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  1. It was banging! will cook it again fore sure, bone pulled clean out of the middle when it was done and the meat shredded up nicely Taste/texture was really similar to beef short ribs
  2. Going on a fishing trip here in about 3 weeks, will get pics for the oontz
  3. Rotisserie chicken and a beef shin over the weekend, was good to give the grill a workout IMG_0720.MOV
  4. aimer

    Lol @ Minneapolis

    boogaloo bois showed up not sure if Morty voice over on first guy
  5. Not sure if this counts.. a local legend has been recreating some dioramas/scenes with local model trains.. the detail in it is incredible
  6. Nice and cloudy, bitta amber through there and she’s ready to rip
  7. Theres a burger joint in Melbourne that have do a Korean fried chicken burger with a kimchi slaw that looks pretty tasty!
  8. @misteraventhose bagels look legit! Struggle to find any decent bagels over here, will be giving those a go for sure Did I got nothing exciting this week just some fried chicken burgers from the weekend
  9. I always wondered what those were called haha, sick to see that one made it over there.. Bank and Ecks have been hitting haaaaaard lately
  10. I used to do electrical maintenance at a bunch of pubs & clubs when I was an apprentice, it was always grimey as fuck in the daylight everything was sticky and trashed Made a good amount of return business for myself getting smashed on a Wednesday night and ripping the hand driers off the walls in the bathrooms then coming back Thursday morning getting paid to repair them
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