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9-5 & 40 hour a week adults, talk to me


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I'm not adjusting especially well to this new job shit.

(Backstory: I just moved to cleveland to take a job).


This shit is sooooo beat. I work in an office with exclusively married people that are at the lowest 5 years older than me and at the highest 30 years older than me. People scurry home after work to their respective spouses & i have nothing in common with 'em at all.


If you're married - cool, nice, this doesn't really apply to you.


if you're unmarried ... how do you not lose your fucking mind? cause that's what's happening. I tried drinking a shitload and that didn't really help, i tried getting back into writing and that got me arrested again, i volunteer twice a week but i'm still really fucking bored/stagnating. this isn't a "how should INJ live his life?" thread it's a "what do you do?" thread.


Am i just a pussy who cant accept being an office stiff? What am i doing wrong here?


Aside: Quitting is not an option (yet) because i COULD NOT get better money elsewhere. the pay is banging and i can't afford to give that up yet.




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Only recently got back into working full time myself.


If I'm not falling asleep by the time I finish work my nights are spent getting very blazed.

The first few weeks I was not getting blazed every night and working a full week was much more brutal.

So basically, get blazed every night and listen to Brick Squad.

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I also just started work again, mine is chill for the most part, not an office, but the hours are killer. I feel like I have no time yet. I was without groceries for most of the week, thankfully I was able to stock up at the store getting a ride today.




Offices are wack, pretty much. I recommend trying to do as little as possible without getting fired. Take long bathroom brakes, text whenever you can to keep distracted. I text people every funny thought that pops into my head. Surf the web, do whatever you can.

If you can't do that, that sucks.

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What am i doing wrong here?






/ thread















fuck it I wanna rant because I'm bored & drunk:


All I have ever known is start up or agency life, since 95.

That means: what clock? What day is it? And fuck it dude lets go bowling.


I either put in 80 hours a week, or 25. Usually 50.

Agency jobs are a lifestyle, not a job. You bust your ass doing what you love, make good coin, then drink drink drink, modern day mad men.


It's not Mondays that suck, or your city, or your profession, it's your company.


I ripped on ohio, as I should've, but there are good people and good times to be had everywhere.

As a consultant, I evaluate operations of all my clients. Over the last decade, I've dealt with hundreds of companies: I've seen company cultures that pwn, but mostly I see miserable mutha fuckas who just gave up on life, lamers who don't hangout after hours, or will step on their own mothers to get ahead.


Either way, bad cultures make for shitty jobs. I realized that I worked at a couple companies longer than I went to highschool or college. I spend more time with coworkers than I do my wife & kids. This shit is serious business. It's your new life: work.


It's worth a pay cut to take a job either you love, or at least like doing because your coworkers are friends.


I hang out with just about everyone I work(ed) with.


If they have spouses, they know mine.


Their kids play with mine.


If they are 23, I'll still drink with them (even though I'm the one who gets carded.)


So yeah, I'll do happy hour, but then I scurry home to the family like your coworkers too.


I can't relate to being 30+ & single, or going out for late nights anymore.

I have no advice there.


All I can say is GTFO ASAP. Life is too short to hate your life & job.

Get in with a better company culture, even if the pay is less; it will add years to your life.


Then GTFO of ohio. Bleeeccch.

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If you really dislike the job, but can't really do anything about it because you need the money for now, it's all about making the most of your free time. That way at least you're not wallowing in misery on the weekends drinking tallboys and falling asleep early.


Sketch up a storm. Research neat stuff to do in the city; I know Cleveland is burnt, but there's probably still some vibrancy you can scrape up. If you can track down Bojangles he'd know. Read books. If you want a list of phat ones PM me.


Cheap stuff. If you don't want to stay, don't spend much money. You know the deal.

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Working 8-4, job is really boring but the pay is decent. There's no tail around here though just burly security guards, kind of bummer but whatever. I kill my time on the internet and sometimes I read, whatever to make the day go by quicker.


Weeknights I try and get together with friends and blaze whenever I can if I'm not too tired. I also go to the gym 4 times a week. My schedule is really cramped and it's a hassle trying to plan things accordingly, I rarely just have a full day or even an afternoon free to paint but I try to get out as much as possible.


Weekends I drink till I can't remember jack, do stupid vandalism type shit and try to get laid. Find it mad hard to find time to chill with females between both our conflicting schedules. If I'm free during the day I'll holler at people to do a day spot, really look forward to those times. Makes my life seem less bland and I get to do the shit I love.


I feel like time is going fast as hell, week after week flies by. I just try and make the best of the free time I have so I don't turn into some miserable drone. I really wish I could just take a couple weeks off though and maybe travel or just chill the fuck out. Also always really fucking tired, getting up at 6:30 every morning is a drag and I just can't go to bed at 10 no matter how high/burned out I am. Come to really appreciate sleep.

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Go look up the bone thugs. I hear they're around E. 1999

Same with what someone else said. Sooner than later im probably going to be thinkin/sayin/feelin something similar.

Phaps go to baseball games, its cheap enough if you sneak your own booze in. Draw in your book. Read some books. Find out where the daytime spots are. I dont have the conventional 9/5 yet. I have a nonconventional 24/7 so i try to line up shows and sneak a little fun in here and there. Save some money and start floating resumes in places you want to be. Might want to stick in your job long enough to show you're reliable and can use it as a reference. I dont know many people because im always on the job. When i get stircrazy and need to get out I dont know what to do.

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i do a 9-5 office gig. i sit on 12oz A LOT!


when i ge toff i get dinner with my dudes, drink cold beers and plan our night. sometimes its painting, sometimes its chillin with my lady. i work with 3 ladies and one male in the office. i keep candles lit (old ladies stink) i always have my music on. come in stoned. i use office supplies to send out packages to fellow writers. i sketch while im here...pick my nose...i mean...its a job man. fuggit. if the pay is THAT good..go blow cash on cool things to use while at work. :)


go paint though.

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I logged into say something helpful - however I read Dru's deal and I guess I am in a similar situation to that. I am not locked into an office per say.


You may have underestimated at least one person in your office who actually may or may not be trill. You could essentially drink and drug with this person on the job to see how far you can push it.


If they are all un-trill you need to pass some serious time per year. 2080 hours to be exact. Thats a lot of fucking time man, no money in the world is worth doing something you hate. Or being surrounded by people you dislike.


There are 4 people in my office (shared) they are all older than me, but I can just leave.


Work from home. There is your solution.

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i've had full time jobs for about 20 years now.

there were some gaps in there, but the longest hiatus from work was 3 months

i don['t really know how people stay sane without working


i do not get bored.. but i do get sick of the routine sometimes and need to travel

that's basically my cure. i leave the country about 3 or 4 times a year

it always helps to have that trip planned, so when things seem desperate you can look forward to it


i did volunteer until i went back to school

now with 3 dogs and the job and a class, i barely have time for my numerous hobbies


i also have a job i love

that is really key

most of us will have to work for our entire lives, and i spent several years busting my ass until i made it through school with a degree in biochem and molecular bio. it was hard, cuz i worked FT and went to school FT. needless to say, my grades were not great but i made it.


i am now a published scientist and i manage a lab with a friend of mine, who was an old coworker until she finished her postdoc, became a professor, and hired me to run her lab


bottom line, you can slog through the job and use the money to make your life awesome (while hating the job)

or can spend a few years in hell as you get qualified for a job you'll like

then work the job without getting bitter, AND use the money to make your life awesome

not much other choice aside from living like a hobo or marrying into money..

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damn i logged in and got logged out after i wrote out my wall..

a few people have the right idea, symbols is a beast. and i would probably listen to her..

anyways office work.. i've been holding down a 9-5 for over 11 years.

its bizarre how much time has gone by and im sure i've missed some prime opportunities for epic adventures and what not but i try not to let my job get in the way of having a good time. no regrets.

alright so what i may consider fun may not be a good time for someone else. but then again we are on a forum of like minded individualss sooo the only advice i have for you would be if the moneys good and the jobs bearable stay long enough to save, leave a good impression with your employer and use it as a stepping stone to bulk up the resume and get a into a line of work that interests you. with the passing of time well its going to go by whether u doin anything or not.. may as well use it to better yourself.. sketch, paint, drink and cook, exercise(maybe if u ran more often you wouldnt have gotten that charge:D, sorry), learn more or teach yourself something or go back to school.. bitches be at schools and volunteer more bitches love volunteers.. best thing to do for yourself is to use the time to get your head right and try to figure out something that you would want to do for a living..

Ohio isnt the greatest of states but im sure if u give it time you'll be able occupy yourself accordingly


i wanted to add vacations are awesome and very helpful to get away from the work routine but the planning and saving of the money for that is a challenge but it also makes it more worthwhile.. i cant go on 4 a year but i've resorted to alot of day/weekend trips. and inturn i've experienced a great number of things while alot of my friends are satisfied with the same ol shit.. idk if anyof that makes sense. im going to lunch

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