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  1. ms.seyer

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Fresh out the shower 🚿 about to slowly fold laundry
  2. ms.seyer


    Hey Decy, glad things ended up looking up for you. I've been super MIA from this place, but I can relate. Not the same situation but I've definitely been down that same trench.
  3. ms.seyer

    GAME: True or False

    False. I'm a dog person, and hate cats. TPBM is still going strong.
  4. ms.seyer

    Travels with CALI...

    Finally checking your thread Cali! Ton's of awesome flicks!!!
  5. ms.seyer

    Dear ________,

    Dear 12oz, Hi. -$eyer Dear CaliG, I finally signed on again, pimpin. Now I'll take time to look for your thread. I kept my promise. Word is bond right? lol -$eyer
  6. I like how we can "like" the posts. Everything looks new to me again, but its better.
  7. ms.seyer

    Dear ________,

    Dear INJ, Text me nuggu. -seys Dear Dad, You're the biggest asshole in the world. Always conniving. FU, Seyer
  8. ms.seyer

    Dear ________,

    Dear bboatshoes, Happy Belated Birthday! I texted you but thought I'd write you on here too. Cheers to hoping that you got "uncled" ":lol: -seyoyayo Dear men, Yall drive me crazy all the time. Don't need you but really like you,but a lot of you are wack as fuck these days. -seyerupset
  9. ms.seyer

    Dear ________,

    Dear Cali, Thanks! It was nice catching up with you a couple weeks ago! -Seyseysey Dear brackboatshoeski, Now that you mentioned your letter on 12oz I had to log on for myself. Since you're probably busy chasing away snakes like a drunk Steve Irwin away from your properties we'll catch up soon again. Till then I hope you've been well. -Seyeryayerchasingdrunksnakesoutthecaversoner Dear my irish man friend, Don't even think about making out with a random tonight or you'll pay for it. *cracks knuckles* -Your interracial partner
  10. ms.seyer

    Dear ________,

    Dear 12oz, I kinda missed you. -$eyer
  11. ms.seyer

    Breaking Bad

    This fuckin' show, man. I can't believe its over forever.
  12. ms.seyer

    Dear ________,

    Dear 12oontz, Hi. -$eyer
  13. ms.seyer


    http://www.tinychat.com/0ywq ?
  14. ms.seyer

    Dear ________,

    Dear CIL, If I was into anal the dude would marry me. -sey