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  1. its a local Western Australian builder but the hull is based off the Edencraft Formula 233 with a few tweaks to suit Indian Ocean swells from what I've been told.. Did a trial in their demo hull before ordering and the handling was amazing
  2. I'll have to pick some of those up, never seen them before. Thanks for the tip! Usually target them with Z-Man soft plastics
  3. Not yet, everything is finished except we're having delays on the outboard.. They've been telling us next week, for the last 3 weeks. Blue swimmer crab, rock lobster and pink snapper season are all opening in the next 2-4 weeks so we've put the hard word on them to get it done. Should have some good pics to add to here soon!
  4. Yoooooo those look sick @Schnitzel Fuck, this thread bump reminds me that im paying fucking adobe a monthly subscriptions for InDesign that I havent touched since February
  5. @SchnitzelI went to see Drapht on Saturday night for the 20yr anniversary of the Pale Rider release, been on a massive nostalgia trip with Aus hip hop since then..god damn it makes me feel old though
  6. aimer


    We would always chuck a couple of zip ties on the new apprentices tailshaft
  7. Yeah we call them bolt cutters over here absolute fuckers of things. twin donks on the back was the original plan, always preferred the idea of having two engines even just for safety/redundancy.. The hull builder ended up talking us out of it though, the hull was designed around balancing a single outboard apparently, after a sea trial on his one built the same we were pretty sold on it. Coming from a Suzuki 140 on the current boat so will be a hell of an improvement anyway haha
  8. Some nice catches there @LUGRhow hard did that shark pull? those giant blowfish are a PITA too, they always fight like a decent fish it so dissapointing when you pull em up
  9. 25ft Centre Console, waiting on the yami 300 to go on the back and final fitout. hoping it’s only a few more weeks away, the weather down here has been starting to turn it on and I’m getting antsy!
  10. Damn @Schnitzelthat is cool as hell Landbased mahi mahi is a wild catch! Keen to hear more about Japan, bucketlist spot to visit for me! No adventures for me recently, new boat is a few weeks away from being finished yet then hopefully have a heap of pics to add in here.
  11. Sick concept, painting takes you on some wild adventures. Keen to see some pics!
  12. aimer


    Yo @Schnitzelwhere are you finding 90's in nice colourways in Aus? I can't seem to track down any nice ones.
  13. I gotta say its fun to see my city through the meth addled perspective of Mauler. I caught some sweet tagz on the wall just passed that Citibank though, coulda cropped those in for a brother.
  14. aimer


    Look at this fat useless coward.
  15. aimer


    Fucking hell I used to live a street or 2 away from that park. Bruh.
  16. Bruh the meth problem here in Perth is really no joke. Have a nap my man.
  17. Guilty Last few years has seen me revert back to 35mm film, vinyl, paper notebook/diary etc Given social media away, try to keep screen time down and phone just for calls and texts mostly, but browsing and online shopping are too conventient to pass up still. Not sure if its a way to combat the disappointment of constantly having anything you buy replaced instantly by newer technology or a fancier version. Or could just be me holding onto the past haha
  18. Crash Test Dummies fucking rock. Trucker Mike looks like he knows his way around the old see through didgeridoo
  19. I've run them in the past too, just make sure they're correctly torqued and keep an eye on them at service intervals and you shouldnt have an issue. Seen way to many pics of these stanced/squatted whatever the fuck trucks with 2 x 2inch spacers bolted together to give them the look they're after because they cant afford correct offset wheels
  20. Wheel spacers for sure, an easy recipe for snapped wheel studs.
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