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  1. Just hit lunch time on this side of the world.. Friday with 4 hrs to go till knock off, can taste the beer already
  2. Yeah I'm pretty well in the same boat, painting got me into exploring and taking pics of these places and as I slowed down painting I just sorta kept being drawn to check these places out Will dig out some pics later today Still carry a marker or can any time I go though, doesn't seem right without leaving your own mark there
  3. aimer


    @DETOyeah seconded on Jeselnik those dark one liners had me going
  4. @SchnitzelNo worries at all man! I know life can get in the way sometimes haha. Gotten a few good zines lately so those have kept me going, the more I look the more local ones are popping up which is cool. We're pretty lucky in WA, pretty much 1hrs drive north or south of Perth and you've got awesome coast line to 4x4 and camp on and it only gets better the further you go. This spot was only about 40 mins from my place which makes it easy to knock off work on a Friday arvo and head down for an overnighter Took the drone for a spin while we were out there too
  5. aimer

    On my travels

    Really dig these, cool mix of pics
  6. Took the kids camping down the beach, had a half assed attempt at fishing but ended up mostly just drinking beers round the fire and building sand castles
  7. Electrician here - If you're getting zapped then the circuit is definitely still live, as @misteravensaid its definitely worth getting a cheap mulitmeter to check the circuit it dead before working on it. Sometimes its easier/quicker to just turn off the main switch/whole house rather that tracking down the individual circuit, but always worth testing first I've worked on some sketchy houses thinking they were off but they were stealing power from the neighbours and had live cables everywhere still
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