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  1. @xengood call on the dunies, those boys are legends
  2. @NightmareOnElmStreetgot damn that things nice, would love something that size one day but fuck they're expensive in Aus
  3. aimer


    @ndvour wildlife definitely doesnt mind a tinny here and there, but I dont reckon even the animals will go for a fosters
  4. I havent been to the dentist since I was a kid, I should probably go but I feel like its gonna end up costing me $10,000
  5. @fat ralphythe picture has had me drooling for days, I need to learn how to make them that well
  6. God damn im hungry Shit like this keeps popping up on my IG, im gonna have to dust off the pizza stone and see if I can find a baller dough recipe this weekend
  7. That trip was Esperance/Cape Legrand/Cape Arid & Isrealite Bay, closest I've gotten to SA without flying haha Eyre Peninsula looks unreal, definitely want to make the trip over the Nullabor to get down there for some fresh oysters one day!
  8. Haha that trip fell through due to weather unfortunately so I definitely didnt fall off a cliff Have been still been getting down on some adventures though, this was down close to the border of @Schnitzelhome state
  9. Yoooo @Schnitzel been back lurking around a bit lately haha
  10. Yoooo! I’m still lurking Spent most of January overlanding and exploring the South West coast of Aus then spent most of February catching up in what id missed at work hahaha
  11. Oh man that sucks. I remember following along with his stories back when I first found 12oz, all the way up until recently when I found him on instagram Dude was an absolute legend and lived life his own way RIP @Keepitrail
  12. aimer


    Aiight.. its been 2 days and im hooked Picked up an xbox controller today and everything got waaaaay easier racing game wise, thinking that'll be the go for THPS too tried out a few of the other games that came with the game pass but nothing that has sucked me in too much yet Was gonna download Flight Simulator for shitz n gigs but its fuckin 150GB
  13. aimer


    Yeah I was eyeing off a PS4 or thinking of holding out for a PS5 at the end of the year cause PS all I ever used when I was younger, but this new work rig fell into my lap so I figured I'd give it a run Its just a high-ish spec'd laptop, not a full on gaming PC.. but holy shit I gotta say i'm impressed at how far games & graphics have come Will stick with the keyboard for now but it definitely feels like learning from scratch again haha
  14. aimer


    I haven't gamed since I was a teenager playing Tony Hawk, Need for Speed and GTA on my PS2.. but this new Tony Hawks game got me hyped to get back onboard Scored a new decently spec'd PC deal through work this week and figured I might give PC gaming a go, any recommendations on where to start? Grabbed an xbox game pass last night to play Forza (just cause it was cheaper than buying Forza on its own) and so far I cant use a keyboard as a controller for shit
  15. It was banging! will cook it again fore sure, bone pulled clean out of the middle when it was done and the meat shredded up nicely Taste/texture was really similar to beef short ribs
  16. Rotisserie chicken and a beef shin over the weekend, was good to give the grill a workout IMG_0720.MOV
  17. boogaloo bois showed up not sure if Morty voice over on first guy
  18. Not sure if this counts.. a local legend has been recreating some dioramas/scenes with local model trains.. the detail in it is incredible
  19. Nice and cloudy, bitta amber through there and she’s ready to rip
  20. Theres a burger joint in Melbourne that have do a Korean fried chicken burger with a kimchi slaw that looks pretty tasty!
  21. @misteraventhose bagels look legit! Struggle to find any decent bagels over here, will be giving those a go for sure Did I got nothing exciting this week just some fried chicken burgers from the weekend
  22. I always wondered what those were called haha, sick to see that one made it over there.. Bank and Ecks have been hitting haaaaaard lately
  23. I used to do electrical maintenance at a bunch of pubs & clubs when I was an apprentice, it was always grimey as fuck in the daylight everything was sticky and trashed Made a good amount of return business for myself getting smashed on a Wednesday night and ripping the hand driers off the walls in the bathrooms then coming back Thursday morning getting paid to repair them
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