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  1. Nice pocket pistols. Could easily conceal this in your hand inside your pocket, fire it straight through the pocket.
  2. It was Head Split by Necro lol the song jumps right in, no intro :grin:
  3. Was just chilling in dead silence & threw on some boom bap shit, i forgot i had the volume at 90% almost gave me a heart attack lol wasn't expecting it.
  4. Nice frame sticker graphics and bear trap pedals.
  5. If i won that kinda doe I'd probably pay for a trip to space like not to the moon couldn't afford that, just out to like where the space station is to see the earth in that view to me would be priceless.
  6. Been watchin' them. They funny and informed on a lot of different shit also since i'm Canadian, their personal political beliefs don't really matter to me but imma keep them in my video feed.
  7. ok that last one's not abandoned but i thought it suited this thread.
  8. Hoosac Tunnel Ride Through - W to E - Infrared Footage - Best known Hoosac Footage!!! Watching videos of old haunted tunnels in NY
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