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  1. Sweet write up, inspiring. I would love to race but lack the track seat time and $$$. Also that reed switch QS is crazy
  2. Peoples thoughts on the CBR600rr restyle? Looks off in photos but i will reserve my opinion until i see one in the flesh
  3. Want to hear a joke? Architects... knowing sweet fuck all about structural engineering.
  4. Speaking of super sports. I got the chance to ride a friends 2009 R1... it is so, so seriously stupid & terrifying on the street.
  5. Kidnapped by aliens and they've been doing spearmints on you ass?
  6. Fuck these pack up and jet threads. I've got the 2 year itch at work and this only fuels that furnace. Oh yeah and i want to hear more stories about this "weed harvest / stooge fest" in cali
  7. So as a non 'merican do you guys go to the range with these on a regular basis? Or just amass a personal cache ??? Some of the stuff in here is fucking crazy town.
  8. Hahahahahahahahaha fuck this had be dying
  9. Get a hobby. Stop complaining. Make hay while the sun shines then GTFO when your bank accounts fat.
  10. Because that's what its about... Person with the most teabagged 16year olds wins. ESHARZ
  11. Have to read this, heard a 40 minute interview with the author. Sounds interesting.
  12. She lookin' at the car like she want to fuck it. She lookin' at the wrist like she want to fuck it. Hatin' on her girlfriend just so i can fuck it. Say she on the birth control - No i dont trust it ho.
  13. Whats the price difference between diesel & regular petrol in the US?
  14. Not to mention some robbing & hoodwinking.
  15. My bad, there has been a fair few police beatings in my city lately... Maybe it has affected me subconsciously or im just a dumbcunt. Seriously this fucks with my mind, If the states unravels fast then it will be mayhem on all fronts. If it is a slow stagnation for a decade or so will the public be able to downshift their lifestyles? Anyone in my generation or below has known nothing but growth in their lifetime... And judging by some of the bitches in my country a lot of young people will kick and scream when they cant have their fancy gizmo's etc. The perfect example is Gas/Fuel. When it gets to expensive can you deal with having a life with less mobility? Does your city have adequate public transport?
  16. voluminous globs of fat around the tunnel makes for a boa constrictor on your cock. Science factoidz 2013
  17. All you mericans' Is there more of a "baton down the hatches" vibe over there now? Or are people still clinging to the idea that they must have every accoutrement under the sun and continue on with their heads in the sand? Are any of you having to kerb your lifestyle in a big way to stay afloat?
  18. Sydney's cool kids with their revolving door styles. "Nah espo is played man, lets bump some PAL shit"
  19. All you waifs in this thread... Get real... If you complain about your jobs watch this video... Follow the 3 parts then talk to me about your fucking hard your job is.
  20. Fucckkkk. I have real respect for this mo fo' and i live on the other side of the planet. Cheers for all the stinky throwups etc etc etc. RIP NEKST. Earth graduate 2012. Fucking worst Christmas for his family.
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