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you can microwave bacon

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  1. you can microwave bacon

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    listening to ll'mperatrice in bed
  2. you can microwave bacon

    Things you WILL NOT pay for.

    ^^same. like at 6 flags they charge 20 bucks to park. like "welcome! we're gonna take advantage of your situation right away." i had to steal from the gift store just to cheer up after that. I will probably never pay for stickers, unless they're eggshell or dollar store
  3. you can microwave bacon

    **The Dream Thread**

    i have recurring dreams of beating up my older brother, who is a terrible person.
  4. you can microwave bacon

    What *12ozProphet* product / feature / etc would you like to see?

    if the little part that you grab with your cursor was highlighted, instead of recessed into the same colored background, it would be easier to find, especially in threads with long pages, and especially when there are reflections on the screen.
  5. you can microwave bacon

    What *12ozProphet* product / feature / etc would you like to see?

    a scroll bar that is actually visible would be nice, but i don't want the forum to crash for another year so idk.
  6. you can microwave bacon


    don't worry about the son thing no son wants a dad or mom. we just wanna do hoodrat things with our friends he does need his dad tho and if you're paying for your kid's life, you should feel very proud of yourself because that's respectable as all hell. I know depression is a shapeshifting monster understood by only the victim, but I applaud all people responsible enough to take care of their kids, let alone be adults. if you deserve your drinks then drink them. if you don't want to feel like something is vaguely wrong- i can't help you there
  7. you can microwave bacon

    Which p-no star would you catch n STD from to smash?

  8. you can microwave bacon

    The Nonsense thread

    erkgbjrjkrejgbjgire, sidjbfisjfboiweubfkwejfiwbhfiwuehf wiufbiwubgfiweubgf iwubfieubrgireugbireu. eifbuwiufbecw wouebfiowb oweufhi wkejbfowjnfoweknfokwenofkwenof weofjinowknclwknolik qefojwebnxwpqlksqsqqswjbfeiojgbrgrgrebvkjnckwnf. ieurgbierubgijdngmdngkjernofncsldmnpkasjdpiahodicasoidc, eiqfbiwjenfkwmneckmenfojwenbfojwebnlmfnewofkjnweojfbhowuebfojwbdomeqnfasns cjhsbxhsbhbhbxsxsafsgvs. fkwejbfoewjfbwjenbclwkdn. foejnhfowjenf! -ciujbcisdjbvisjbv
  9. you can microwave bacon

    What is a good graffiti name

    the hippest words to write this year: ADOPT A PET SHOWER BEFORE U GO ON THE MAX EXHAUST if that's not already taken, x-ost xost GANG GREEN GANG GGG from powerpuff girls STUPIDER R-TARD ART-Tard HI HI i think you should just write HI HELLO or SUP? everywhere so as to incite responses from the public
  10. you can microwave bacon

    The innovative style thread

  11. you can microwave bacon

    What is your job and was school debt worth it?

    sounds like you're doing fine, morton. fuck school
  12. you can microwave bacon

    The most basic question...why?

    It's like a project where your reward is a proportional result of how hard you work. Unlike real life, which is full of pretentious attitudes and unfair shit. On top of that, cities are full of garbage, homeless, snobs, morons, and spots that simply look WRONG without graffiti on them. To lurk spots is a testament to the fact that nobody is keeping track of you after all. Nobody gives a real shit about you until they have a use for you. And whether or not you do block letters or just tags, there is always an artistic element to it. A lot of people are numb to aesthetics and subtlety. Some people can't help but to acknowledge the way things are designed. Some people are made for this shit. Most of us have problems.
  13. I fail to see how it's that crazy compared to everything else people do. And around here, a girl smoking correlates with her being dtf for whatever reason.
  14. you can microwave bacon

    Whatcha listenin' to..? *Music Thread 2016*

    Oh yeah son! was going to post this.