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  1. the spraypaint kinda dulls the contrast but that is still real cool
  2. friiiiiiiiiiiicccccckkkkkkkk that looks good
  3. cool idea/\ mine was probably getting my friends in to art as kids and watching it change their lives and hold us all together like no other. Also, I'm thankful for every life decision that led to me being with my current girl
  4. the background says it all for the red nike shirt girl B)
  5. went through the 10 pages of login bullshit just to say: daaaaaaaaaannnnnnngggg @ wavy redhead and red nike shirt fuck you 12oz I cant even
  6. I also really hate how so many people use that little add-on that looks like toothpaste
  7. holy shit that is awful. Couldn't you talk to a lawyer?
  8. Even so. being an ignorant homophobe means you're a piece of human trash compared to the gayest of gays.
  9. is there any real difference between that show and family guy? Right now I am gonna eat dis pizza and enjoy my lack of obligationz for the moment
  10. Jeezus. Last night I was trapped in a crawlspace full of garbage and dead antelope and deer every small passageway to get out there were sleeping homeless dudes, and I was too sketched to go through their camp apparently, so I just did ballpoint pen tags on the fusebox that was in there thinking "If any writer sees these they'll think I'm a fucking loony champion"
  11. yess i always eat them in pairs, so it's basically a spaced out sandwich
  12. LOL i feel like we got a surprise visit from a different era. this was an entertaining thread anyways with the banter and all.
  13. Took me a couple of listens to really dig this one. same with most of the album.
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