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  1. R@ndomH3ro

    Where in the world is DAO?

    he ded
  2. R@ndomH3ro

    Great Moments in 12oz History

    Hey Fist 666. Did I ever thank you for that USB drive of music you sent me in Afghanistan? If not, thanks dude, I still have that drive.
  3. R@ndomH3ro

    Great Moments in 12oz History

    The thread where Glik$ flew out VAJ and everyone was doggin him about it. Then he fell in love with her, she went back to Texas and still hoed around, he ended up posting all her nudes and a pic of his cum on her face.
  4. R@ndomH3ro


    If you like blackened hardcore (ie: youngandintheway, oathbreaker) You will like this band http://hexisband.bandcamp.com/
  5. R@ndomH3ro

    The BMX Thread

    Also this place still sucks
  6. R@ndomH3ro

    The BMX Thread

    I'm not bummed. I'm trying to unload somethings to get new things, selling for an upgrade. Thinking around 500 for it
  7. R@ndomH3ro

    The BMX Thread

    Own a piece of history Selling my bike http://www.bmx-forum.com/t/267535/sad-day-but-i-am-selling-my-bike-pantera-3-frame-custom
  8. R@ndomH3ro

    The BMX Thread

    Still talking about old ass bikes, eh? Who would have known.
  9. R@ndomH3ro

    Public Gratitude

    So as some of you know I am in Afghanistan. Also some of you have decided to send me stuff, I would like to say thanks. It means a lot to get mail here and even more to get mail from total strangers. Thanks to FIST 666, Mercer, and Omniscient...you guys are great and thanks for the bmx stuff and snacks. - Random "Real American" Hero :)
  10. R@ndomH3ro

    quit my job today

    I'm real great at stacking things, so I can always fall back on that as a skill that will land me any stacking job. I've been leaning toward the idea of going to school part time and conning people into buying things that I make for some pocket money. Either get some sort of certificate to work with special needs kids, or to be a personal trainer. I try not to stress about life and things in general. If you have a good attitude and treat people right, good things usually happen. Everything that I do, I am mediocre-to-totally-fucking-amazing at. The old jerk of all trades, master of none deal.
  11. R@ndomH3ro

    The BMX Thread

    I dont post anymore but this is super important http://etnies.com/blog/2011/4/01/etnies-skatepark-bmx-petition/#addcomment They are trying to ban bmx at the Etnies skate park in Lake Forest and Etnies is trying to stop it. Sign it man
  12. R@ndomH3ro


    Been listening to a Fauna recently...seems the mood for how snowy and dismal it looks outside
  13. R@ndomH3ro

    The BMX Thread

    You guys argue about the same shit over and over again. Really kills this thread for me...
  14. R@ndomH3ro

    The BMX Thread

    nice cat
  15. R@ndomH3ro

    The BMX Thread

    I bet you can jump off a cliff and everything on that bike would survive except you... midschool bikes, built to last the apocalypse