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  1. i love when getting a few bucks, getting a gram of weed , smoking some, and getting pics of my own spots is all done in one trip #blueribbonfuck
  2. I love my cat, but especially love when she finds me veggin' and lays with my fat ass so i can pet her
  3. cocoa krispies with creme brulee creamer in the milk+mudslide ice cream
  4. I love when the only light in my apt is my retro tetris lamp, my terrarium, and the very first subtle morning light. the perfect time for tumbleweeds and wearing the cat around my neck like a scarf.
  5. I love when I'm eating something and realize I still have all the ingredients to make more
  6. soundcloud.com/c1991 the first track is some garbage that hacked my acct -_-
  7. exactly. shmallow creme reigns supreme. smores 4 L. I have since graduated to buying brownie loaded ice cream and adding a bunch of shmallow fluff from a big ol jar.+the grahams 10/10
  8. Ben n Jerry's Phish food + Golden Grahams x_x
  9. well, this thread is dead as can be apparently, but just in case anyone is reading... i walked out of my room the other day because troy, my retarded old eroommate was threatening the female owner of this place im stuck in. he was screaming at her in the kitchen "IM GONNA HIT YOU SO HARD" i told him "fuck no you arent" and the owner lady kinda stepped in between us, when this old piece of shit tries to take a swing at me, and grazes my eyebrow slightly. She made him apolgize(i think), and by the next day, he's trying to bum cigarettes off of us like nothing happened. I bring it up that he was trying to hit a woman and he claims to remember nothing, which i actually believe. piece of fucking shit is lucky i didnt slam his skull in to the wall. my life fucking sucks and i still do not sleep, and i still live with dilapidated people nad immigrants only. my life is meaningless at this point.
  10. aaand now ive crossed in to my fifth 24 hr period without sleep. for the second time. who knows, i could break the record tonight -_-
  11. crazy shit, guys. i wish you all the best. nothing drives me crazier than losing money, especially when its literally lost. thanks for sharing. I'm stopping in to say that after 2 failed attempts at having a sleep medication appointment(failed transportation, and sick doctor) I am now on my 4th full day/night without any sleep at all. It makes me fucking furious, and even now during the day, I cant have a simple nap, despite feeling tired sometimes. On a lighter note, I now have a potential "shitty" job waiting for me when I get out of here being a clerk in a convenience store. This, for me, would be pretty nifty for a given amount of time. All i really need is a little income to live a simple life. My long distance girlfriend is also very in to me, and talks to me every day, lessening the anger and stress i constantly feel. I still have a tons of counseling and appointment that I don't need and can't get away from. For the time being and in the near future, my life is a lame pile of crap and i want to break something. I never see any of my friends. The only people I see are strangers, handicapped fuckers, or people that work in this adult foster home. I have nowhere to take out my anger and regret.
  12. well, the drug tests coming up will take place on a random day of the week. I have to call the facility every day, and if it happens to be a "purple" day of the week, i have to truck my ass to a completely irrelevant part of town and piss in a cup. fucking bullshit. As far as I can tell, there aren't any new challenges aside from not having my freedom. If i had that, it would be same old same old: find a job, make money, find place to live. I overall feel fine and feel like i don't need to be here at all. it makes me angry every day. fuck 2019
  13. thanks, dudes. I was starting to think i typed all that for no reason in this ghost town.
  14. last august, i suffered a life threatening injury. i had a "brain bleed" and cardiac arrest. my heart was stopped on one side, barely working on the other. apparently i had methamphetamine in my system, which is something, simply put, that i would ever even try. my dad found me on the ground of the bathroom, almost dead. i spent months in the ICU, being kept alive by machines. (thanks, science.) i remember none of the Intensive Care Unit or how any of this shit happened to me, but somewhere in the mix, i had ought a bicycle, and filmed a bunch of videos. while there, i apparently thought I was inside of a pizza place we have here called pizza schmizza, and I would get irritated when I didn't get my food. It was a hard time for my family. There was one person who was in charge of wiping the sweat from doctors faces, who i aptly referred to as "the wipist" I was eventually transferred to another hospital, where i stayed for months, and eventually came back to reality. I wish i could recall my first memory of being conscious again, but I gradually came back to life in the second hospital, where I made friends, and eventually became comfortable enough to walk around in the halls. Shortly after, I was discharged by the hospital to another facility ; a nursing home full of elderly and demented people. There was one patient there who screamed for the entire day, non stop."HONEY, JOY, HONEY, JOY, OH JOYYYY" The food there was awful, even the bread sticks, but i was eventually given the privilege to leave 3 times a day, and do whatever i pleased in a pretty cool part of town. I would often go to good restaurants, or get a mini bottle of booze to pass the time. at the time, i was smoking weed, which, while not advised by my doctor, made the whole situation much more bearable. I soon made the mistake of smoking a blunt too close to the nursing home, and walking right past the director of nurses. this resulted in me being drug tested periodically, and being unable to smoke anymore. i passed the time there on my bed, shirtless, on my laptop, doing whatever i could to stay sane. somewhere during this time i developed the worst insomnia imaginable, being awake for multiple days in a row, completely unable to sleep. I think my record is 5 days awake. with life at it's bleakest ever, i was eventually discharged to yet another group home, with much less people(only 5 patients). this new place is in a much more boring part of town, with nothing close by. it takes about 45 min to walk and get food, or do anything. On top of this, I am now drug tested every week at a medical place, making weed an impossibility. I currently rely on cheap alcohol and cigarettes as my only alternative, and I'm still completely unable to sleep. This is, without question, still the lowest time in my life. my next door neighbor in the house, much like my last roommate, is an old man who snores extremely loud every night, leaving sleep out of the question. So here I am every day, in a place where I don't at all belong, unable to sleep or do anything I want. The bright side is that I didn't die from this injury, and I can continue living this "life" if what I'm doing can be considered that. another bright side is after omegling all day, i eventually picked up an online girlfriend, who lives all the way across the country. talking to her every day is keeping me alive, along with getting free dinner every Tuesday at a restaurant of my choosing(thanks, dad). Overall, this experience has been a pile of pure anthrax and I'm waiting for things to go back to normal. without the internet I would be in much worse shape. I'm not sure what I would get out of sharing this, but maybe you could share: what was the worst time of your life? I'm sure 12oz has seen some shit. Feel free to share or vent. Or close this thread if it's just not kool/hip enough. I am also open to any question.
  15. gruesome. id just let the auger aug me msk style. fuck cutting a leg off like that
  16. i fucking hate having insomnia every god damn night. there is no god
  17. mega trash and maybe smash if she had bonuses, like a good smell and a tight body^
  18. good stuff schnitzel just bumping my unloved thread to say that i love when i mix my gas station espresso just right and its not too sweet or milky. fuck yess. i also love the combo of salad and fries. maybe its the fries doing it for me
  19. Dogs and cats are hilarious. This thread is for stories of what your animals have done that were memorable. as a kid, my family had a dalmatian. she was getting old. one day i was lying down on the living room floor, watching tv. For some reason, the dog, named sheba, decided to calmly walk over and sit directly on my face. hahah it was horrible. later in life, our family had an australian shepherd named chibi. she was a psycho who liked to destroy things. Her favorite thing to destroy were plastic buckets, which she would throw with her mouth and demolish. One time she was doing the usual bucket routine, and got it stuck around her head completely. she went in to a blind sprint with the bucket covering her head, and SMACK! Bashed directly in to the trunk of a tree, dead on, stopping her instantly. it was the funniest thing ever. also sad. i know someone has a good story or two here. please share
  20. just gonna drop in pop in stop in to say that i fucking love the combination of sandwich and fries. oh god yes. doing that tonight. will die and go to heaven. will be worth it
  21. listening to oingo boingo's song little girls pretty fucked
  22. those were all good. i love actually sleeping. never happens though
  23. damn i donut believe that is a helpful contribution to this thread
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