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  1. Awesome pics mate, love getting away along the coast with the kids Can confirm those razor clams are sharp.. sliced my foot open standing on one once, good eating though Some good graff flicks along the way too, agree with you about the silo's though.. no idea why they bring in international artists when we've got so many great local muralists & painters
  2. oontz on desktop showing a definite prayer
  3. Yep, 24 people arrested for lighting fires so far this season, most are probably just idiots who ignored total fire bans and lit bbqs or something stupid but the volunteer fire fighters who do it deliberately would have to be the worst, absolute scum, they've already caught one this year who apparently lit seven fires just so he could go back and fight them Some sort of fucked up hero complex. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/nov/27/teenage-volunteer-firefighter-charged-with-arson-alleged-to-have-lit-seven-nsw-bushfires
  4. True, fishing & spearfishing Peak season is just about to kick off down here, can't wait TPBM is a gym rat
  5. The one to the far right of Starsky & Hutch is Ferris Bueller I think?
  6. Strong sourdough game! that shit looks the goods.
  7. Pumped. Just won tickets to go see this next week!
  8. This looks good, will check it out tonight I think
  9. aimer


    Top quality flicks as always @micahhawaiisome cool looking spots out there
  10. aimer

    Toys post here...

    Thanks @Joker appreciate you taking the time! That's definitely the simple with a bit of style that i'm hoping to master, will take those and see how I can make them my own
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