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Everything posted by Shittles..TasteTheAsshole

  1. Years are flying by like weeks or months. Damn. Drinkn' a lot of water ?
  2. Beautiful warm sunny day today. First time I've seen the sun in about 3 weeks. Took the old bike for a spin to the coffee shop, roadside snow banks 2 meters/yards deep.
  3. Respect man. 2 years is big time, I'll cheers to that with a double shot of espresso.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rHJYKbnHT8
  5. I have cut down on sugar a lot. Mostly because it made me feel shitty & the potential health problems. But this Super diet sounds like a game changer.
  6. Rest in Peace. Dude was goin' 130 in a 50 zone.
  7. :nomouth: Now this is some fuckin' nonsense fr.
  8. Drinking good coffee with a double shot of espresso. Checkin' in on teh ooooontz. What's good?
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