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  1. eattingsnowflakes

    The Nonsense thread

    Steve Jobs jokes! - Too early or thread worthy?!
  2. eattingsnowflakes

    GAME: True or False

    Which one? TPBM would bang anything w/2 tits, 2 holes and a heart beat
  3. eattingsnowflakes


    Re: OCCUPY WALL STREET NYC LIVE STREAM Follow the money! The American Dream Film-Full Length
  4. eattingsnowflakes

    RIP Steve Jobs

    rip http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304447804576410753210811910.html
  5. eattingsnowflakes

    Burners and Style!

    You should definitely lodge a complaint with the Complaint Dept.
  6. eattingsnowflakes

    Made U Look

    I heard from a friend of a friend that MUL are from the future!
  7. eattingsnowflakes

    Occupy Wall Street

    Keith Olbermann Covers Occupy Wall Street Protests Media Blackout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4QUePfHFQY&feature=related
  8. eattingsnowflakes

    Occupy Wall Street

    Occupy Wall Street Police Abuse
  9. eattingsnowflakes

    The Nonsense thread

    budgie smugglers
  10. eattingsnowflakes

    Fab 5 Freddy bites Sever?

    Best soap opera on the intrawebs!
  11. eattingsnowflakes


    That was an epic trip
  12. eattingsnowflakes

    Tars and Virus

  13. eattingsnowflakes


    Dope characters
  14. eattingsnowflakes

    Freights: One man wholecars and E2Es

    Ban this fucker
  15. eattingsnowflakes

    Gold and Silver

    ...So what is a fiat-money slave to do?: Well, has anything materially changed in the outlook for currencies debasement in the coming zillion years? Read a little from BU's Laurence Kotlikoff or subscribe to John Williams Shadowstats.com for an instant primer on the disaster which has been covered up by everyone who's been benefiting from the cover up. So, stop cryin' and start loading up the basket of silver goodies left behind by those unfortunate, scared, stupid, impetuous, lazy, distracted or drugged out to know the tsunami will eventually move from the entire world back to US shores. And by the way, if you happen to live in Brazil and were clever enough to hold gold (silver prices will be a commin', too), gold hit a record high in Reals yesterday. What? No coverage on CNBC? So, the inflation generated by, and led by, the gang of four at the Fed, ECB, BOE and BOJ has reached the 'invincible' Brazil. A crushing 22 percent collapse in the Real since Jul. 26 spells potential civil unrest from those lagging behind its approximate $10,000 PPP national average. Watch for a potential Brazilian Real-like crash in the Malaysian Ringgit, Thai Baht, Philippines Peso, Indonesian Rupiah and other currency escape routes out of the US Dollar. The tide has gone out fully now, and the Bernanke knows it will eventually come back to the shores of the US. MP Nigel Farage said it well; he told KWN's Eric King, yesterday, “Yeah, we’ve had a setback, a little bit of a settling of the gold price after what was a meteoric rise. I think the worst in the financial system is yet to come, a possible cataclysm and if that happens the gold price could go (higher) to a number that we simply cannot, at this moment, even imagine. Gold is in an uptrend and professional traders should be buying the dips.” Naturally, it's dittos for buying silver. http://www.beaconequity.com/author/dominique-de-kevelioc-de-bailleul/