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  1. the from Russia Russian women i've known were not especially friendly. I've only known a few but even when they were trying to be nice that deep throaty accent makes them sound mean. This has got to be the worse way to meet your spouse. If you want to marry a Russian girl just find one where you live. If you want to pay for company just get a pro... someone who will leave when you are done playing with them. You marry and divorce a foreigner and you are obligated to cover their living expenses for years after the split if they stay in the states. As you have no way to really know who that mail order person is the chances that you will be paying for her existance when it all falls apart are highly likely... especially when thats probably her intention and plan to begin with.
  2. aye morton. errbody. Detroit -> Jail -> release -> masters program -> Ann Arbor -> help desk job -> Married to foreign national doing biological research at UM -> laid off job -> wife returns to japan to work as hematologist -> cant join her because of drug convictions -> collecting unemployment, waiting for lease to expire so I can GTFO A2. so bad to rock bottom to bad to decent to good to bad to ugly
  3. posting on 12oz. I dont understand how the site works anymore
  4. found on ebay ::not me selling:: http://www.ebay.com/itm/KEVIN-PETERSON-Protector-Print-Signed-Numbered-josh-keyes-jeremy-geddes-/151966301557?hash=item2361e5bd75:g:YSYAAOSw~bFWLTy8
  5. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/01/12/map-literally-every-goat-in-the-united-states/?wpisrc=nl_wnkpm&wpmm=1 Haven't been here in a hot sec. This is simply too important tho.
  6. you guys still T the C? Hope all are well.
  7. full experience 'd nans on him not doing heroin too.
  8. http://delaware.craigslist.org/rid/4313481802.html Before it gets pulled down. All inclusive 1 way trip to Florida. thats not me btw. Just thought i would share
  9. Re: random thoughts might have to
  10. Re: random thoughts my random thought is this broad is mentally handicapped. She cant figure out how to use tc. Shes too drunk to drive over and nothing shes saying makes any sense
  11. Re: random thoughts foregone conclusion. U already kno the answer
  12. Re: random thoughts Can someone translate this for me. "I'm drunk already lol I'm such a cheap drunk my phone is jacked I'm getting a new one my mouth gores numb so I'm crazy with head when I. Drunk lmao not that you asked" this is a text i just got. Im considering busting a slump. Shes sorta extra thick and married but well. I dont really give a fuck. Im interpreting this as when she gets drunk her mouth goes numb and she gives crazy head. Anyone else see that????
  13. just minding your biz and all the sudden this guy shows up and rapes your bottom with his hand. He should pay for all of their therapy.
  14. http://dailycaller.com/2013/12/29/judge-hands-down-unbelievably-lenient-sentence-for-cop-who-fingered-suspects-anuses/ SSIA.
  15. whats the difference between a joint and a hippy chik? joint wont make it all the way around the lot whats the difference between a washing machine and a hippy chik? You can dump a load in a washing machine and it won't follow you around for the rest of tour.
  16. Candy Apple Faygo. top flight shit
  17. abcs

    Finally did it

    Not shit. Graduate in a semester and a half. Almost got arrested in your fair city a few months back.
  18. abcs

    Finally did it

    ack. Back at 3.00. Should have kept my fingers off the keyboard. ::the secret to my success::
  19. abcs

    Finally did it

    feels a little like that tbh.
  20. I think the correct answer to this question is Evil D & Buckshot
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