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Fuck Green Day.


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Originally posted by casekonly@Oct 23 2004, 03:54 AM

3 chords and your punk rock. how original



Thats the whole point man it's simple yet sounds good, thats why it's called three chord punk. Any ways I think American Idiot is good cause there trying to say something with the track. Nimrod and Dookie where ok but it was all about Kerplunk. Warning took it down in tempo but musicaly it was good. I don't think it's some major money making thing for them specially cause Billy Joe was like king of white trash, they wouldn't sell it if people didn't want it.

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I dig'em. i respect the fact that they've been able to come so far despite all their original fans turning against them on account of "selling out".


Fuck, a black artist gets big and all their homies are amped for'em. White musicians get big and get crucified as a result.

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i havent heard their new one, but the newer songs i heard (minority, warning, etc) were really fucking good.

any hatred i may have had for them instantly dissapeared when i saw the 'behind the music' special on them. fuck a hater, green day gets nothing but respect from me.

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As far as MTV pop punk goes, they are as good as it gets. I can't really take a punk band that owes it's career to Woodstock 94 and MTV seriously, though. Any message their music sends about rebellion is immediatly countered by the existence of their latest video being on the TRL countdown.


The singer has a great voice..

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