full of green 18 year old wizkids . Plus jazz is like wine . . . Take the time to figure out a practice schedule you can adhere to and locate a proper teacher/mentor , they make a world of a difference . *DM me if you need any help with theory , I’ll help where I can
  10. luhem

    New Music

    been back on my soulquarian neo-soul tip recently . this dude kills it , original album cut of the first track performed here has a de la soul verse (sax solo takes its place in this version)
  11. luhem

    what are you watching RIGHT NOW?

    catching up on some old(ish) anime , just finished one punch man season 1 . dope , s2 releasing in the next few months . watching kill la kill atm p.s. a homie put me on game , mop I inquired about above is a molotow dripstick . Didn’t know these existed - been out of the game for a cool min . . refillable from bottom cap = clutch
  12. testes

    1. misteraven


      Yep, works... You killed it with the animated gif cover photo!

  13. luhem

    The Hip Hop Thread

    “ladies and gentlemen of the court . . in the hearing against the state of Hip Hop versus donald trump . . “ ‘09