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  1. luhem

    The Hip Hop Thread

    tell me about it . . i don't play moment of truth very often because i can't listen to it without tearing up . hits me in the heart . can't wait to roll 1 up again . told myself i'd stay sober until all this court shit is over .
  2. luhem


    ^ get em ! was gonna snag those but since I got the pidgeon’s I opted out . Edit : talkin bout the premiers , ima def try to get those bred dunk high’s went a lil out of my comfort zone again and picked up a pair of the ACG Air Revaderchi’s from today’s SNKRS drop Grand Puba rockin em (white/purple/green colorway)
  3. luhem


    Thinking about getting a pair of 1’s . Haven’t had a pair of J’s since jr high school . Hoping they do another retro bred drop next year . . Gonna order a pair of these tomorrow - last year’s staple anniversary pidgeons
  4. My fiancée’s hometown is named after a Frenchman who was mauled by a grizzly bear in the 1800’s , she sent me this (sorry for crappy photo) a few months ago . This shit happens a lot , I’ve seen one going full speed up a mountain while I was grabbing eggs from the coop . Raw power Bear on the porch + bear scoping out the porch .
  5. I'm game ! Doesn't gotta be monthly , could make it bi-monthly or quarterly to start . Selecting a theme/genre/time period and assigning each reading selection to a vote would be cool ! Could also use one of those "top 100 (american/sci-fi/all-time) books to read" lists and vote on a few of them . (like the list denzel was using in the equalizer lol) Or select the top 2 most popular novels from major genres and throw them onto a ballot . Long as the method keeps the material fresh and exciting - nothing too dense so that every reader can finish within the time allotted . Also nothing to obscure or out there so that everyone involved can have a chance to download/purchase + appreciate it .
  6. just finished logging some sales , hoping this next year goes by as fast as this year is . 2020 vision
  7. Just finished watching Harlem Nights w/ Eddie Murphy & Richard Pryor , hadn’t seen it before . Mannn I want to go to NY . .
  8. sitting on the couch waiting for the microwave to finish warming up my leftover pizza & wings - got engaged to my lady bout 20 mins ago !!!
  9. watching s1e2 of Frazier finished watching all 11 season of Cheers , what a show !
  10. ??? god damnit . . lmk if there’s a size L laying around . .
  11. luhem


    *sry for double posting i am in LOVE with these shoes yo . . the fit is vcomfy , they’re really breathable & look great on foot . only downsides I can imagine are that they will probably be useless in the rain+get dusty real easy due to the materials used . (I don’t wear nice sneakers in the rain/dusty areas so this won’t be a problem) Copped a pair of light bone last week . I got em @ $390 and they’re already at ~$450 on most sites in my size a week later . gonna wear these black ones and bust the bones out on special occasions . two new colorways dropped about an hour ago . Both sold out already ~ (Dover street market eflash) also got two pairs of air max 1’s from the gum pack - black w/gum sole + white w/gum sole . the greys look dope too . . ?
  12. eating a handful of fresh cherries & a peanut butter granola bar
  13. mesmerized at the realization that I can change the brightness of the default flashlight app on my iPhone
  14. found an old can of black krylon in my grandfolks’ garage . Wish I had a cap for it , couldn’t find it in there ?
  15. luhem


    Seems like the best case scenario is to get your bike secure enough so that any potential thiefs will glance at it then move along to the next target . Gonna get one small/one medium lock from Ottolock for short commutes where I may stop at a bathroom/run into a liquor store and a kryptonite setup for when I’m locking it up for an hour or two . Thanks @Joker& @RumPuncher !
  16. Got a bunch of the zebra f301’s and the pencil version of it as well
  17. got some new wheels/bearings , gonna start relearning ledge tricks on my funbox in the backyard . If I damage this ankle monitor I got on it’s a $1,000 replacement charge . Been cruising and forcing myself not to do tricks - just ollie’s up/down curbs for months . fuck it , can’t take it anymore . Gonna get all my shit back and then some . back nose / front nose / front tail / back tail etc . ultimate goal is a 270 front nose (last trick I was trying before my injury/arrest)
  18. luhem


    quick quip - had a shroom trip in the forest with some friends , one of our homegirls started tripping out hard when she got angry at graffiti on the rocks and sign posts along the trails throughout our hike . just realized that’s the last time I kicked it with her ?
  19. gym rat homie shot me a pair of the perfect pushups . did 10 reg , 10 wide & 10 close . Could do fifty normal pushups straight last I worked out , whole different feeling with the perfect pushups . Was dying during the last few . . upper body so sore it felt numb brushing my teeth ! everything feels all tight now . good burn
  20. luhem


    @misteraven I got these black ones in my size of 9.5 from GOAT for $295 . Nike.com/SNKRS retail was $160 when they dropped on 7/13 . They got two , possibly more colorways coming holiday ‘18/early ‘19 . Those upcoming ones though - if my sources are legit , are real wild and wayy outta my league . . I prefer monochrome / earth tones in everything I wear , aside from the occasional graphic tee . I figure after this first intro drop of a black + white shoe , the colorways are going to get real gnarly . If these kicks are as dope as they seem & I miss out now , I probably won’t get another chance at a black and/or white pair for a reasonable price in the future . In my 9.5 size the anthracite (black) are ~$300 and the sail/light bone (white) are ~$400 , the latter being the more sought after colorway pretty much everywhere . I will 100% cop the white ones pending the arrival of these black ones . As long as the fit/feel/look is what I’m expecting & they still got my size !
  21. luhem


    *Was never a fan of these futuristic type shoes , but recently I’ve been venturing outside of the skate shoe comfort zone (minus dunks) that I’ve been in the majority of my life . . Ordered an anthracite pair of the 87’s from GOAT this morning . If the fit is comfy and I really dig em , I’ll grab that bone colorway . If if I don’t like em after all , I’ll just return/resell em and get some dunks that I’ve been eyeing . These seem to be the second most hyped (wotherspoon’s being #1) shoe this year , so I’m sure I’ll find a buyer and make my money back (possibly a profit) if need be .
  22. luhem


    ^thanks @Joker! Will most definitely check em out
  23. luhem


    haven’t tried skating or chilling in the regular busenitz or team classics . Once I got decent at skating in jrhigh/hs (first pair of skate shoes were banana yellow puffy DC’s in 4th grade followed by countless vans models) , I would skate og sb dunks and lakai Manchester’s til I eventually switched to strictly blazer lows/busenitz vulc . Dunno how they feel while skating but outta those three I would definitely pick the grey/white/green ones in the middle to chill in . I’ve heard the regular busenitz are super comfy on and off the board once broken in .
  24. ^ good idea ! Maybe get a Book Club on the groups list ? Monthly reads ??
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