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    Bop !! Back to the shed✌️
  2. i had a feeling my comp world lit degree would have real world application !! Last & Current reads
  3. Most people on the internet 🤡
  4. Word , you ok ? I don’t have it all figured out so ill be sure to be careful when i press the quote button
  5. Word . You’re right , it’s why I used the term “object” . If what we saw is in fact secret government technology/experimentation - our sciences are on some serious Star Wars level type ish . Ima stick to what I saw with my own eyes , it wasn’t a flash or a fleeting moment - the fucken thing hovered in place and zipped around like a sci-fi flick for a cool min . If it was manned by a human , the next world war is going to be seriously fucked . Government or alien , I’d be surprised (to say the least) if I saw it again in my lifetime . The way it moved simply does not make sense , just the movement itself was enough to bring goosebumps . Completely shitted on all the stuff I learned in hs/uni physics courses . If they are what I think (hope) they are , I really hope they’re peaceful lol . Mars Attacks was dope n all but I’d prefer to keep that story in movie form I believe !! I was half asleep when I posted that & used the phrase “dipped into the horizon” . We’re 10 minutes from the beach at my grandma’s and this was happening over regular suburban neighborhoods during the daytime - everything was crystal clear . I wish I had today’s cell phone to capture it , people would lose their shit . Galaxystarhiphop moment . It definitely went “away” , like the thing went toward the horizon but it did not disappear like a passenger plane going across the sky & out of eyeshot - you can say it went “in” to the distance . There was a stark difference between the thing and the helicopters (attempting) to follow , having those choppers there really highlighted the contrast between the movements : we could see the helicopters slowly disappear like normal - while the other thing pretty much vanished . More : read the above post - Helicopters were Sheriff choppers for my sighting as well & the object was hovering , but moving around and changing directions in a specific area boxed in by the choppers (until it fled) . Closest thing I can compare it to is a hummingbird
  6. One day I was driving into my grandmas neighborhood and noticed a gathering of people in the street . Probably 5 houses full of families were outside on their driveways / the street pointing and staring at the horizon . The houses on the other side of the street had their views blocked by the trees . I saw two helicopters , so I pulled & over hopped then asked a neighbor wtf was going on . I’ll never forget how the guy just looked at me and pointed to the sky . It was something hovering up there (this is like 13 years ago so pre-drone) I immediately felt a rush of adrenaline so l mashed it over to our house and screeched to a halt halfway up the driveway , ran inside and as I was coming in - our family dog ran out to the front steps and started freaking the fuck out . She never did that before . . I’ve never seen her react like that to anything , ever . I called my brother , he was in disbelief & then we called my pops to come outside . we stood on the steps and watched this fucking thing maneuver with velocities / directional change in ways that no man made ship could go . . Shit was like real life galaga . My bro and pops are the biggest unbelievers to this type of shit and their jaws were just dropped . It was triangular shaped , with a constant pulsating light going the tip down to the two sides - purple to blue repeatedly . When it moved , the helicopters would reposition to try and keep it in their line of vision . Two fucking choppers and a good chunk of my neighbors all saw this shit , plus my fam . to this day whenever freaky shit happens , I remind my bro and pops about this incident and they cannot deny what we all witnessed . after about 30 seconds watching it with them , it dipped into the horizon and the helicopters slowly followed behind and eventually disappeared too the one thing I will never forget , is when it moved it gave you the creeps - it was fucking incredible . I’ve noticed the common theme between seeing this type of shit is the way the objects move . They don’t maneuver like human made ships , and I don’t think a human could survive bing inside something moving in that way . Being able to compare it to the helicopters was a mindfuck . Once again this was all a decade+ before drones man . I’ve always thought that we aren’t the only ones here - my family used to call me an alien as a youngster cuz I was so into em lol We were all sober and I swear I feel like a kook explaining this 😂but I wish we could have recorded it with cell phone cameras like we have today . I legit went back to that street where everyone was outside watching it , and NO ONE answered the door . I wanted to talk to them and find out what happened before I got there , but seriously no one fucken answered . I’ve told a few homies but my psychedelic usage at the time did not help my case lmao they’re fucking out there fam !!!!!!!
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    RIP McCoy Tyner , he passed away last month whole album goes , ballads are the best
  8. Birkenstock covid life + a yeezy 350 I’m bout to flip
  9. this morning I learned iPhones log your last 200 calls 😂 Major shoutout 2 california EDD customer service . that hold song will forever haunt me , guitar and flute duos will always be associated with unemployment here on out . Only took ~250 calls to get through to a human bean Dude was really helpful tho can’t lie , explained everything to me properly and even called back and left a voicemail when our call got disconnected . Said itll take 3/4 weeks for the audit process instead of the usual 2 , and to keep certifying for benefits even if it shows $0.00 . hopefully this the first and last time I gotta file for unemployment smh . got some sneakers I can flip to hold me over til then . feeling a lot better now !
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    working on sight reading these drill sheets w/ some new voicings : Reason for doing this is to be able to read & play music on the fly . When you enter a session and the band leader/musical director hands you a chart you’ve never seen/played before - you’re able to sight read the music and play it with others on the spot . I filled each page with completely random chords , so technically an actual song would be easier since you can find the key the tune is in & then identify chord progressions (ii-V-I’s etc) It’s pretty grueling but I’m gonna get it in this week starting today . 😤👊
  11. Just started Seinfeld for the first time last night Up til now I’ve only ever watched bits and pieces of episodes I think I’m gonna dig it
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    no problem ! @Fist 666i knew we had a jazz thread here , luckily our music subforum is only 3 pages deep . After scrolling up now I remember asking mr raven to help me with it never heard of mammal hands , definitely knew about Gogo penguin (blue note France) . diggin their avant-garde / experimental vibes . Video for the mammal hands track is sick ! check out stuff from Eric Dolphy & Ornette Coleman (specifically their work in the free jazz movement) imagine dropping a record on blue note . . I’ve listened to this plenty , but this morning was the first time this year . Cannonball’s intro makes sense now more than ever
  13. trippin out on how big this rattlesnake is , fucker slithered too close to my wife’s childhood home . her sister spotted it and her pops clipped him edit : Was headed for the chicken coop 🐔
  14. this song cheers me up when I’m down , I have played it multiples times this year to start my day off right dope live version of a classic - with Ron carter on bass (legendary jazz bassist who played in miles Davis’ second great quintet) Fun? fact : i always thought this song was about a woman , but Bobby hebb wrote this tune in the 48 hours after his brother was stabbed to death (same day JFK was assassinated) . He was determined to write this because he felt it was better to have a positive outlook on his life rather than living life with his head down . The tune is about his brother and best friend . Story goes he waited three years before recording it , and then it became a mega hit . Brutal story - turned things around into a triumph 😤
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    knew we had one here , totally forgot about this thread ! imma start posting stuff I’m listening to in between study breaks , been working at the piano like crazy man . Rough first quarter this year but I’m getting back into the swing of things . hopefully yall dig some of these and others share as well ! I love this shit so much . been rewatching mad mobster movies , love the music in em here’s frank and duke to start
  16. This guy is a fucken underrated G Became blind at age 2 and then became a virtuoso mans did a 21 min solo without stopping to take a breath dog . . . people swear if he stuck to one sax he would have been ultra legendary , but he had a dream to play two at once - did it , then did three . fucken wild edit : do we have a jazz thread ?! I know there was a bossa one but I’d be down to contribute to one dedicated to all of its subgenres . I’m gonna look and make one if I/someone hasn’t already I can’t remember lol
  17. @KILZ FILLZPsure no one in LA county gets eagles games , there could be some eagles bar or something I’m unaware of but shits changed now since they moved the rams n chargers here . lots of rams/chargers fans now (completely understandable/makes sense) I think my cuz had some NFL game pass subscription - I’m a bball head so I’m assuming it’s the equivalent of the NBA league pass where they have diff tiers available (either one team/every game or every team/every game for more $ type ish) hotdudes.org (this is a legit stream page - I feel like the name has kept them under the radar lmao) would stream the most popular sporting competition at any given time on their site (usually USA sports) . Caught almost every nba game I wanted to watch on there so I’m gonna try again when this NFL season starts . they would choose between the more hyped option if there were two games at the same time iirc If all else fails I would literally search “reddit nba stream” on google , and I eventually followed the trail to what I was looking for . I’ll do my due diligence when the season starts and seek out who’s running the best no bs NFL live stream - will share it here when I find it cuz I’m sure it’s out there just gotta dig a bit
  18. Jackie mittoo - Musical director at studio one during its heyday
  19. what the fuck lol , need to ask the doctors in the fam if they got manning family thank you cards . I wonder if they flip raiders skipped town and I only rooted for em due to my pops being a LA Raiders fan . Most my fam are raiders/rams ppl but I aint joining the rams legion . Never switched teams before but I watched the eagles lose to the Seahawks at my cuzzo’s bedside before he passed a week later , gonna root for his team since here on out since he’s a diehard philly eagles fan . was always hyped on desean Jackson , LB poly brejren and LA bred ! 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
  20. Gma let my lady and I stay here after some trouble I was in / save $ for the wedding [which was amazing] + future move . She’s overseas for pretty much the whole year these days so it’s worked out well for everyone involved . Been 2.5 years back , ready to dip ! found some gems while going through her old albums Still got that piano , lost the cap 🧢
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    Yee - Jazz OG are a great silhouette , top 5 all time for me . Tend to stick to Nike/Saucony - got a pair of GL3’s but the rest of my collection are strictly sneakers from various skate companies I grew up on These are my favorite in the collection , the “Sea & Sand” collabo w/ Anteater from Russia Bummed I missed out on these perforated leather joints , I haven’t found any reviews of the leather quality but they dropped in 2 colorways (black / white) - would dig one of each when I can afford to buy sneakers again 😂
  22. lights out - in bed w/ wifey / dog / cat getting a serious fucken itch from browsing brick slayers gonna work on something new starting tomorrow ✍️ gnight
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    Mb on the late reply , gonna spend more time here on the forums instead of Instagram for the next few months I do not have em but I have seen em and def fuck w/ em ! 1) been digging 70s runners and loving those tailwinds . *The mesh ones - nylon paneling just reminds me of old lady bra’s lol 2) on the saucony tip I saw these released in collaboration w/ lapstone & hammer . two colorways - hand done whip stitch on the toe . . so sick !
  24. Just finished Goodfellas again few mins ago , Revisiting some mafia flicks casino and godfather 1+2 next
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