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  1. False, I hate sweating. TBPM is a great cook
  2. Steaks we made for Mother's Day. Egg in a baked potato last weekend
  3. Just bought this on steam for $12. 50 Sega Genesis games! All the Sonic games too
  4. Built my first pc. Wiring was a bitch but pleased with the end result! Still minor tinkering to be done
  5. That is trash. Just like his overhyped sneakers
  6. just chillin, eatin cheesesteaks
  7. Just had some slices with green pepper and onion, pretty good
  8. How is Massgraff not a mod yet?
  9. Met this older women, maybe early 40s, who is the regional mgr for Sbarros. She's been flirting with me like crazy and she's a freak. She brought me a whole pizza today for free. I might fuck her for free pizza for life!
  10. She calls herself yesjulz and I would stick it in her booty
  11. bed framed


    Anybody on Black Ops 3 on PS4?
  12. I won't flood this thread with all those Ronda Drowsy memes but god damn she got an ass whooping!!! I'm not gonna front and say I've ever heard of Holm before the match up but when I learned she was a 3 time boxing champ I knew she would at least have a chance if she kept it standing up. Idk why people underestimated her, It's not like Ronda had an amazing striking game. It was good to see her to get put in her place. I was so sick of hearing how she's the greatest and she had such a shitty attitude.
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