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  1. Buckley gotta win best KO of all time
  2. bed framed


    Went on a crazy tear on that map yest! And they brought Raid back, my all time favorite map!
  3. Was super confused as to how to navigate to the other forums (paper chase, third rail etc.) finally figured it out
  4. Pic of the layout until I get my dual monitor desk arms. Paid $60 for the monitor on the right (which is the last thing I bought). 24” 1080p 1ms 144hz. I just mounted this monitor yest before I knew I would buy a second monitor lol. cable management is the next step after the dual monitor mount any Valorant players in here?
  5. Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition....Didn't even come with the fucking game.
  6. watching the cowboys get absolutely shit on (and loving it).
  7. False, I hate sweating. TBPM is a great cook
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